Hi I'm James, I'm a student at the university of Bradford studying computer animation and special affects and I'm in my 2nd year :D. I love games and especially game mod or other peoples maps and different ideas. I'm good with Maya, z-brush, mudbox and unreal engine 3. looking for any groups who need a 3D designer or level Designer for their mod or game :D.

Any questions please send me a message :)

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hi, making some takeshis castle maps for unreal 3 :D

the idea is, theres about 5 guards vs 20+ contestants, the contestants have to make there way throught the assault course to the end where there will be a show-down, however the guard team is in a seperate corridoor that runs alongside the assault course where they can spy on the contestants and set off traps at the right time to wipe out contestants trying to kill as many as posible to give them the upper hand for the showdown.

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