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I've always considered Quake1 and Quake2 different games, that are in serie by name only.

So, Quake3 was something of a id Softwaffe Multiverse, the Vadrigari Valhalla, and while being Arena game, it still had very simple, "karmaki porno", plot: you were introduced to arena by Crash, taught by Sarge, and finally spaced by Xaero. So, every character there had their lines, their small history, like Hunter and Sorlag hatred; Wrack being lost in the Arena; Klesk experiencing loud silence of missing voice of We, his all race, slowly replacing by the voices of Vadrigari telling to kill everyone... And so on, so on.

There was a joke: "Doomguy is slaughtering Hell. 1st circle, 2nd circle, 3rd circle... Finally, he's finished, every demon is killed, he's now in Paradise. Angels fly over to him - Hey, Doomguy, you're so great, no demons, glory to you!. Doomguy takes a look around and swithes on a chainssaw: "The Final Circle!""

So, these warriors are lost in their battles, that's their personal hell - they can't stop no more, like in Sarge's intro. Or maybe Vadrigari have taken their projection with body and certain state of mind, so these are trapped in ethernal respawn cycle, and Xaero like no one knows this, like budhist dressed guy :)

And this is very much like Q1, which was very Lovecraftish, with brilliant OST by NIN - and not even first, menu track, but the others, with crazy ambient, with whispers, probably, those that talked with Klesk after all. For Q2 we had Q4, QW:ET, and I'd love to return to Q1 Universe, to have brutal gameplay in environment of Clive Barker's Undying or Call of Chtulhu or Magrunner: Dark Pulse. Like Doom3. But with Chtulhu instead of Hell. :)

Also Q3 with all these characters marked the history and potential plots for another games: another dimensions of Q1, Strogg war of Q2, distopia cyberpunk streets of future Earth, interstellar travels with pirates and so on, just read the bio and phrases of chars.

Well, I hope that Quake Champions will be a true continuator of Q3A. And here are some my ideas what could be taken from old id classic to new incarnation.


Well, for now in QC there are Ranger, Scalebearer, Visor, Anarki, Sorlag, Clutch, Nyx,Slash, Galena, William "B.J." Blazkowicz, Doom, Keel, Strogg&Peeker, Death Knight, Athena and Eisen.
Part of these gladiators have been seen earlier:

  • Ranger is a classic hero of Quake1;
  • B.J. is a classic hero of Wolfenstein;
  • Doom Guy/Slayer is a classic hero of Doom;
  • Visor, Anarki, Slash, Sorlag, Keel are gladiators in Q3A;
  • Nyx might be inspired by Q3A Mynx gladiator;
  • Galena is definetely inspired by Q3TA Crusader faction:
  • Clutch is inspired by Q3-wanna-be-successor Reflex Arena standard (well, only) character; I'd better had TankJr, which, basically, has about the same proportions...
  • Strogg & Peeker is inspired by Strogg classes from the Quake Wars: Enemy Territory:

  • Death Knight is a direct link to an enemy of Quake Guy:
    QC Death Knight Hero 1920x870

  • Athena is Quake II multiplayer model, that was released as a toy:
    Quake 2 toys

  • And Scalebearer with Eisen are something new;


And I guess there is a place for another gladiators from the other Id Software games, the Id-verse. And let's think about what they could be.
Quake 3 gladiators are not heroes, not nice and handy characters; they are anti-heroes, the fallen one, those who stuck in a battle for too much time, like forever. If collect those guys, then it would look like Suicide Squad, Predators or Broforce company. Some stereotypical, even archetypical guys with special skills...

I think, that as other id Software games characters are used, then probably, they are first candidates to appear as a new Gladiators.

  • Commander Keen: can't say if the game will have its gladiator in "Quake: Champions" :).

