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Transferring Life Sim to a Python Class based system

Ausländer Blog

WOOOHOOOOO, hey everybody.

If you're reading this, then I have figured out how classes work. Hahaha.

So, i would just like to inform the community that not only is work being done the life sim, but I am transferring the entire, (previously function based system), AND have recently found the best IDE for python in my opinion ever. That is of course, Ninja IDE, as it not only has default pretty colors for syntax, but it makes life ten times easier for me. As a developing python developer, I look forward to continue my work and become experienced with NInja enough to make the amazing game of my dreams. If you want more info about the game, watch me for blog posts and constant updates. Once my artist gets some work done, I'll show some of it off.

If you a synopsis of the game, check out my previous blog here Indiedb.com

As always, game hard and


Platforming Life Sim Started Development? Whaaaaaa

Ausländer Blog

Hallo errybody,

Ausländer back, I have recently started development of a life sim game if you look at previous blog posts, but now however, I have changed my mind a bit about it. I plan on it being a 2D Platformer style game, in a 16-bit graphics style, where platform "lines" change frequently.

For example, say I am walking down the street in a city in the game. If I want to enter a building, I will go through an animation changing to the inside building movement lane. Understand?

Anyways, I also am doing a lot more with the generation of you player and family as I have added siblings almost completely, soon will add 2D features like hair, etc. And soon I plan to add a lot more than the limited name system I have currently. Once I finish that up, I should be done with the generation portion of the game, and can start yelling at my friend/artist.

I hope this post can give you all an idea of what I've been doing. I also have a secret surprise that will hopefully come out very soon.

Bis Dahin,

Life Simulation done right!?

Ausländer Blog

Hallo leute,
Recently, I have declared a delay on my kingdom sim project and decided to travel a different path for a while.

Now, It is well established,(In my eyes), that I am a god/life/city-building sim freak! I love simulations like that, so what do I do, I decide to make one myself.

A little info on said project would be nice, so I will give you all that pleasure. What I have almost finished so far is the player generator,(I believe it's probably enough to just release it alone it's so interesting, seeing all of the different people you create, lol *Nerd*). Of course, as soon as I learn how to do .exe-s in python3.3, then I'll go ahead and release it to the people. Anyways, the generator. So far, it can generate player names, at-birth-health, 1-6 natural born talents, 0-3 genetic talents, parent features, player appearance. It's crazy. Last time I checked, I had somewhere around 50+ talents, though I plan to add more, and 25+ names for each gender (DEFINITELY need to add more I know).

What I plan on adding today actually is a location generator that pairs with the player generator. It will randomly generate one of the 50 states O' 'Murrica and based on said state it will generate an extensive list of cities. Foreigners! Do not fret, I plan on adding different countries as addons later most likely, it'll be grrreat!

Anyways, hope you guys are as excited as I am about this project. i have not yet decided if I will develop a GUI for this project or if it will be cmd based, might be, I don't know yet. if you want to see something specific, please mention it to me. Keep in mind that of course I plan on doing the regular things you would expect in a Life simulation, such as jobs, families etc. Anyways, time to go do some programming.


Erste Deutscher Blog

Ausländer Blog

Hallo leute! Wie geht's euch alles? Ich bin super. Dieses Blog ist mein erster Blog in Deutsch. Jedoch ich bin immer noch lernen Deutsch und meiner Deutsch ist nicht gut, egal. Ich werde sprechen ein wenig in dieser post weil ich weisse bissen Deutsch.

Enough of that, just wanted to practice my german a bit. Hope you guys didn't expect much after that, I'm way to lazy to keep writing.


The Hard Life of a Python Game Dev

Ausländer Blog

Ohh what a thing it is to use python for video games. Considering the only slightly reasonable engine-like-thing to use happens to be Pygame. Let's see some Engines PEOPLE! I don't want to use Blender and I don't want to make a visual novel with Ren'py. Dammit I need fulfillment. The most reasonable looking engine out there of course, is still in development.

Stellar, I'll put a link in the bottom, is an engine similar to Game Maker BUT using Python scripts. Thank god right? Perhaps I can have the solid use of Game Maker paired with a scripting language I actually know. Well that's great-but I'm a man of instant gratification. I don't want to wait, INSTEAD, someone should have taken into account that this popular language JUST MAYBE will be used for game development. instead of screwing Python devs over, we should make a game module for them. Something that can put a nice window up and take simple commands. (Shutup I know Pygame exists, don't ruin my rant.), Sometimes, I just want simple-instant gratification. is that too much to ask????

Stellar Link:
Support those guys, make 'em make something amazing.

Uhhh, guess I'm done for now.

I Joined!

Ausländer Blog

Woo I have joined indiedb as you may notice. I hope to eventually put the games I find postable here. It's gonna be great.

I currently have a project in development where you run your own video game company, as I have always loved the thought of that, but not enough games out there do it the way I want it. So I'm going to change that.

Anyways, I guess that's it for now.


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