I like Jurassic park movies and i also love remaking the _RES text for carnivores mods. That is why i made a mod dB acount to share all of my awesome carnivores mod patches ideas and also i want to learn how to make dinosaur skins for a carnivores mod that i wanted to make for 3 years now and still dont have the software or the information to create an actrual mod for carnivores.

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Well I must say that this mod is not the best mod ever. Carn2+ is better but I would say that this mod is a solid 5 or 6 because of the the mess inside of the hunting areas. also the weapons of this mod are to popular in other carnivores mods so I'm kind of sick of the same old weapons and the only think that is keeping this mod from being 1 or 2 is because of the dinosaurs, mainly how you put a Pachycephalosaurus in the game, that was one of the coolest parts. Plus I like how its almost the same exact ai as the Parasaurolophus which is the type ai I think all hadrosaurus and plant eaters should have if they are similar in size or have a similar role in the carnivores games to the Parasaurolophus. so that is why I gave this carnivores mod a 5 rating.


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This is an apsolutly great carnivores 2 mod my man! The dinosaur textures are great in my opinion, The animated plants though cause my computer to crash so that is keeping this from being a ten but everything else is great. from the dinosaurs to the areas and weapons, well some of the weapon are not that great in my opinion. but yeah this mod is at least better than most of the mods out there.

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