Going to the Art Institute of Vancouver studying 3D Modeling for Animation and Games. Gamer on the side (When homework doesn't control my existence). Want modeling help? Give me a shout! Fav Game: TC:E (True Combat:Elite a tactical realism shooter). Unreal fan. Nu-Metal <3

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Check it out! lots of indie and oldschool games of many genres come together for an indie bundle sale!

Games included:

Black Market - Space sim SORTA similar to freelancer. sort of.

Cardinal Quest - Rougelike with oldschool 8 bit styled graphics.

The Devils Whiskey - RPG homage to a bards tale (Absolutely LOVE this one! Played it YEARS AGO)

Kenshi (In alpha) - It's sort of like a mix of mount and blades overview map, and jagged alliance/brigade E5/6.

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution - Top down sci-fi shooter with comic cell shaded graphics.

Wanderlust: Rebirth - 4 player coop action RPG with 16-bit graphics. Nuff said.


Currently $6 USD minimum, but make sure to throw in a bit extra for the hard working devs! ;D

Happy Gaming!


Got my first pass demo reel thrown together on my website awaiting your viewings!

Check it out and leave some crit! (HD only on vimeo)


Got a lot of other scenes to work on with new techniques and more I've learned along the way. As I complete them I will be adding an image section on the site as well as throw them here. Thanks for checking my work out!


AlCool Blog

From the maker of Out of Hell comes Daemonicon! A spiritual sequel to his cult favourite UT2K4 mod!

But he needs our help! He's looking into IndieGoGo to help fund the project and create something truly special for the horror genre! Fans unite and help get this project rolling!


Help spread the word! This is the horror game the world needs! We've seen what he managed to pull off wit the UT2K4 engine, so there is no doubting his talent!

Lots of screenies here:



WorkN' Away

AlCool Blog

Adding lots of WIP for the next few weeks as I build some more scenes. So be sure to check em out and give your thoughts! Don't hold back or I'll never improve them!

I could model, light, and build shaders FOREVER, but when it comes to UVing and texturing everthing slows down. The least exciting, but most rewarding part towards the final product. Don't get me wrong I don't hate it (My wrists think otherwise), but it just doesn't have the same charm as creating something from scratch or bringing atmosphere and depth to a shot.

What is your most favourite and least favourite part of the process?

Anyways, lots of stuff a'coming! Stay tuned!


I haven't been this disappointed in a long time. WTF were they thinking? Streamlined? Make it easy for NON HEROES players? Was the game too difficult? No, it wasn't. It feels like they made it more accessible for people who can't even understand a simple game of checkers. I've seen reviews saying it looks like a mediocre KINGS BOUNTY. Kings Bounty was a MEDIOCRE HEROES RIP OFF. Why did Ubisoft get new developers. Why did the new developers think that a beloved realtime strategy needed to be streamlined.

One more huge disappointment this year. Let's hope Stronghold 3 actually tries to be a stronghold game, for stronghold fans and beyond. I'm going to stop before I start to really piss myself off.

Long time no see?

AlCool Blog

Oh hello! Didn't see you come in...

Rendering some stuff that will hopefully soon be part of my demo reel, and damn does it take awhile, so hopefully I can post that when it is "comped" together and finished. Some of you may know the pain I feel waiting for this D:

Haven't really been posting screenshots of anything, which I also hope to change soon. Got some 2D art, Game, and 3D art projects I want to do as soon as I have time to. If anyone ever wants to do a collaborate on a random project just ask, as I might start having free time again soon.

My thoughts on Mod of the year: Disappointed

In conclusion: I still exist. I will bring a reign of terror across Moddb once again SOON!

With love


First off (For those of you that celebrate Christmas)I'd like to wish you all here at MODDB a happy holiday, and a happy new year. Thought I'd just throw that out there.

For my Christmas rant I'd like to slap the topic of movies that have released Christmas day in the past few years.

As most of you know, a lot of bad movies have released in 2009 and 2008. Far more then usual, proclaimed "Blockbuster hits", that have since burned my eyes and scarred very soul.

2006, we got a great horror movie called Black Christmas, a remake of an early 70s film of the same name. Although it totally lost the first person perspective present in the original, it still turned out to be a pretty good holiday horror movie. The original played off the mystery of not knowing who the killer was and never seeing his face, the remake did not. All in all it was a decent addition to the horror genre.

2007 we had the release of AvP requiem. Sure it was a sequel to a terrible YET entertaining AvP movie that did not live up to the comic books even the slightest bit, but I personally enjoyed it. The acting was bad, the story was questionable, and they killed a kid, therefore it must have been made in Europe. What I loved about the movie is how they just killed people off, just like that, no explanations, all attachments to that character, just gone. The gore was over-the-top, and the cg was pretty good. Maybe I'm just a die-hard AvP fan, but I managed to enjoy both requiem and the original.

