A first-person horror game where suspense, psychological horror and immersion in the history of the game are a target. Inspired in several feature Japanese, Korean and Spanish movies , so the psychological horror is a main key.

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No spoilers.

I just played this from start to finish and although it's short, it took me a while to get through. I think it took me about an hour and a half because I was scaring my *** off when I progressed into a specific part of the game. There are a few scares, the sound effects are just so brilliant and the visual graphics are just amazing. Timing also was just perfect. The only bad thing I could say about this game was that there was no option to adjust the mouse settings as I needed to reduce the sensitivity. On Linux build, it's automatically just way too high and it's not really bearable which is another reason it took me so long to complete but it was well worth it. I cannot believe this is a free game, I think you should go over to Steam's greenlight and sell the game for pocket money, it's a guarantee that you'll make profit especially since you've created a Linux build as we barely have any decent games, yet you've created a fantastic horror/thriller.

I'd give this a 8/10, I would give 10 out of 10 without a doubt had the game been just an hour or two longer and if the options were more advanced and finally if there was a save/load function. Someone else here stated when loading the game they fall out of the map, yet I can't see a save or load option in the menu just Continue and Exit. Perhaps you removed them for the Linux build or maybe they're hotkeys that are not defined on the screen.

Please do continue to make more horror games, and don't stop building for Linux either.

I Have to say, this is a great game. It's quite an unusual game but it makes it worth a download. i do recommend this to horror fans.


If you are looking for a new creative game that offers a horrifying experience, you've found it. Although it is quite short, it took me quite some time to get through because it was so scary! The thin hallways and the screaming of the monsters are just a few examples of how this game uses psychological factors to pull you into the depths of fear. That, combined with a few well timed jump scares and monsters, will leave you trembling in fear tonight. Download it now!

The only complaints:
-There were some spots on the stairs that I kept getting stuck on.
-When I loaded a save game I would fall out of the arena. It was when I went in the basement/cellar area.

Thank you for the mac build(:


BeeCoy says

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The sounds were very well done. A horror game is nothing without the rights sounds or music. It wasn't too scary which is good. I only got scared and screamed once (you can see it in my playthrough of the game). The Unity engine is perfect for a horror game. The graphics don't need to be too good, but they aren't bad in any meaning of the word. I enjoyed the encouraged adventuring and exploring. However, the game should take an hour to play it through complete, but it could take 2 hours because you need to find out where to go next. I would have liked a hint at where you need to go next instead of just making the player extensively search. All the while, the destination is in a place you have already visited! (I'm talking about entering the sewers). I loved that there was an actual attempt at a story. Most indie horror games only focus on frightening the player instead of immersing them. The story has potential it has not yet reached! I hope to see it expanded in a sequel! Overall, i find Ildefonse to be a blood-tingling, thought provoking, and daunting, horror game with emphasis on adventure.


Kajuaru says

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Admittingly, I'm not one for horror games. But this game caught my interest, and after a few months of other activities, I decided to play it.

And I loved every minute of it.

During the whole game, the atmosphere of the game oppresses you, threatens you for going further, simply letting the environment affect you. The way you made the sound work is one of my favorite parts (aka you could hear your own heartbeat, the lights buzzing, realistic acoustics).

And then the creatures came out.

I freaked, and panicked every time one came near, every time my light went out. I was afraid something would come around the corner.

The ending, though, was somewhat anti-climatic, and had a mild visual quality drop. Bleh.

And for a single person as the developer, the graphics were incredible.

This is one of the few horror games I have not regret playing. I'm hoping you continue creating games.


infernoshe1385300755 says

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had a blast apart for falling into the sewer thru the tiny hole in the garden stumped me for a while apart from that scares were great sound perfect and i loved seeing my charector some graphics of the enviroment seemed to small for my avatar to fit thru but that might just be me ^_^


inkor says

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Hello! I played Ildefonse a long time ago on youtube, but do not be offended everyone, it's just my opinions Im gonna state now ;) I base my rate out of Quality, Scares, Lag, Story and Length (Atmosphere and stuff like that goes in the Quality)

First of all I must say Quality: You did a good job on that part, just the retarded way to run at and the walking speed is super slow drags down my vote about 1-2, I never finished it because the game crashed after a couple of minutes wherever I was, like it was a timer for it to crash :P Scares: I must say, it gives goosebumps alright but nothing particularly scary, the sewers was a little bit more scary than giving goosebumps, but goosebumps is a good thing like it gives you a feeling of like something's gonna attack you in any minute ;) Lag: There was absolutely no lag, GOOD JOB on that! Story: Great story, but it could be much more improved with voice-acting :P and last but not least Length: I never finished it so I cant really tell, but I think it's a worthy 2-3 episodes which is suiting length for an indie game ;)

Quality: 7 - Scares: 7 - Lag: 10 - Story: 8 - Length: 9


LUnafraid says

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This game definitely will have you on the edge of your seat. The atmosphere is spot on and perfect for scaring yourself. Although it may be a little difficult to find out where to go next, that gives the game the perfect opportunity to lull you into a false sense of security and terrify you when you least expect it.

I definitely recommend giving this game a playthrough at least twice to explore the entire area and find the *SPOILER* two endings.

One of the best uses of lightning I've seen, everything about this game makes you feel paranoid. Like your being watched, what doesn't help is the hints at something sinister happening but a large part of the beginning is basically some subtle sounds that get you nerves on edge. It can establish tension wonderfully I hope that the scares and story can match it.

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