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Bornsteller's Blog IV

Bornstellaris Blog

Everything is good. I'm learning lots from some skilled artists, my modelling is coming along nicely and Covenant at War is chugging along nicely. A ground release is on the table for this year as modelling isn't a problem with 4 modellers on the team. I've been playing some SotP latest, just got this the other day. It's a very good mod and I very much encourage everyone to check it out.

Bornsteller's Blog III

Bornstellaris Blog

It's been pretty busy for me lately, school holidays coming to a close and mod work speeding up my free time is dwindling. Alot of stuff has happened, I joined a Killzone mod, it was then killed by its leader. The mod then made a Lazerus but this member didn't return. Covenant at War is steaming along and I'm trying to improve my skills to keep up with them. I found out Lord_Set isn't a Geth but a normal human being. I've also been trying out texturing in the past day or so. Nothing good has come out of it but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

All in all my modding life is getting pretty good.

Also here have this random pick of Barrack Obama.

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Bornsteller's Blog II

Bornstellaris Blog

I have left the team making Sins of a Generation, I am now focusing on real life and Covenant at War. It was a blast working with those guys but unfortunately destiny has knocked on the door and my time has come (more like gone). All the best to Vlad12 and I hope he succeeds in creating his dream mod.

Bornsteller's Blog I (formerly "what I'm working on")

Bornstellaris Blog 2 comments

I have been very busy of late, going back to school, waiting for soag concepts and successfully applying to help the Covenant at War guys.

Here is a list of stuff I'm working on
- School work, that takes priority
- Modeling the rest of the IPAP for the Sins of a Generation, then it's all upto Vlad12 to get a texture artist and put them in-game. I can't really help out with that stuff but I will stick around.
- Once my soag Modeling is done then I will shift all of my Modeling attention to Covenant at War and helping to get the ground part of the mod released.

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