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I post this today, for today lacks BALLS.

Been working a lot on 3D (There are many good reasons most of it won't end up here) so no-one can really expect me to be around very often for a bit. This college quarter is coming to an end and my workload has skyrocketed. I'll put some of my shits-and-giggle work up here and start taking down some of my older stuff (Most of the stuff I have here has better copies done but my lazy ass has yet to post em up) when I get around to it.

Now for MODDB... Moddb.com

The modcast of lulz. I'd really like to see some better speakers or someone with better experience in either A) Making complete sentences or B) Making convincing statements or arguments.

For all of you who were immensely disappointed with this years MOTY, as I, we have been called idiots in this modcast. We don't know what a mod is or anything about modding. Ever since the add-on DB and the MOD DB merged is seems moddb can't tell a mod from a pimple on their ass without having to look at least 5 times and through a fricken microscope, and even then it's still in question. I'm sorry but stupidity this bad will not be forgotten, and we have our right to be angry for the moronic decisions that those we are supposed to look up to and who are supposed to hold authority over this website have made. The rules they made seem to be rules to be broken; if they were ever followed at all we will never know. The only advice they seem to take nowadays are from pre-pubescent 10 year-old's with negative karma coming out their ass and at least 3 dozen member reports.

I've been finding great amusement in the amount of modders shutting down stupidity recently. It's simply great and I think I'll start to join in to this brutal practice and show some idiots that "Modding is Serious Business" (Seriously there has got to be a pic of that. My comp is full of self-made lolmaya, if anyone understands my meaning

This means you!

Lastly, wtf is with the 9 million stupid groups on this MOD-site. I didn't come here to "Make friends", for this isn't lavalife or any of that shit. Who didn't expect MODS when they came to MODDB. I just expect mature people who mod (make custom content or full games) and can be interacted with to improve my own modding and design development. Not to sound full of myself but a lot about this site seems to be full of complete shit I never would of thought I would find here. Whats worse is the FAN-GROUPS. The ones with 5 members that updates weekly for supposed FANS. Everyone seems to be lying about their age or the world is being stupidized as we know it. The day I listen to someone over 18 that can't write a proper English sentence ON A COMPUTER (FFS THERE IS SPELLCHECK FOR THOSE TOO STUPID TO DO IT THEMSELVES) is the day I'd rather stick it in a bee hive while eating dog-feces. I should NOT have to decode a sentence to understand wtf it's talking about. When it is done on purpose it can be funny but when it's done just because of plain stupidity then it just gets annoying as hell. Only legit abbreviations are acceptable to my standards. Yeah, I've had a bad day... Can you tell?

Oh and about those luls you were promised: (I, at least, found these a tad funny)

Moddb.com Bullshit this guys 18
Moddb.com Seriously.
Moddb.com The right attitude <3
Moddb.com Just lulz. This guy has lots of em. F 4chan tho.

Teh lulz, I loves em. Don't you? eh?



Omg, the bit on the Modcast was epic. Right on bro!

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