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Update of updatery!

Blood-Russia-Mk2 Blog

This post serves as a general update for anyone who actually gives a crap about me.

As you can see by my last blog post, I really want to write a novel, but can't commit to it. That's why next school break (in a couple weeks), I'm going to do the one month novel challenge thingy lite. Compelling myself to just do it will get the job done as it usually does for me.

I've actually gotten a lot better at drawing in the last few months. I might upload some more stuff if I feel like it.

If you feel like suggesting anything for me to do, go ahead! I need some more general outside inspiration!

I would say Ciao, but that would sound puncy... Agh to hell with it!

Ciao for now!

Novella Prologue

Blood-Russia-Mk2 Blog

The Sheriff stroked his stubble as he stared into the distance. 50 Miles of open desert in every direction. The mid-morning sun beamed down on his broad brimmed hat. A casual grimace move his face enough to shoo away the cluster of flys forming. Pulling his slacks back up and rebuckling his belt, he returned to his iron horse after his toilet break. Mounting his motorbike, he felt the familiarly uncomfortable texture of his lead seat and turned the key. The dull hiss of boiling water followed by the crunch of the cogs sliding into place signaled the beast was ready to go. "God bless the Confederacy!" said the Sheriff in his thick Southern accent, and kicked forward as he powered into the distance.

How I think the Government should work.

Blood-Russia-Mk2 Blog 4 comments

Ok, this is a bit of a word fest and smells like communism; and is just here because I got bored and coffee deprived.

At the top level of government, we have 3 supreme rulers. Their word is law. However, they each represent the collective view of their "Wing" of government (explained in a tick) They deal with issues that span across all of the wings or of national importance.

Next level there are the three wings of government. There is the Military, Production and Civil wings. The Military wing deals with all the military stuff (no brainer); the Production wing deals with production, trade and infrastructure; and the Civil wing deals with the public.

Each of these wings has three branches that deal with different issues. Each branch's leader is representative of the collective view of the branch and along with the representative of the wing forms the 4 people in command of the wing. These 4 in charge discuss issues spanning the whole wing.

The Military wing's branches are the combat branch (in charge of actual usage of military force), the subversion branch (basically the secret police/sabotage/spies of the county and shutting up those who disagree, propaganda) and intelligence (dealing with all the information gathered, going pretty hand in hand with the subversion).

The Production wing has the Primary branch (in charge of primary resources), secondary (manufacturing and infrastructure) and tertiary (services and R&D)

The Civil branch has the Prosperity branch (deals with welfare money and making sure there is poverty and disease running rampant), the Service branch ( education, civilian police, hospitals) and the Communications branch (dealing with non military communication and the like.)

And no it isn't a dictatorship. If one brach or wing is too powerful, the other two will pull it back into line.

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