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I animated Evander, who is now a enforcer bot too. two animations thus far, idle third person, idle first person. idle first person is really awesome. he even moves his fingers :)
the model isn't mine remember, but i was lucky in that the guy did rig it before he put it on his site. i forgot the site now but i'll find out before i release anything, to give him proper credit. well i'll try to anyway, internet is big :)

This is a journey through space

BinaryAnt Blog

The game is coming along better than I had ever hoped really. Shrumpy's shader editor is as awesome to shaders as Caprica Six is to robots. :) lolSo expect the game to become very pretty over the coming days(not weeks, days, i work fast :) ) as i up the custom shader count to insane levels. i might do 1 custom shader per font character.
then again i might not...:)

Aye Aye

BinaryAnt Blog

Going to do an Aye Aye editor(A.I :) ) that will let you construct complex and emergent behaviour patterns very easily and visually.
The option is always there to extend and code custom classes, but the goal is to make a package so complete, you rarely have to, if ever. most people won't need to. I'd say the people that will want or need to will be the big developers if any use it, who need total control over things.

The Binary Web - A Oliver Stone Production

BinaryAnt Blog

Here's our website - fully loaded!

It is a wordpress site, running on a plesk server. it's NOT a free server, so no advertising and speeds.

It is funded by the glorious man known as Amon - so thank him if you see him on the site and enjoy using our site at all :)

Howlin'@ The Moon

BinaryAnt Blog

The days of indecision are behind me. I've stopped using those 3 test levels and begun developing a new sci-fi story around levels i can make myself.The game now starts on the moon. a terraformed moon but still unpopulated mostly. just a few bases etc. It's look quite nice(The moon scene level) i won't spoil by posting a work in prog but i will post a shot soon.And also, thanks to Amon if you know him from blitz etc, have my own site. proper. a proper domain. a proper site.
So this project will have it's own home, once i have some free time to set it up :) I will continue to use indiedb as the main news point, as my site will never come close to getting the amount of hits this place gets, let along as big a community.but the site will be there for the dedicated follow, to find out more information etc.Btw, thanks to all the watchers of the project. I dont know why you're interested in the project, but it is nice to know some people find it interesting enough to add to their watch list :)

Don't go breaking my art.

BinaryAnt Blog

(I never made any promises about good puns, and I stand by that lack of a promise...:) )Seriously just a short entry....I posted a job but zero people replied. Perhaps I sound like a moron. I realize this is a distinct possiblity :)
But in case it just because people dont check jobs much. If there are ANY great artists out there. able to do both compelling static geo work, effective texturing/uv-mapping, and perhaps most importantly of all, comepelling and unique characters, then PLEASE contact me. I'll make it worth your while.....(...with royalties.....(...honest...)...).....No seriously, if you are able to do the above, then pls consider contacting me. I'm very laid back. very eccentric i guess you say if you were being polite(A total raving nutcase if you wernt :) (but in a friendly way, i just talk a lot of rubbish)))
so if you can put up with working with a crazy brit like me(we're all a little crazy. something in the water :)) and want to work on Quantum, please send a email to ""Also, if you can just do 1 of the 2. i.e you focus on characters, or your focus on levels, still contact me. with any luck i can find one artist to fill each role. but atm i'm finding it hard to just find 1 artist, so that's why i worded like that.
Thank you for your time :)(And sorry for being nuts! :) lol)

Do programmers dream of electronic artists?

BinaryAnt Blog

Seriously, finding an artist is like finding love. :)The game is coming along very nicely. I just fixed 3d text in the custom gui. It's now very clear. quite dull still though, I must change back to the font I used in the 2d gui. Or perhaps one that is not (c) or possibly (c) as tbh i have no idea where i got it from now :)The A-RPG framework is going to be a very awesome thing indeed if you both a)a unity3d developer(or willing to learn) and b)wanting to make a deep story based game experience without having to code all the boring low level stuff. It will let you write a full game, (not without coding...i don't subscribe to the school of thought that coding is secondary. you must code to make a good game. you must. visual editos do not work. But that's just my opinon :) ) But the coding will be purely high level stuff. Like, say you wish to include a new animated character, in your game world? You'd create a new class, and extend the GameBase class(Possibly another by the time it's released, to make things simplier)The framework introduces a new concept. The Mega-Class - Basically, nearly all information type of packets use the same singular class(Which has a nice custom inspector editor) - this allows information re-use across several sub-systems, and also reduces dev time quite a bit cos you dont have to create copies of similar information just because each sub system uses it's own class and structure.
GameBase is the name of the class. For example, one gamebase object can describe a few lines of dialouge, it's responses, a order, a waypoint,or anything else in the game. The name mega-class is inspired by Mea-Texture, as it's similarish in design.
Anyway, keep looking toward the sky, for you never know when aliens will land. (I couldn't think of how to end the blog...)

Inovator2D - The (re)birth of 2D games.

BinaryAnt Blog

Or, more realistically, a decent all-round game development environment for next gen 2D games on the Mac/Windows and Linux platforms.

I'll post blogs with actual content/shots/info and video soon. just getting all the enteries set up on the site atm.

And, yes, there may be an Inovator3D. But one step at a time.

If you interested in beta-testing any of our products, drop me a line.

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