    But who knows, Billy 'Blaze' Blazkowicz II, the father of Doomguy, the son of Quakeguy and the grandson of BJ may have some trumps in his pocket :))
    So, in this reality, BJ is granpa of Keen? And his daugher (Jess) is a wife of QuakeGuy?
    But according to Doom's eastereggs, he was not so lucky after all... Evil hates Blazecowitch family :) Or these are the tries to scare the Doomguy by showing him his dead father :))
    Keen in Doom1993Keen in Doom2016
  • Wolfenstein: Blazkowicz - already there;
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood: the missing link between BJ and Quake Guy, Blazkowicz sisters. Zophia and Jessie, the loving wife of Ranger and the mother of Keen and his sister. They are more like sidekicks to the main stories, but still they have strength to fight and superabilities to use: telekinetic blow-out, for example. And Soph could be the main protagonist with possibility to have Jes skin as well.
    Blazkowicz sisters
  • Doom: the Doom Slayer/Guy - already there;
  • Quake1: Quake guy a.k.a. Ranger - already there;
  • Quake2: quake2 guy a.k.a. Bitterman - he had his model in Q3A, but he's kinda very standard and hard to understand what his special abilities will be and special outfit...
  • Quake4: Matthew Kane - Stroggified human, looks cool for a gladiator, and his special ability is reading and Strogg texts; at least his outfit could be modified to show Strogg speznaz variations. Well, it always thought that Visor is stroggish, but he appeared to be Moscowish. Well, Matthew Kane will be the real Strogg Renegade.
  • Quake Wars: Enemy Territory: probably, parts of Strogg soldiers were so cool, that it was decided that it will look cool as new Quake Champion, Strogg & Peeker.
  • RAGE: main protagonist of the game is Nicholas Raine.
    Rage 2 Walker
  • RAGE 2: the Anonymus Walker (the guy to the right)


But let's checkout Q3A.


Basically, she look like Doom female version and she's never considered as a boss. But still it was a nice model; And she's your crash course instructor. Your trainer, so that you can pass Sarge, after all! :)

On the other hand, don't underestimate her... She's a Doom-girl, after all :)
Well, I wonder if the Doomgirl a.k.a. Crash is a Quakeguy's daughter in this Santa-Barbara story...


Sarge From the QIIIA IntroSarge DreamCast Q3QL Art SargeSarge by dshpilevoy

Well, it's kinda ethernal sargeant, very stereotypical. He's face is a combination of Arnold Schwarznegger and Clint Eastwood if we look at the model, but more like old John Cena if we watch the Q3 intro.

John Cena BumblebeeClint EastwoodArnold Schwarznegger

But, like I've already said, you can take some guy with a square face, paint it silver, give him a cigar - and voila! Remember colonel Miles Quaritch from Avatar? Or Basil Plumbey from We were soldiers?

Miles Quaritch from AvatarBasil Plumbey from We were soldiersSarge by timappleby

It's interesting, that in Quake Live Sarge is without the cigar. Oh, these day's modern gaming industry!..

Sarge had to represent an older version of a Quakeguy in an earlier stages of Q3A, but then he became a different character. But on the other hand, there are rumors, that Sarge is an another descent of Billy Blaze, a brother or a clone of a Doomguy or else. It's complicated.

doom sarge by amddred

There's even possibility to use Doom3 Sarge, Thomas Kelly, or his opponent, Jack Campbell, they both look pretty much 'sargish'. And as for outfit, we can have skins with armor from different id games - from Doom to Quake4, including Wolfensteins. Like, Q3A lore skin, some basic marine outfit, Q1, Q2, Q4 and D3 armors.

As for his Special Ability, I'd say, that I see him more Q3-oriented champion, Visor alike - mb, even with similar stats - and with special ability to restore ammo for all of his weapons. Old experienced Sarge knows that you need to take more ammo in battle... Plus that, ammo boxes and weapon speeds up ability restore. And mb, team mates near by will receive ammo too. And mb, some anarki-style effect time, with achievement "Reloaded" for killing enemies in time of.


Well, her initial look probably was a little bit free-minded, but on the other hand she is a tribal woman most probably from tropical areas, so it's completely understandable to wear this kind of outfit. But censorship is censorship, and in Quake Live steam cards she has changed.

