Experience the Hunt in the lands where INGEN has left hidden secrets and much more!

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This is a phenomenally well-crafted, detailed, and polished Carnivores 2 mod that adheres to Jurassic Park lore like none other I've ever seen. From the JPOG menu music to the incredibly film accurate dinosaurs to the Easter Eggs packed into the iconic maps, this is a must play for fans of Jurassic Park, Carnivores mods, or dinosaurs in general. The only thing that keeps it from a solid 10 in my opinion is the animated plants that really strain the engine and cripple framerates, but aside from that, this mod is a masterstroke of excellence.

This is just too complete, i love it

Super well done and detailed it is just like the Jurassic park movies. I like the moving plants and tress to but sadly the engine is pushed to its limits now because of the moving plants and it can slow down the performance and that is a shame. Also i like the isla sorna map but its to small it should be the same size as the ingen facility map.

Maybe one of the greatest mods for Carnivores, it only have very small and unoticeable flaws. The animations are amazing, the maps are very well done and have unique objects and the stats of weapons and dinosaurs are fair too.

one of the best mods for carnivores out there! can't wait for a Jurassic world variant!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing mod one of the best Carnivores mods out there


Tormer how you make the models and the animations teachme plzz I am creating a JWFK allosaurus JPOG model as DILO AI for my game


Greatest mod I have ever come across! It is a bit hard to grasp but still awesome!

. Very great mod I like jurassic park very much this is the best mod for carnivores 2.i like all the maps and the dinosaurs are great except Trex is undersized compared to other dinos he should be larger than para anky stego cerato raptor dilio trike and only little smaller then spino but Tormer is fixing that soon and spino is bit hard to shoot in eye I shoot him loads in eye and he does not die.

Big fan of the carnivores games and jurassic world so this is quite perfect. I have played a few mods and this one is the very best one. It is so so detailed everything from the dinosaurs that look and move and sound so good to the phenomenal maps. I recommend playing this mod with ear phones because the sounds on the maps are so good they really suck you in especially the ingen facility quite haunting I must say. This is the best jurassic park hunter mod there is and to be honest not many mods can stand up to how detailed this is.

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