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Many years ago I was an aspiring, young 3D modeler that was trying to find his place in the world by making kickass, never-before seen characters,structures and cars come to life through the magic of his capabilities in the 3D realm.

In the past eight years, yes you read that right, that's EIGHT long years, I have moved country several times, worked as an English teacher using revolutionary methods I can be proud of being a part of, I have worked as a graphics artist and a visualization artist for a car livery company. They specialized in rally cars, how awesome is that right?!?

Well here I am, it feels like home, this world of indie games, there is a lot of wisdom hidden in the world created by those of us who dream, those of us who have the balls to make some courageous, something new, something bold.

Have a good one everyone, let's see what the world holds for all of us once again. And don't forget, when life throws sticks in front of your feet, ask it if that's the best its got.

the spirits of the land Opaku went west-wards, they heard from their fellow spirits that west was the land of the dead, where many souls cry in agony, pain and endless torture. Opaku spirits felt sad, for they were a kindhearted pack of loving souls, they went on this journey hoping to help. But this happened a long time ago, what their journey was like, we will never know... unless of course, someone was to make a game based on their story. How would the developers know you say? There is a special bond between a game and its developers, this bond can work as an information transmitter. If an open minded individual was to make this game, the story would unveil itself to them, in all its beauty, love and happiness. It would be a tale of one's heart not mind or opinion.

then you're boring, what excites others gets you down, the centre of the universe has to be me, or was it you? either, upsets the one whom takes pride in being a "paprika". Not a ball but a pa-shape, get down to the business get rid of the time, lose all your feelings and bore your grave mr.Exotic dust. Smile up the downside of life, grin the grim, reaper appears and shake his hand, thank him for the visit and jump out of the loop for, it is now that your life begins.


blackmodeler Blog

Waking up in the middle of the desert was fun enough, but seeing a self conscious dust tornado headed my direction was just over the top.
The guy with a wide grin, puzzled face and a tear of sweat coming down his face whom stood right next to me, and was pointing a finger at the tornado was a bit of a surprise too. This lad was wearing a long blue jacket that had the word "Maestro" printed onto the back of it, and seemed to have no other clothes on him, upon my observation he gave me a prideful smirk and lifted one of his eyebrows before the tornado lift him off the ground and consumed him in what seemed to be a curved wall of sand.
I was next in the line, didn't take long before I was in mid-air haded for the tornado's sand-wall, as I closed my eyes i could feel an uncountable number of sand grains bouncing of my flesh, suddenly it all stopped.
I opened my eyes and saw a room, floor made out of long wooden sticks, walls seemed very old, the few prevailing wallpapers were peeling off, floor didn't creek, it was however very uncomfortable and disturbing as when i looked through the gaps i could only see the darkness.
I heard a laugh, then a knife being taken out of a holster and a face of a crazy man...
It was the lad wearing the Maestro jacket, he said:"Check this steak out! It's one huge son of B**ch", he then told me about the 'bottomless' self-conscious fridge which could talk and would give you anything you asked for.
We survived in there for several days until at last, the double doors of the room, which we had tried to open a number of times, opened and what i could see before HE came in was his tool, it was a Scythe.

Randomly i appeared in the dark shadows of 3 evil grasshoppers. The flies on top of my nose thought i was a chicken, due to my unprecedented cowardliness, my back hit a solid object, but general "Imank" thought i can do better and so a blacksmith came&smashed the wall behind me, while a Flutemaster played a melody that made the time flow slow. My thoughts had just about left the room of confusion when a mouse appeared on my stomach and said:"CLICK ME, CLICK ME". Then a plane crashed, killed the mouse while shouting:"SHUT UP, I dont want to F***ing click you!!!" It dissappeared.
Then i opened my eyes and listened to the boring words of 'da teacharzzz' again.

i could

blackmodeler Blog

give this a little update, At this very moment i have to say I *prefer blender over maya.
the UVW mapping, modeling, the easy of use... /drool/ ... the Shortcuts!.
its simple rocks, few of the models i posted lately were created in blender.
The ONLY and i mean ONLY downside as of now, of blender is that the models dont look as good for presentation purposes as they did in maya, but oh well, as long as i can pull and move vertices I am a happy guy.

Nice one, fly high, fall even lower.


blackmodeler Blog

Just came back from 2 weeks of holiday. it was great and all, but as soon as i cant do 3D for at least 3 days i start feeling uneasy xD it was very cool relaxation but not something i could really enjoy... next time, im definitely taking my laptop with me, even if the destination is the end of the world haha.


blackmodeler Blog

gaming is cool, lets you escape from the reality and enjoy the world the developers 'created' for ya',thats why i love game design, it might change later on in my life but for now its all about creating worlds that people can honestly enjoy playing.

one day i will definitely create something that is fun,unique and interesting.(tbh when i created my first 3d cube iit was well unique and fun... im a simple man >.> ).

"let the gates of nothingness open, and invade your mind, invade your thoughts, invade your dreams..."

simply said, my small, indie game project needs an animator and a programmer ^_^
(witches on broomsticks, space racing game)

it will be fun, it will look good, we're using the neoAxis engine which is build around
the ogre rendering engine, hence there are some very nice visual features.
there's the physics system, supporting all kinds of crazy things that make the gameplay rock,
such as ragdolls, gore, etc...
And the all powerful particle system ^_^.
anyway, if theres an animator here, who feels like helping out, please do contact me ^_^ we are very enthusiastic about this,
and can't wait to step up, hehe
There is already one programmer, but he isnt all that active.

Cme to think of it, anyone willing to help in any way is welcome onboard ^_______^.

12 - 13

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level 12 right now, cant wait for the level 13 to come by and say hello to me. ever since i got to lvl 12, luck has shown me its true face (its ugly). For example finding the "NA engine (neoAxis)" or finally getting some of my main game characters finished in 3D, just textures and animations to do now and of we go for the testing of... a dragon. yup, a dragon as a playable character in my little project.

thoughts my brain plans on coming up with... and it will : TGEA is an awesome engine, but really its just too perfect for me. On the other hand, NA has one of the best infrastructures i have ever seen.

"everything you do makes sense, somehow." -> xx.Me

I think its just how my brain works, god knows really but the fact remains.
Also, that`s one thing which i have only been able to find in this engine alone, others just aren`t... "my type" if you know what i mean. I guess that we are all different and we all work better under conditions our personalities are best suited to.
bottom line thought: NeoAxis is absolutely awesome, i hope that i will be able to take advantage of that and create something interesting.

...wait a sec. nobody goes on my profile, so why in this money-spinning-self-digesting-world am i writing this.
aaaaah, "you never know, i guess."

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