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You've reached the profile of AK151. How you wandered upon this profile, I do not know, and I sincerely apologize for your misfortune. Should you decide to stay and have a look around, you'll find writing (some decent, but most pretty bad), (mostly) failed experiments, and perhaps some music. You may also happen across some fo-Star Wars stuff, much of which I keep around as a lesson to myself in how to avoid being embarrassingly over-the-top and ridiculous. It exists primarily for the currently ongoing Star Wars role-playing group (yes, there is a somewhat-thriving Star Wars RP here, believe it or not). Anyways, enjoy your stay, have a nice day, and, as always, have fun!

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Bryce "Clysedale" Carver
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In addition to CQC, Bryce is Nova's best pilot, studying the field at the academy. With experience matching that of the veteran pilots of Votum squadron, Bryce's skills are invaluable to Nova.

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Bryce is Nova's unofficial leader, pilot, and CQC specialist.

Fascinated by battles and combat at a young age, Bryce, born on Coruscant, took up martial arts prior to joining the Coruscant academy, where he met his future squad-mate Catherine Veray. The two pushed each other, remaining friendly rivals until the two graduated and joined the military.

Bryce was cited as being one of the deadliest CQC fighters to ever join the Alliance military. Fast, strong, and smart, Bryce made quite a name for himself.

During the Silentium war, Bryce was one of the few soldiers to face the Silentium head-on and win. His squad encountered a Silentium raiding party, around five drones. Most were gunned down but one tackled Bryce, trying to impale him with its sharp legs. He was, however, able to fight the sentinel off, avoiding its attacks until he maneuvered himself to a rifle, which he used to kill the droid.

A month before Operation Checkmate, Bryce met up with Kate and the two became famous for driving off Silentium forces during the evacuation of a planet in the mid-rin, holding the evac-site until the last ship was prepared to leave.

After the war, the two stayed together, commended and promoted for their prowess in battle. They participated in several skirmishes in firefights, but for the most part, they did nothing but train and hone their skills.

Following the formation of the New Galactic Empire and the order to execute the Jedi, Bryce and Kate turned against their fellow clones, saving the life of Jed Master Terak Jay.

He took the two and together the trio went on the run, eventually tracking down the remaining Jedi, where Nova squad was formed after Terak encountered Jack Seris.

Bryce uses a pump-action shotgun. Instead of energy, like the rest of Nova's weapons, Bryce's weapons fire large pellets in a spray deadly at close range. His backups are two SMGs with a high rate of fire but little accuracy. When out of ammo, Bryce relies on two beskar combat knives.

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