I think, she's the one that needs to be in Quake Champions. I guess she'll be Quake's Wonder Woman in her original outfit. Besides, she's a natural enemy of the Sorlag, so she definitely need to appear in-game. There is question about her active ability, but it could be thought out. Also, her outfit can be modified in a various ways - Tribal, Predator, Barbarian, Aztec, African, Celtic... Like Heavy Metal Predator or else:

Beautiful Africa-style women

It would be cool if her shaders would change her battle tattoo/drawings.
This one I've tried to draw by my one:


According to the lore he's telepathic and hears voices; I'd say that he could make visions to appear: so everyone around will hear strange sounds, will see distorted, and two bots same as him as distractions, shooting same time. I hope there will be possibility to get 'Flisk'-looking Klesk.


Well, he's already implemented, and now it's looks like classic extraverted Cyberpunk Hacker or else. But the thing is that original Anarki had mouse sewed, which ment that he was totally introverted, not allowing anyone to get inside of his thought. And it was inspired by a gamers that spend all their time in-games, thus game reality becoming their reality - Q3 Anarki was in his cybervision only.

Very good analysis of this character you can find HERE.


Vadrygar original hero or anti-hero, and most probably, he's a demon, Doom's antagonist; and there are two options for his special ability: it's a fog/mist from his arena; or a pentagram setup for imidiate teleportation in case of need;


Zero is a cybernethic monk. Hard to say what is his ability, but something could be done about meditation - like health restore, or like taking Q3TA powerup, he'll be invincible and static for a period of time; for a passive ability he might have 'flying tiger, crouching dragon ability' - double jump, for example. Or not, as Doom guy will definetely have this ability. Anyway, there's plenty way's to upgrade this guys outfit (including Bruce Lee costume) as despite his cyber-something from the back, he's quite stereotypical:

And talking of Visor's mask - he was not the only one with mask, you know!


And there are other guys. Some of them have multiple skins, and it would be nice to be taken into consideration when creating outfit for a certain character.

My drawings about some of the gladiators:


Well, her name tells it all: 'Someone or something that is fucking great or can dominate at ease' (c) urbandictionary. With such a name, bio, and lips of Angelina Jolie, she wouldn't make to the modern gaming world. So they replaced it with Nyx, who looks kinda similar, but different.


This girl is already implemented a bit censorshipped. Sounds nasty. Interesting analysis of this char you can find HERE.


This girl is implemented too but her initial model looks a lot more different from QC Sorlag. It was more untraditional, and really, looks like Scalebearer with a strange legs and head.


Well, this guy is already implemented. It would be interesting to make him look like Wrack for variability in look.
It's interesting, that after Doom-girl, instructor, you meet Quake-guy. Ranger's lost, and so do you. And you gotta find your way out of this Arena hell :)
But there is skin called Wrack - another one talking name - and I'd like to know more about another one quake-guy, lost in Slipgates... Or it would be cool, if Ranger would have an attachable beard and moustache like Anarki does.


He's already implemented and I think he looks gorgeous, so there's no need to turn to his look in Q3 or his clone Gorre. Though it would be interesting to see the fight, who's the best. Like Ryu vs. Ken :))


As I've already told, Doom is most probably in plans for implementation, so I'd talk of Phobos. If you remember Doom3: RoE, then marine's outfit was different from D3: green vs. blue (btw, RoE doomguy's name was John Kane - is he somehow related to Q4 Mathiew Kane?..). So, Phobos - is a third guy from a forgotten add-on, Lost mission. And he should have orange suit :) Anyway, on a new engine, it's just shaders, not entire skin change.


Some say that he looks like Bruce Willis, and that he was Q2 war hero, but Q2 was oldskull game that had a player as action hero, not some Gordon Freeman or else guys, who steals all the glory afterall...