Also in 2007 we had Sweeney Todd. I don't feel I have to say much about this movie, besides that I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. One of my favorites starring the Depp. Don't like musicals? Don't watch it then. Just so noone asks, I never watched the Great Debaters. I simply wasn't interested, but I keep hearing its pretty good. I never watched Water Horse either, why? Because I lived in the Okanagan. We have the Ogopogo to worry about.

I personally didn't see any of the Christmas releases of 2008, and still have yet to watch any of them. None of them caught even a remote amount of interest from me at that time. There was no 2008 christmas day hype in the movie business. The only one I would ever consider watching is the curious case of benjemin button.

This Christmas will be no different in the sense of movies, for we have "Sherlock Holmes" awaiting us on the special day. And oh how bad it looks.

It's not that it looks bad in a movie sense. It seems high budget, has good effects, the setting is well developed, and it looks to be funny and engaging.

Why don't I want to see it then? I am starting to dislike it more and more, as a Sherlock Holmes movie. Having read a few novels and seen a few Sherlock Holmes movies, it would be like a kick in the balls hearing him say cheesy puns and act in such a foolish manner. Besides the names and POSSIBLY that he is a detective, I really don't see it as a Sherlock Holmes movie. It's beginning to feel like he sold out, like Sherlock Holmes was no longer entertaining as an actual intelligent detective. So instead we get a comedy action sequel that even the resident evil series couldn't evolve to.

Conan Doyle would be rolling in his grave if he saw the mockery that spawned from his ingenious work.

Hell, maybe I'm wrong, maybe it will turn out good. Maybe I'll recognize more then character names. Only time will tell.

Lets hear some of your thoughts on these movies eh?


3 words. I LOVE IT.

I seem to be one of the outcasts on this website criticized for thinking that the source engine is an overrated spawn of rotting feces, and for liking the Unreal engine beyond anything else. Every mention of "engine biasm" gets negative replies telling me that I'm stupid, there is no biasm, source r0x, and such other moronic comments from moronic people. The thing people don't understand is the engine mechanics. Source was based off the principles of the Unreal 2.5 engine, but they made physics their main game-play feature. You'd think that it is cool if the physics weren't garbage and as horridly unrealistic as physics can get. Nothing against source-mods or any others, it's just that I abhor valve, steam, and the source engine. I always look at source-games and imagine what they could have done on different engines, instead of the limited lag-fest they chose instead. Don't even get my started on the Crytek engine.

As many can tell I'm the whore of modding. I loves em. Regardless of engine I will try each mod and do it justice before stopping and saying yay, or nay. I don't base my impressions off graphics, although style is a big part. I'm not genre bias, for I play them all. I seem to be one of the few looking forward to RAGE but also one of the few disappointed that ID Tech 5 will lose much of the modding compatibility that ID Tech 3 and ID Tech 4 were known for. What bothers me most with nowadays gamers is they base their expectations from 1 game or 1 genre. It's like when you get those "Too much like CS" comments that are nothing but BS said by someone who has little brain capacity to actually understand a game they are playing.

"Why do I/you love this UT 3 engine?" some may ask. Hard to say. I've been an Unreal and Quake fan since they became multiplayer, and since I bought such titles as quake 2, quake 3, and UNREAL GOTY. I've always loved how the server side mos can completely change the gameplay, and you don't even have to go onto the internet to download them. For Unreal in particular I like how every map can be made into basically a full mod, with hordes of new vehicles, player models, weapons, and various other things. I love how it can go further then just an FPS in it's racing modes, RPG modes, space battles, bunny tracks (Obstacle courses <3), and even as far as a Command and Conquer styled map, and with a weaker version of something that people would call a "Garrys mod ripoff" nowadays even though it came first.

One of the best things about Unreal in particular, is the community. The community is dedicated, and the hackers are limited. You'll find mostly the same players in the same servers, and their isn't much arguing, people calling hacks, and 3 word slurs questioning everyone's sexuality. There is no mic spam, 5-year-old's who won't stfu, or any problem when someone is being a douche and needs to be kicked.

Another great this is mutators. Instead of just server side mods that cause nothing more then extra admin features UT offers mutators to drastically change the game-play without having any effect on the servers ability to run the game. The voting system allows game-modes, game mutators, and maps to be voted for at near ANY time during the game with the simple pushing of a default key.

