A relic from years past. Spent a lot of time here. Had a lot of memories here. It's nice to lurk this place every now and then. Then again, all I ever did back here was shitpost and have laughs. Thanks for putting up with my nonsense to all of you. This site is great, and there are many talented people here. So rather than read this, you should browse around and check out some of the more active people or the amazing mods that you can see here!

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Skyrim proves itself a Dragonborn amongst games!
Though sticking to the usual TES gameplay, Skyrim proves itself through the best graphics in TES to date, as well as the new Voice abilities and above all dragons! The new map is shown in a 3D overview from the birds pov showing wonderful detail. The Land of Skyrim is a wonderfully detailed realm with thousands of things to discover, people to meet and enemies to hunt! The skill system has been remade with new perks allowing for players to develop better in certain directions. Certain elements such as the ability to create ones own spells have been removed, but the new elements implemented surpass this minor downside.

Can't wait for a Nehrim-like conversion to arrive for TES V!


Gundam RTS

Game review


Game review

Personally, I love Freelancer. Its a game of such vast quantity for its time yet back in the day of it's release it didn't quite get the respect it deserved...
now, approximately 8 years after its release i think it has more players than ever thanks to all the expanding modifications currently running (to name a few, freeworlds, discovery and underverse etc) but even without these mods, the possibilities ingame are nearly endless! You could compare it with the elder scrolls albeit in space: even if you've completed the main storyline (or are too lazy to even start it) you can just fly around trading, smuggling, simply going all out berserk!
Freelancer gave me some good hours of gaming, not to forget the fun i had back when the original modless server's were up (RAW server was a load of fun back then...) and i still recommend it to many gamers today.


Nehrim: At Fate's Edge

Mod review

RPG Maker VX

Engine review

Unreal Tournament 3

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