I am a French Canadian, living in Jakarta-Indonesia since 2001. Married, and having some kids, I spend most of my time online, or doing designs for fun.

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Total-Make-Over of the K-Wing bomber

Bouma Blog

Once again, I have been asked to take care of a model that was not very attractive, and quite simple. IG Freeworld screenMostly, a very dangerous bomber, but nobody wanted to use it, since the "look" wasn't attractive at all. A very simple texture, bright colors (to much white I'd say).

Now, I've been told that mostly, bombers use Gold color for their squadron, so I tried to follow what they say. The original 3D model from the FW game was having some misplaced UVWs, which I did correct to be able to apply texture on every parts of the ship.

Anyway, here is my final version (not IG tho) of the Bomber K-Wing.
K-Wing Bomber

Bouma "The Texturizer" Ga'Mon

Bouma Blog

I've been working for a while on textures, mostly retouch, and some completely design using my textures databank. I am always willing to improve my skills, and photoshop is my tool. Basically, i'm an old fashion style designer, since i did my course like 10 years ago, maybe more. So I am a bit behind so many fresh graduate in the field. So I do m best to stay up-to-date, but it ain't easy, since more and more people keep getting out from this field, using new technologies, new programs etc. My main idea here, is, I like what i do, and wouln'd stop it for nothing. Exept, right now, my PC is getting old, and keep crashing when running big programs together, like 3DMax9 and Photoshop. So I am a bit late on some of my works.

My actual project is the YT-1760, which you can see already on the database here.Bouma Ga'Mon
This texture was already existing when i received the 3D model for my texture work, i added some effects, and color for temporary. But I was working on a new version, using similar textures from the existing YT-2000 model from Freeworlds. As soon as i get a new PC (is praying hard for that). I'll get back to work, and continue this hobby of mine.

On this, see you soon!

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