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Shame on me, but I had always underestimated Portal like a game, because I'd never played it until last Thursday. I thought that Portal is all about escaping from testing chambers, it's partly true, but what a fun it gives!!!

Last week, friend of mine, got a 75% discount voucher on Steam for Portal2, because he already bought Portal he gave it to me. So a couple of days ago I eventually found a few spare ours and gave it a try. The emotions I had are indescribable, I already forgot when was the last time a game gave me so much fun, all the jumps, teleportation, story line and humor. The game and level design simple but challenge and never boring.

Yesterday night at 4 a.m. I finished it, thanks Valve for the one of most emotionally reach games I've ever played, breathtaking experience.

If by any chance, you have the same stereotypes about Portal as I had and still haven't played it, GO on Steam and BUY it!!!

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