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Waking up in the middle of the desert was fun enough, but seeing a self conscious dust tornado headed my direction was just over the top.
The guy with a wide grin, puzzled face and a tear of sweat coming down his face whom stood right next to me, and was pointing a finger at the tornado was a bit of a surprise too. This lad was wearing a long blue jacket that had the word "Maestro" printed onto the back of it, and seemed to have no other clothes on him, upon my observation he gave me a prideful smirk and lifted one of his eyebrows before the tornado lift him off the ground and consumed him in what seemed to be a curved wall of sand.
I was next in the line, didn't take long before I was in mid-air haded for the tornado's sand-wall, as I closed my eyes i could feel an uncountable number of sand grains bouncing of my flesh, suddenly it all stopped.
I opened my eyes and saw a room, floor made out of long wooden sticks, walls seemed very old, the few prevailing wallpapers were peeling off, floor didn't creek, it was however very uncomfortable and disturbing as when i looked through the gaps i could only see the darkness.
I heard a laugh, then a knife being taken out of a holster and a face of a crazy man...
It was the lad wearing the Maestro jacket, he said:"Check this steak out! It's one huge son of B**ch", he then told me about the 'bottomless' self-conscious fridge which could talk and would give you anything you asked for.
We survived in there for several days until at last, the double doors of the room, which we had tried to open a number of times, opened and what i could see before HE came in was his tool, it was a Scythe.

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