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The Protectors

Game review

Freespace: Fleet Command

Mod review

I've been a player (even a modder sometime and a translator, now retired) of FreeSpace 2 for more than a decade. When I found this mod, and found it done, I was static. And when I played it I was shoked... I didn't expect a FreeSpace adaptation to the Homeworld 2 engine so close to the combat sim. The experience is totally absorving. You really feel you are merged with the FreeSpace Universe in this mod. You can play the different eras of FreeSpace from the Terran-Vasudan War to the GTVA-Shivan War. Everything here from the music, to the sounds and the graphical effects makes you forget about Homeworld. I find this mod a complete success. 10/10. Thank you very much for this superb job!!!


Classic - Stargate Space Conflict

Mod review

This is an example of how modding can make real an idea if it is well organised, well led and very well inspired. This mod brings the universe of Stargate to an outstanding space strategy simulator. Phoenix Interactive has achieved something incredible here, and with their other mods. How many of us ever dreamed of a Stargate space sim game? Stop dreaming... We don't need a game, we have these amazing modders. This 10/10 deserved mod isn't complete yet at all, but when it is it will be just awesome. So far the dev team is fulfilling their promises, that's why I feel unnecessary waiting for the final release to give them a 10 of 10. I can only say thank you very much, and keep up making our dreams a reality.

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