On the other hand he has quite strange hairs, and alternative skins, so as his fate was unclear after killing Macron (not the French president, you know), so he might become something of a Matthew Kane, only with completed and updated program, so he will become something of a Terminator.


Like in the case of Bitterman, nothing to add here: it's a Major, Q2 playable character (in MP, of course). With Bitterman, Sarge and Grunt, she makes a nice Strogg War team. Beside's that - well, cool looking fighter. She could speak spanish, as her another skin - Daemia - does.


Another one anonymous grunt from Q2 Strogg War. Even bio of his reskin - Stripe isn't helping.


Well, this is another one human cyborg, this time with some alien tech. Shoots grenades in QC. But original Q3 version of Keel is more mature and interesting than kinda stereotypical QC Keel, IMHO.


Orbb is an interesting thing: it's like journalist on war that decided to take weapon instead of camera in his hands. Also, it's player inpersonification than some archtype or popular hero inspiration: you run with your hands, and you have only eye; hard to say what skills it might have - manchkinism? :) But it's cool looking character. Interesting analysis of this char can be found HERE.


Well, I'd create a mixture of a Biker and Hossman. He doesn't look like something special (even from the Q3), but he's looking cool and could have a variation of his outfit, including Cadaver prison robe.

So, I can imagine some story of him, that his name is Hossman, was the biker gang leader (like "Hell raiders"), once robbing some van found a Necronomicon, started reading it, couldn't stop, organized cult with human sacrifice, got caught and electrified. Story can be various, like escaping prison, got skinned alive and like Rasputin not be killed; or some Hellraiser stuff, when his suffering are brought from the other dimension, so then he's wondering the Elder Realm with endless pain and anger, as he suffers and he still cannot die.

I'd suppose electro charge for him as ability. Or some choking with chain or guts :) Or both.


This guy reminds me of two action movie superstars, Tango & Cash, combined in one. Or Snake Plisken and Stallone's image with t-shirt w/o sleeves (like, 'Lock up', 'Cliffhanger' and, of course, 'Rambo').

Razor story is kinda typical, but Patriot's more interesting: we can read about his active ability - he's a vampire. So, while active ability he could convert damage done to others. And of course, Patriot can share his original model - Razor - outfit.


Strogg War enemy, that has a lot to tell to humans. Well, I guess we can forget about seeing him in-game as there's Clutch. But.. who knows?


Lucy is one of the anti-heroes gladiator. Nothing more. Like Biker. And Angel.. Beautiful, body-positive, but what her special ability could be?...

Part of the Femme Fatales of the Q3A, including Slash, Lucy and Hunter:


And, finally, Bones, simply bones: "This fearsome foe showcases the powers of the Vadrigar, for it has no true life of its own". I guess, it was a showcase of the powers of the developers :), and Bones cannot be counted as a real gladiator with some backstory and personality.

As Bones is stupidly simple model, we can count that Death Knight is a spiritual successor of him.


Being honest these were too little and too uninspiring. All new Q3TA characters were lacking charisma, unlike the original characters. But let's discuss.


Well, this is a very strange character, space fighter pilot, cyberpunked after a crash. But her look is too trashy anyway - sexy borg, are you serious? And as we already have borgs in id-verse - stroggs - we can just make stroggified look of the Athena in some kind of Q3TA dedicated update... Well, you know, even Bitterman and Mathew Kane have not escaped this destiny! And this mind enslaving tech might work as a dreaming, actually throwing a lot of unlucky souls into the madness of Elder Gods Realm...

But on the other hand, Pi's being freezed in the Europa's ices is a very convenient candidate to add her into the Dream Cast, and to have highly modifiable cyperpunk outfit.

Well, I believe I've seen other bio with Pi being a modified sex-bot. Yeah, love, death, robot.


Well, this one is a nazi guy of a WW2, perfect counterpart to BJ. But his look is rather strange. This can be fixed by using the parts of Machinegames's Wolfenstein Nazi's. And this time it won't be Vadrigar responsibility, but future Nazi experiments: something between Frankenstein and Universal Soldier. Thus it can make this character more complicated, somewhat like Robocop serving for the Reich: like there's a program and there's a personality behind. Well, you've seen this kind of scenario in Q4, Prey, Wolf: New Order - considering the last one it even won't contradict the lore!


