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The sounds were very well done. A horror game is nothing without the rights sounds or music. It wasn't too scary which is good. I only got scared and screamed once (you can see it in my playthrough of the game). The Unity engine is perfect for a horror game. The graphics don't need to be too good, but they aren't bad in any meaning of the word. I enjoyed the encouraged adventuring and exploring. However, the game should take an hour to play it through complete, but it could take 2 hours because you need to find out where to go next. I would have liked a hint at where you need to go next instead of just making the player extensively search. All the while, the destination is in a place you have already visited! (I'm talking about entering the sewers). I loved that there was an actual attempt at a story. Most indie horror games only focus on frightening the player instead of immersing them. The story has potential it has not yet reached! I hope to see it expanded in a sequel! Overall, i find Ildefonse to be a blood-tingling, thought provoking, and daunting, horror game with emphasis on adventure.

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