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Kane's Wrath Reloaded

Mod review - 1 disagree

Ive begun to stop liking this mod as it has taken a very un-C&C like turn. There are now unit caps. the style of C&C4 allowed EA to get away with this but to do it on C&C3 is unacceptable. There are other ways to force players to fight smarter not harder. If you can get over this, get the mod, if you cant, go find another one. I'm still downloading this mod I just wont be hosting any tournaments on it as long as those caps exist. Thats just not C&C.


C&C4: Tiberian Twilight

Game review - 1 disagree

Many of you may know that this game was never intended to be the finale to the Tiberium universe. It was originally going to be a multiplayer only game called C&C: Arena. EA made the stupidest call possible and forced this down our throats as C&C4 and this is why I only give it a 7. As a multiplayer arena game, I give it a 10. It is simple and easy for beginners to C&C to understand and it is well balanced. I will however, dock it because you ahve to level up and fight veteran players with next to nothing. As the "epic finale" to the Tiberium Saga, I give this game a 2. The campaign is confusing and hard to follow, it takes several unC&C-like twists, and it is written in first person where they put you into the story more than they should. They turn you into Kane, give you a wife, etc. Overall my assesment is:
-Community: 6
-Gameplay: 8
Single player:
-Campaign: 1
-gameplay: 4
Gameplay: 7
Series Ender: 2
Shoud I buy this?:
To answer this ask yourself why you want it. If you want it because you want to see the end og the Tiberium Saga, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!! IF you want it as a multiplayer game as I did, its a decent buyf or $20.


C&C 3: The Forgotten

Mod review

Evolution RTS

Game review

EvoRTS is an epic fusion of C&C and Total Anihilation. I do have to say f*ck you Desura for not installing. Ive fought with it and finaly can play and the fight was well worth it. This is an amazing game with a skill level that takes time to master but is fun from day one. Amazing job for just one guy! The graphics level on this game lag my computer, which is running an NVidia GeForce graphics card and an intel i7 processor. The lasers shooting up off your economy buildings is completely pointless but its still wicked cool!


Tiberium Essence

Mod review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

I give this mod a 9 for one reason: the pictures lied to me. I was hoping to see a good old gate and veinhole monster in there but they aren't in yet. Everything else is there and makes this mod fantastic. As soon as the next version comes out, I want to be first in line to change my rating to 10. Now onto a little more critical analysis:
This section does not exist. Error code: AWESOMENESS!
I need not review something as great as C&C3:TE, it speaks for itself, download and try it today!

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