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Fuck you ModDB

Acilius Blog 1 comment

Hi Acilius, A group you recently added (Steam) has just been closed and will not be shown to Mod DB members. PLEASE DO NOT RE-ADD AS IT WILL JUST BE DELETED AGAIN. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH THIS DECISION READ ON AND REPLY TO THIS EMAIL AND WE SHALL HELP YOU. ( Fuck you ModDB

Steam Treasure Hunt

Acilius Blog

As most of you know, Valve is doing a "treasure hunt" that will have 3 winners getting 100 games of their choosing. Well, I am only 40% way there. I only have 4/10 of the objectives needed. Hopefully I can catch up. Information available here.

Moddb has a blog feature?

Acilius Blog

Seriously, whats the point?!

Also, AlterOps is in development! Check it out FAGGOT!

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