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Project Zomboid

Early access game review

The Stairwell ( SCP 087 )

Game review - 2 agree

For me it was just walking down stairs, quite boring imo. Sorry to say it, but it didnt scare me even alittle, I got goosebumps once of the 3 times we played it.

I know the other one is better, but this one didnt really scare me at all.


Amnesia: Through the Portal

Mod review

Really unique gameplay, I liked this alot.

I watched Pewdiepie played this and I really enjoyed the sceneries. I also liked the storyline.

But I gave a little down because I would like to see more realms.


Lost The Lights

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

I liked his playstyle. Even though there are something that should be changes for instance more oil.

The beginning is kinda stupid as you just have to guess where to jump because your lantern has no oil. (Its hard to see the pillars)

But I really enjoyed the gameplay, will not be a whiner and give much lower score just because there are some small mistakes as for instance some texture glitches.

I havent completed as I got stuck, I could not progress.

But all in all a quite good custom story.

The reason I gave 9 is because of some cases where its almost impossible to escape the monster, and a jumpscare with flying naked guy, its getting old even though you just had one, so its not that much down. The storyline is kinda slim, but its decent for the concept. There was also some scripts lacking some places, like a force to crouch in the cave, as I bugged and got thrown out of the map.

Oh and btw, if I had 2 accounts to trash other CS, why would I take the time to play as far as I did and then give you a good review?

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