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You've reached the profile of AK151. How you wandered upon this profile, I do not know, and I sincerely apologize for your misfortune. Should you decide to stay and have a look around, you'll find writing (some decent, but most pretty bad), (mostly) failed experiments, and perhaps some music. You may also happen across some fo-Star Wars stuff, much of which I keep around as a lesson to myself in how to avoid being embarrassingly over-the-top and ridiculous. It exists primarily for the currently ongoing Star Wars role-playing group (yes, there is a somewhat-thriving Star Wars RP here, believe it or not). Anyways, enjoy your stay, have a nice day, and, as always, have fun!

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AK151 Author

The turret mentioned can detach from Kate's arm if required and can be held as seen in the picture, which isn't entirely accurate. But meh.


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Kate, as she prefers to be called, is Nova's heavy weapon specialist.

Born on Coruscant, Kate was always a tomboy. Her family was middle-class, but her father was a military man, and pushed for her to join the academy, a wish that was granted when she was old enough.

At the academy she met Bryce Carver, the two becoming friendly rivals, pushing each other to be better than the other. The two would remain good friends for many years.

She graduated from the academy, officially joining the military, where she fought several engagements, becoming renowned for her penchant for heavy weapons.

She survived the Silentium war, scarred but alive, after her squad was wiped out, with her being the only survivor. Near the end of the war, she met up with Bryce once again and the two went to work on ships, repelling Silentium boarding parties and proving an incredibly effective pair. Both were commended for their skill and bravery.

The years passed, and the formation of the New Galactic Empire seemed suspicious to both Kate and Bryce. At the time, they were assigned to a squad of clones, led by Jedi Master Terak Jay. When the order came, Kate and Bryce turned on the clones, killing them before they could get a shot off.

Terak fled with both of the troops in tow, and they went on the run. He left them with the Jedi fleet when he went to Utapau, and a month afterwards, after he returned from another mission, he introduced them to Jack Seris, officially forming Nova squad.

Her armor has been outfitted with a custom system that allows her to harden her suit to the point where it outmatches the durability and strength of the strongest alloys in the galaxy. This, however, can only be maintained for a short time.

Her preferred weapon is a heavy turret attached to her arm through a system that allows the turret to rotate on her arm. The turret fires metal slugs at a very fast rate. Her armor offers increased strength, allowing her to wield the turret with one arm if necessary.

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