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alzen @ Onslaught UT

So how about it, is there still a chance to see it for U1 as well?

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alzen @ Nevermore Ingame movie

Cool looking game, just wanted to download it but noticed that there is no GNU/Linux version. It's a pity, moreover that MAC one is ready so I guess it's not so hard to port it to Linux.

Will download Windows one later and will try to run it via Wine but I'm waiting for native Linux version.

ps. video looks nice, should be more dark na puzzled(not just fighting game) to get nightmarish atmosphere but for 9 days it's awesome.

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alzen @ Onslaught UT

To tell the truth you surprised me with your answer, I thought you wouldn't like to do it. But if it's ok with you please port this mod(along with VCTF mode) to Unreal 1. When you're done, you just must post that information on oldunreal's forums :). The Unreal 1 community is absolutly waiting for this mod to be ported to Unreal 1. Thank you very much Blackcheetah.

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alzen @ Onslaught UT

Hello Blackcheetah, I think you did a great job. It's awesome to keep UT99 alive in 2009 by making new mods, moreover, it's a great game.

I posted on Epic forum but you didn't answer there. Is there any chance you will make VCTF for UT99(if it isn't there already, I don't play UT99 at the moment so my information may be a little outdated)?

One more question, maybe even more interesting for me. You probably know that the first part of Unreal is still being patched by the community. Current version 227e also brought a lot of new stuff to the game. I would love to see this Onslaught mod ported to Unreal 1, but I don't make mods, and don't know how much similarity is between U1 and UT99 engines(please remember that U1 engine is still evolving, please check changelogs and patches on oldunreal forums), so I don't know is that possible. Just want to ask you to look at it and answer about making this mod for U1. It's also a great game that has a lot of fans even in 2009, and will have for a long time. Thanks in advance.

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