I am Aro, original head developer and leader of Twisted Insurrection. I began work on a small mod project back in November 2007 for Tiberian Sun, which eventually grew into what is known as a whole new game today called Twisted Insurrection, building up a brilliant team of modders along the way. If you have any queries regarding Twisted Insurrection, please direct them towards the other staff members as I am not currently available.

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Dawn of War: Strongholds

Mod review

Good job, Nate.



Game review - 2 agree

VVVVVV is a masterpiece and one of the best platformers I've ever played, there are many acheivements and game modes / trials to keep you coming back to play more and more after you have completed the game itself and have gotten the tunes stuck in your head from the brilliant soundtrack that comes with it. There are lots of areas to discover and things to collect, there are also in-game "Trophies" to acquire too if you're feeling up to a tough challenge.

This game is brilliant for so many different reasons, one of the main reasons is because It has the ability to create a great atmosphere while using extremely simple graphics, said graphics are also one of the primary things that gives this game it's charm.

While it's a difficult game (but by no means impossible), it has a nice frequent checkpoint system that keeps you from losing too much progress at one given time, as it is likely that you will die a LOT on your first run. People who have posted negative reviews of this game by saying "It's too hard" are most likely just bad at it. The game is hard, yes, but it's not hard to the point where it takes hours to get through a certain area. The balance is just right, in my opinion.

Overall, a great game with a great soundtrack. Definitely add this one to your collection, whether it's on sale or not! I'm really glad I picked this up in the sale and took the time to try it. You won't regret it.


Don't Move

Game review - 2 agree

I don't think that this game deserves the negative reviews it has been receiving, but it does prove that this game certainly is an acquired taste.

Don't Move is a game about progression, but there are no real objectives, tasks, storylines or anything similar because it just isn't that kind of game. While it may come off as too simple and repetitive (which it very well is) at first, it has a compelling ability to keep pulling you back in to see what happens after you have reached the next stage of progression.

In my opinion, Don't Move is very therapeutic, but I am reviewing this game based on the Android app version, something I can quickly play through while on the bus home or during a very slow shift at work, those of you that have experienced this game on a PC may not have found it as enjoyable. It is not something you decide to play in your spare time for fun, but it is something to play to kill time when you're bored.

I enjoyed this game and have played it to the end multiple times during the boring days at work, I do however advise people to play this on a mobile device for when you're on the go rather than playing it at home.


Portal 2

Game review - 1 agree

I'm not normally a person who gives out 10/10 reviews to any game or mod as I am a relatively hard person to please, but some titles deserve nothing more!

Portal is a game series that I avoided like the plague when it was first announced by Valve, for no other reason than for the fact that it was popular and had nothing to do with the Half-Life series (or so I thought), so I just let is pass me like the wind. Eventually, I came across a sale on Steam that had the Entire Valve package for less than £30.00, which included the Portal Series, so since I had paid for them, I figured I may as well try them and well, I was not disappointed!

I loved the first Portal game, even though it was short, it had everything that I good game should have! Great game-play and a great story, and Portal 2 really improved upon everything that Portal 1 had to offer. There are practically zero faults that I have with this game.

It just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover and that just because something is popular, doesn't mean you should automatically dismiss it. The great game-play, storyline and endless fan chambers really do make this game worth paying for. Great job to everybody involved, it takes a lot to please me, but this was no contest!


C&C: Tiberian Sun

Game review - 3 agree

Contrary to popular belief of those that know me throughout the modding community, Tiberian Sun is far off from being my Favorited Command & Conquer title, it doesn't hold a candle to the game-play and experience that Red Alert 2 offered in my books, but that isn't to say I don't like the game, quite the contrary, it is another game that I love.

Command & Conquer is easily my favorite game series, I love every single title, even after Generals with the exception to Command & Conquer 4, but we won't get into that right now. Even though I adore the oldies like Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1, the second generation, Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2, will always be my favourites.

I will never forget finding Tiberian Sun in a game store all those years ago and asking my Aunt to get it for me (since obviously at the age of 10 I didn't have a job ^_^), I looked at the cover and I had no idea that there was another series out there for the Command & Conquer titles other than Red Alert, as it looked so incredibly similar, I had to buy it and try it.
I wasn't disappointed when I tried Tiberian Sun for the first time, but as I was used to Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun felt like a step backwards and made me wish that I'd played all the titles in the order of which they were released to prevent that, but I still enjoyed playing it.

Tiberian Sun (And Firestorm) was a game with brilliant atmosphere, excellent music and a fun, solid campaign. The gameplay as a whole I have to say I don't really look that highly upon, Skirmish was boring and online play was just the same, that is until some different kind of maps appeared making the game more than a Disruptor on a Carryall. The reason I still stick around and support Tiberian Sun is because of it's modability, it is not my favorite game to play, but it is by far my favourite game to mod. The TS engine has (a lot) quirks, but it is just really enjoyable to play around with and I will be happy to mod it for many, many years


C&C: Red Alert 2

Game review - 2 agree

Red Alert 2 is quite possibly one of the best games ever made. When I was no older than 6, I remember playing Red Alert 1 for the first time, it was an amazing experience only to be followed up by an even better one as soon as my Mom came home one day with a copy of Red Alert 2 for me and my brothers.

