A Jolly Corpse is a group of ghoulish undead creatures who crawled their way back from the hellish underworld to restore their control over the farest reaches of the lands. Actually we just make games for PC, Xbox, and mobile. But they're awesome!

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Spring has Started!

ajollycorpse Blog

And we've never been busier! If you've been visiting our website, you know that we're ramping up to release a preview of the game within the next couple weeks. We're getting extremely close now, putting "final" touches on little details like end-of-level score tallying, a few additional sound effects, and a making a couple other small fixes, but we can't wait to get it up on the site.

In preparations for the preview and finishing up the game afterwards, Jesse has completed the very first piece of promotional art for the game, which you can see right here! Our heroes have discovered the long-forgotten entrance into the mysterious temple, and gaze down into the deep pit, wondering what sorts of adventure it might hold...

We've also started a facebook page, as you can see, so be sure to head over there and Like! us (please!)

In continuing news, we've been working diligently on the presentation of the full game, which things such as the cinematic intro, cutscene editor/cutscenes, different endings, and some secret stuff for the end (not to mention lots of other secret stuff). David's going to start on the online aspect of the game soon, so we can finally play with partners who aren't sitting right next to us, and that'll be a big step up for the game as a whole.

So you can see we're keeping busy! Can't wait to get the preview out, and see what everybody thinks!

Work Continues

ajollycorpse Blog

We have started to promote Wyv and Keep and so far the response has been everything we've hoped for. We're getting a pretty solid amount of interest for a debut, and it's giving us some ideas on how to proceed next. We even have someone who's interested in doing the sound and music that we have been needing.

Beyond promoting, we have been continuing to test the engine and track down those pesky bugs. The problem with a game like this, where there are numerous objects that all need to interact with one another with specific behaviors, is that a lot of issues can be overlooked when objects are not used as expected. David hasn't seen everything an object might have been intended to do, so as I'm building levels, I am coming across a lot of instances where I want to use them in a particularly devious way, but I need him to modify the objects' interactions to allow for it.

Jesse has been tuning up the first world to make the environments flow better between levels (while each level is independent of one another, they have a degree of carry over...like a river might start in one frame and then continue into the next, culminating as a small pond in a third level).

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