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Another DOs and DON'T's for indie

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Well you may take this list as a grain of sand because I haven't been in the indie scene for long. Not even released a game yet. I still found some valuable lessons which are actually quite common knowledge when you think about it. I write it in the perspective of the gamer in me.

  • DO a website for your game. If you're passionate about your game a website is kind of a must and it should be a collection of well-organized information, promo screenshots (or development screenshots if your game hasn't been released yet) and videos (embedded from Youtube, Vimeo, etc.), links to your social profiles if any. Keep it up to date and simple. It is the landing page and ultimate promotion to your game. Make links to where the game can be bought or downloaded.
  • DON'T fill your game promo page with ads. This is just an opinion but I think if you're promoting your game, it is an ad in itself. Same goes for the trailer of your game. Show the ads in development videos, blogs, etc. but a trailer should be 'clean' and free of distractions
  • DO self-promote. Really, I see a lot of great games that aren't promoted enough. Either by lack of will or how. Don't let your awesome game sink into obscurity. Tweet about it with moderation (not every minute), write blog posts, use gaming forums to gather feedback. Anything! Let me see the screenshot or logo of your game around the web. That is what sticks to mind!
  • DON'T be afraid to monetize your game how you see fit. Learn what is best for your type of game. F2P is not evil as long as you do it right. Respect your players, that is the key.

Year In Gamedev's Life (YIGL) - January summary

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In November I planned to start a monthly post series about what I've done to progress my game development each month. I'll try to keep it short and simple.

The game I'm working on now is a turn based role playing game called Zunyrook (working title). I started the development during the last quarter of 2013. The story and ideas have been around longer, in notebooks and papers with messy doodles and mind maps but only now I've managed to compile it into an actual project.

Progress of the Zunyrook RPG:

  • Character movement - done
  • Triggers - done
  • Simple door systems - done
  • UI frames - done

This is the progress of the game engine. The story is still under development as well but I want to get the most tedious tasks done before diving into the sea of level design. The game also has its first graphical assets done, an intro screen portraying the protagonist. Done by James of Jamogames.

I also created a domain for the game where I start building some content and information. For now, it hosts a SciFi short story also set in the same universe.

The game will have a proper announcement later on.

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Year In a Gamedev's Life or YIGL

Atsiitech Blog

Hello Indie developers, artists, storytellers, etc.

I decided to post every month during the next year with the tag YIGL and summarize what I have done for game development that month. Be it artwork, programming or general design. Hoping it will boost my productivity or at least make me ponder why I failed or succeeded to do something.

Personally I like to read about the development of game developers themselves so...

I challenge all game developers big or small to do the same.

How? What?

  1. Create a blog if you don't have one already
  2. Post one post each month with the tag YIGL
  3. Continue for a year to complete the challenge

Why just one post?

I don't know. You can post as many as you like actually but I think it'd be nice to summarize the month in 1 post. You can drop me a link to your blog on Twitter

Let's start on January 2014.

P.S. Don't take it too seriously, just make games.

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