Red Alert 2 (And also Yuri's Revenge while we're doing a full review) has been my favorite game ever since it was released, and I don't just mean out of the Command & Conquer series, I mean in general. While I am a fan of many other game series' such as Half-Life, Armored Core, Sonic The Hedgehog, Portal, Command & Conquer etc. Red Alert 2 tops them all in my books.

Real Time Strategy has evolved so much and so well since it was first founded by Westwood back in the golden days, and even though it has kind of gone down the drain thanks to EA's lack of knowledge on how to run the C&C franchise, the greats are still there and this is one of those titles that I can play and mod for the rest of my forseeable days without getting bored.

I love everything about Red Alert 2, the balance, the gameplay, the campaign, the music, I even like the graphics even though a lot of people seem to look down on them, there is just nothing at fault at all. With the addition of Yuri's Revenge, the game was made even better by adding some new missions, new music, some new units (thus, new tactics) and the unique voices for each unit. The game just got better and better as time went on.

Sadly, Red Alert 3 did not live up to my expectations, but after seeing Tiberium Wars being the follow up from Tiberian Sun, I had my doubts anyway, but Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge are eternal. They have so much playability thanks to being so modding friendly and I intend to play them for as long as I possibly can (when I feel up to it, of course).

This is what Real Time Strategy should be and should have always remained as, Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge are perfection.


Mental Omega

Mod review - 17 agree - 3 disagree

Mental Omega is one of the most effort-filled mods I have ever had the pleasure to experience in my decade in the Command and Conquer modding community. The latest build 3.0 has had so much work and effort put into it and it really shows, a huge improvement over the old builds in terms of bugs, graphics, gameplay and pure quality.

There is very little I have to say about Mental Omega which is negative, but there are a few tiny things that irritate me which is mostly due-to personal pet peeves so it's nothing that anybody else should really be getting worked up about. There are some kinks in the armour here and there and some small things which could be improved upon but as a mod leader myself, I am aware of how much work it takes to iron out all of the creases in a mod and how likely it is that somebody will be unhappy one way or another.

Mental Omega is truly deserving of its current fame, and it is a pleasure to see classic Command and Conquer mods still going strong, especially mods such as this one.


Point of View

Mod review - 12 agree - 1 disagree

What a fantastic mod. It is so professionally done, you'd believe Valve themselves made it. Easily one of the best Half-Life mods I have ever played. It has everything necessary to make a good Half-Life mod: A good plot, some excellent new features, new weapons (creatures), plenty of action around each corner and loads of twists and turns in the story.

There is really very little you can fault about this mod as it's near perfection; I also liked the new thought-log feature, I'm surprised it wasn't done in the original Half-Life itself.

The maps were brilliant, even better, unlike this mods brother, Azure Sheep, there are only a few long corridors and hall-ways to run through, but even those had some surprises around the corner which was a relief.

Out of the entire mod, only two things bugged me. The first one is the lack of a crosshair for the standard Vortigaunt weapon, it was extremely difficult to aim and hit targets correctly due-to the lack of one. In some cases, missing your target a few times isn't a bad thing as it adds to the difficulty factor, but trying to take out targets as small as Sentry Guns, Rats, Snarks and Chumtoads was nearly impossible on the first, second or even third try. It would of been nice if there were a few extra creatures in your armory to chose from too, but non-the-less, everything you did get did their job.

Secondly, as already mentioned, there are some parts of the mod where you just find yourself running through long passage-ways with not much happening, however, there are very few places like that unlike in Azure Sheep, so the score isn't hurt too much.

Overall: A brilliant mod, definitely has my recommendation to play, whether you're a Half-Life fan or not. Aiming can be difficult with the weaponry you are given, but the brilliant game-play makes up for that entirely.


Azure Sheep

Mod review

One of the better Half-Life mods out there. It has everything a Half-Life mod should: A Good plot, long-lasting objectives and puzzles that require a lot of thought rather than straight-forward running, killing and jumping all the time.

The only thing that annoyed me about this mod was that it had several boring parts during the game-play, having to run through really long hall-ways, tunnels and vents every two minutes without there being any enemies or surprises along the way really killed Azure Sheep for me; I actually stopped playing it for a while because all I found myself doing was running through long corridors with nothing interesting happening, but once you get to action, it's definitely a fun mod.
The new weapons and enemies were a nice touch too, but the Special Forces Pistol and Assault Rifle didn't have very unique abilities, they were basically the same weapons as their counterparts but with less ammo in a clip and a different look and shooting sound, but it was a nice addition non-the-less.

The map designs were all good, aside from the already mentioned long corridors and tunnels etc. It wouldn't of hurt to add a few additional enemies in those areas, even if they're just head-crabs.
I liked how the story linked with Opposing Force and the Original Half-Life, but it would of been better if Blue-Shift was also taken into account, which it wasn't as you can tell from some of the maps and level designs.

Finally, the creature that you fight towards the end wasn't much of a challenge, it takes no more than 2 C4 Charges to kill it and you're able to avoid taking any damage from it simply by hiding behind one of the many pillars in the room.

Overall: Azure Sheep is definitely worth playing for any Half-Life fan, especially because it's long unlike many other Half-Life mods that are around. If there was a bit more to do whilst running through really long corridors all the time, then it would of scored a perfect 10/10.

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