People who are still avid UT2K4 fans will still hold that special place in their hearts for mods like Killing Floor, Alien Swarm, Frag ops, Tactical ops (even though the original is still the best, but 3 is on the way), and even the mod version of Red Orchestra and Mount and Blade. Unreal Tournament GOTY holds thousands of players 24/7 the same as quake 3 online, at all times. Unreal 3 still has a large player based and UT2K4 also holds thousands of players on thousands of servers. UT3 hopefully begins to develop a larger player base when more mutators, and more mods start to release to really improve the re-playability of the average death-match.

For all you Unreal fans out there! I call out to you! Come play sometime then eh?


Working away

AlCool Blog 1 comment

I post this today, for today lacks BALLS.

Been working a lot on 3D (There are many good reasons most of it won't end up here) so no-one can really expect me to be around very often for a bit. This college quarter is coming to an end and my workload has skyrocketed. I'll put some of my shits-and-giggle work up here and start taking down some of my older stuff (Most of the stuff I have here has better copies done but my lazy ass has yet to post em up) when I get around to it.

Now for MODDB... Moddb.com

The modcast of lulz. I'd really like to see some better speakers or someone with better experience in either A) Making complete sentences or B) Making convincing statements or arguments.

For all of you who were immensely disappointed with this years MOTY, as I, we have been called idiots in this modcast. We don't know what a mod is or anything about modding. Ever since the add-on DB and the MOD DB merged is seems moddb can't tell a mod from a pimple on their ass without having to look at least 5 times and through a fricken microscope, and even then it's still in question. I'm sorry but stupidity this bad will not be forgotten, and we have our right to be angry for the moronic decisions that those we are supposed to look up to and who are supposed to hold authority over this website have made. The rules they made seem to be rules to be broken; if they were ever followed at all we will never know. The only advice they seem to take nowadays are from pre-pubescent 10 year-old's with negative karma coming out their ass and at least 3 dozen member reports.

I've been finding great amusement in the amount of modders shutting down stupidity recently. It's simply great and I think I'll start to join in to this brutal practice and show some idiots that "Modding is Serious Business" (Seriously there has got to be a pic of that. My comp is full of self-made lolmaya, if anyone understands my meaning

This means you!

Lastly, wtf is with the 9 million stupid groups on this MOD-site. I didn't come here to "Make friends", for this isn't lavalife or any of that shit. Who didn't expect MODS when they came to MODDB. I just expect mature people who mod (make custom content or full games) and can be interacted with to improve my own modding and design development. Not to sound full of myself but a lot about this site seems to be full of complete shit I never would of thought I would find here. Whats worse is the FAN-GROUPS. The ones with 5 members that updates weekly for supposed FANS. Everyone seems to be lying about their age or the world is being stupidized as we know it. The day I listen to someone over 18 that can't write a proper English sentence ON A COMPUTER (FFS THERE IS SPELLCHECK FOR THOSE TOO STUPID TO DO IT THEMSELVES) is the day I'd rather stick it in a bee hive while eating dog-feces. I should NOT have to decode a sentence to understand wtf it's talking about. When it is done on purpose it can be funny but when it's done just because of plain stupidity then it just gets annoying as hell. Only legit abbreviations are acceptable to my standards. Yeah, I've had a bad day... Can you tell?

Oh and about those luls you were promised: (I, at least, found these a tad funny)

Moddb.com Bullshit this guys 18
Moddb.com Seriously.
Moddb.com The right attitude <3
Moddb.com Just lulz. This guy has lots of em. F 4chan tho.

Teh lulz, I loves em. Don't you? eh?


Umm let's see what's on todays list of MODDB blasphemy... Hmm... Oh yeah!


How about we go up to every mod developer who's spent hundreds of hours of their life making something that thousands are waiting to download and just kick them in the balls, yeah I think that will work just fine.

It's also funny that the key people I expected to see posts from on this topic never even bothered, I'm sure they saw the shit that was happening, and turned their heads in disgust.

There is no way you can argue that such an abomination of a contest was played fairly because "People spam voted for a map AS A JOKE" and therefore it wins a modding contest. A modding contest where the best of the best put up their hardest efforts in an attempt to please their community.

A recount? Why have one? Because I doubt that a map actually beat 2 of those mods in particular without cheap spam (AKA Unfair multi-voting) or unless they counted the GUEST votes which are only supposed to be used in the case of a tie. the #1 rated UT3 mod and the near #1 rated Sourcemod BOTH UNRELEASED beaten by a map thats been around (For L4D anyways) only a few months.

I Don't even want to see what the best mod is going to include, for I'm already pissed off enough as it is.

MOTY is a joke

'Nuff said.

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