Hello there, and welcome to my little profile ^_^ As you can see, I'm an anime fan <3 and I like anime best when it is dubbed because I do not like to read the text. But it is true that anime is best in Japanese language, but one that can not Japanese and don't like the text, are forced to see it in English dub. But I want to learn the Japanese language, but it will probably take several days to learn it. But if you know a good anime series in English, by all means tell me about it ^_^

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Big change on my profile! And (Kark-Jocke) is the best!

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/Big change on my profile\

I've been doing a lot of trips round the world, which is also the reason why I have been very little here on the website. Firstly I would like to say Happy New Year to you all even if it a little late for that now. Also want to thank everyone for good information about anime in the past, I have seen plenty of different type of anime series nowadays, and will continue to have good suggestions from you all.

I want to give a big thanks to Kark-Jocke who have shown me how to use a profile here on ModDB, as you can now see he has made the background image I'm using now that are incredibly nice of him. It still do not know everything about settings and codes, but it is something I can teach myself later.

If any of you know a good anime series, please tell me. I really like anime with romance
or should I say romance with funny stuff ^_^

Hello to all members here on ModDB.com

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Hello to all members here on ModDB.com!

Hello all on ModDB I'm a little new here. My name is Elisabeth, but my friends call me Lisa. My brother had this profile that I now using, but after joining the military so he gave me his profile. I hope I can get some good friends here on ModDB. I have now become very good friends with Sakura and Kark-Jocke who have told me how things round here works and it was a very nice start for me ^_^

can say that there's a few who agree with me in this but this question is what kind of anime is the best? the only one I've seen is one called (ah! my goddess) and (K-on!) so far. so I was hoping that something out there on ModDB can help me and find a good one for me?

I like anime series that are dubbed in English language for I am very bad in Japanese Language and I do not like to read subtitles when I watch the series. So if anything out there can help me with this I would appreciate very much ^_^

Now you can soon fly on dragons in Skyrim

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Now you can soon fly on dragons in Skyrim

At least if hackers have interpreted source code correctly

According to the website Eurogamer has a member of the Bethesda forum penetrated deeply into the source code of the recently released 1.8 patch for Skyrim, and found information about an upcoming expansion pack for the game that hints at dragon riding, new armor types and uses of magic while riding an animal .


According to the user Mardoxx he has uncovered several revealing names and references in the source code that may indicate that the next expansion pack will be called Dragonborn and take place on the island of Solstheim located east of Skyrim.Source code hints that one may get the opportunity to ride dragons, new armor types called Bone Mold, Chitin, Nordic and Stalhrim and new skills that allow you to use magic as you ride, writes Eurogamer.Bethesda have said not confirmed any of this yet.

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