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Hallo leute,
Recently, I have declared a delay on my kingdom sim project and decided to travel a different path for a while.

Now, It is well established,(In my eyes), that I am a god/life/city-building sim freak! I love simulations like that, so what do I do, I decide to make one myself.

A little info on said project would be nice, so I will give you all that pleasure. What I have almost finished so far is the player generator,(I believe it's probably enough to just release it alone it's so interesting, seeing all of the different people you create, lol *Nerd*). Of course, as soon as I learn how to do .exe-s in python3.3, then I'll go ahead and release it to the people. Anyways, the generator. So far, it can generate player names, at-birth-health, 1-6 natural born talents, 0-3 genetic talents, parent features, player appearance. It's crazy. Last time I checked, I had somewhere around 50+ talents, though I plan to add more, and 25+ names for each gender (DEFINITELY need to add more I know).

What I plan on adding today actually is a location generator that pairs with the player generator. It will randomly generate one of the 50 states O' 'Murrica and based on said state it will generate an extensive list of cities. Foreigners! Do not fret, I plan on adding different countries as addons later most likely, it'll be grrreat!

Anyways, hope you guys are as excited as I am about this project. i have not yet decided if I will develop a GUI for this project or if it will be cmd based, might be, I don't know yet. if you want to see something specific, please mention it to me. Keep in mind that of course I plan on doing the regular things you would expect in a Life simulation, such as jobs, families etc. Anyways, time to go do some programming.


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