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Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE)

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I've been following this mod's progress for some time and am definitely pleased with what I've seen thus far. The modellers are exceptional, definitely on par or better than many professionals. This mod also is very creative when it comes to unit design, creating complex units unlike any others I've seen in the game or outside it, that still fit each faction's style.

The team seem very knowledgeble, think logicly, and are very effecient and helpful whilst working on this mod. They take the opinions of others into consideration and work well with the people who follow the mod.

I've yet to try out the gameplay of Revamp 1.2, as it has not yet been launched, but check this page everyday anxiously awaiting it.

Great mod, without a doubt the best mod I've seen for any game I've played, GET IT WHEN IT COMES OUT. 10/10

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