Extremely lazy bio, IMHO, this model can be revived in QC only as Q3TA dedicated update special outfit for Galena. Otherwise, no.


Same as Janet, this guy looks very cool on Q3TA loading screen, but otherwise, still a generic warrior. He might be Q3TA dedicated update special outfit for Death Knight - well, DK's lore outfit resembles him very much, though DK is not holding his back straight, unike James does. Well, Galena and DK are even look like some priests of something, same as Janet & James. Though, Visor can use a bit of it, like helmet :)

What else to say? Well, same as Grenade Launcher has become a special ability for Keel, Proximity Launcher can become a special ability for some other champion. For example, for Frietzkrieg.


Well, it's hard to make any prophetic conclusion, especially now, with QC being Id's ugly duckling.

We might think of gladiators coming in pairs, and we saw that Anarki had Slash, Scalebearer had Nyx, Ranger has Death Knight, Strogg&Peeker with Athena might be considered as a Q2 pair, Clutch has Eisen (the engineer has robot's vanity in his outfit)... So we might think about some other pairings, especially as there are some clues. Like, there's Hunter feather in Sorlag's artifacts... And Klesk appearing in Keel's story... So one of these might be in a plan for upcoming champions. For now it's solo for Visor, Galena, BJ, Doom... Doom could stand against Uriel, and BJ might rise some Nazi zombie - like this Q3TA Fritzkrieg (though, he requires redesign, IMHO). And Visor against Patriot :)

But as Visor speaking Russian, and Eisen speaking German, we can wait for more non-english speaking champions, like Daemia or Xaero. This could be decided upon the player's language selection statistics or planned target audience. :)

Then there are my preferences: I'd love to see Hunter, Klesk, Sarge, Xaero, Orbb, Patriot and Matthew Kane, because for other ones I can't think of any special ability - like, Q3 Strogg War warriors were soldier - what specials then? And for the leftoovers, I'd love to get some classic TDM/CTF w/o abilities, but with good old updated models characters. Also, it would be cool to have Quake4 soldiers against Doom3 marines, mb, against QW:ET sides... Something of a QC: Team Arena.

Otherwise, it would be good to have QC ported on a fresh idTech7, and to have more other id games thematical maps, more champion-based maps like it was in Q3, or even antagonist pairs based maps.


Great thanks to following sites:

Read more on Quake:


Hi! Your papers sounds interesting )
I want to read them some time. Did you have a russian language version papers?

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AmDDRed Author

Не, нету. Пишу сразу на английском, для интернационализма.
По Homeworld'у есть русские статьи, писал, когда был активным участником homeworld3.ru; да 2 по Disciples. Но оба общества придохли маленько.

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Janet is great! I Love everything about her. 💋
Best Quake character ever! 💖

Her bio does need a little more info.
She's a celebrity who got bored of her lavish lifestyle,
so she picked up a shotgun and joined the arena to frag.
I like her personality, she seems be a bit competitive and confident.
She does not insult you, unlike all the other rude characters. (Bot chat)
She has a lot of awesome outfits in Q3TA.
She wears the Pagans clan outfit in Quake Live.

Galena is an homage to Hexen, not Q3 Team Arena.
Galena's outfit logo is the Serpent Riders from Hexen.
Janet is very different from Galena.
Galena is a weird religious fanatic.
Janet is a foxy knight girl.
If you listen to Janet's voice lines in Q3TA,
she has a different personality compared to Galena.
Galena sounds like old crazy woman.
Janet sounds like a sassy young woman.
If you played both Q3TA and QC you can tell the difference.

Love the Janet stuff on your blog! 💖
Wished you were a bit nicer to Janet though 😘

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AmDDRed Author

Well, that's lovely :) And lovely to see Janet fan :)

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