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Happy Thanksgiving! This week we focused on polish and balance. The casting procedural animation got some attention, we fiddled with the shop experience and added a few items, and player guidance was brought up to snuff. Now instead of toasts that are generally pretty easy to miss, we throw relevant instructions up onto the screen when the player is in the appropriate mode. This allows the player to not pay entirely rapt attention to the toasts and not be punished with a total lack of knowledge of how to play the game. We added some more sound effects as well; it's amazing what such a small detail can do for the feel of a game. Even the inventory sliding in and out having a sound effect made a huge difference.

For next week -

- Lots of playtesting and balancing amongst ourselves

- More sound effects

- May cut cannon fire entirely (think it's balanceable but would be difficult in a week)

- Bugfixing

This next week is our final week, and we're excited to finish balancing and ship out our gold build!

Beta Build

Beta Build

carrotstrip Blog
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