Modding, games developement and videogames reviewing are everything to me. I'm a teenager, hardware lover, casual modder and a computer technician. I'm also a newbie mapper and a props modeller. As a person, I'm quite friendly and really funny when it comes to relationships, but also serious and comprehensive when it's necessary. Hope you enjoy your visit, and have a good time!

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Prometheus DOOM 3 Movie Mod

Mod review - 4 agree

A perfect recreation of the movie. The hard work done trough 11 months of development, has amazed me and, for sure, the modding community. When I saw the movie, and two days later, found this jewel at moddb, couldn't believe that a single man was assembling all of this impressive, accurate and efficient work.

I must confess, that, at first, I wasn't sure about bladeghost and his modding skills, but the man has done such a professional work, that stuns me in every possible way.

As for the mod itself, first gameplay hour is being really accurate, intense and immersive. Can't stop complimenting the accuracy of the mod itself, and the way things are done to recreate (almost perfectly) the entire movie.

Only thing that might bore some people, are cutscenes, but trust me, its worth to watch and enjoy the cinematic job done on it.

As for my final words, thank you so much bladeghost, and the whole developement team. You are one of the best, most talented modders I've got the pleasure of meeting.




Game review

Oh god, I love this game so much!


Tales of Middle-Earth

Mod review

Great campaign, amazing buildings an beautiful units. Also, I really liked the new technologies included in the mod.


Legend Chernobyls

Mod review

Man... my eyes


Chicken Fortress

Mod review

Such a great plugin! Need more players!


Jedi Knight Galaxies

Mod review

Medal of Honor

Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

I didn't enjoyed this at all. It simply ruins the good and old Medal of Honor style, making it a new CoD like game.


Really of War

Mod review

Knights of Honor

Game review - 1 agree

What an epic game! From the Castle Sieges to the world map, and everything else, epic battles, epic surfaces, epic civs! It's just great


Cry of Fear

Game review - 2 disagree

Jumpscares are strong with this one.

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