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Europe 1200 (Warband)

Mod review - 9 agree - 1 disagree

What's better than being able to build up armies, conquer enemies, and take part in controlling a kingdom? Nothing except being able to do all those things with real countries from a specific era! Europe 1200 is a great mod that will "take you back" and keep you playing for hours. What's better than playing on the same side that you ancestors were once on? With all the new content and shear expansiveness of the map, what could be a better way to waste time? The mod delivers exactly what it says it does.


C&C 3: The Forgotten

Mod review - 7 agree - 2 disagree

One of the best mods for CNC 3! Just like most modders for CNC games, they aim to bring back things that Westwood put into the games. And so far, they are doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work!


Deep Impact

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

You can tell this mod is going to be amazing even after only playing behind one faction. It has the potential to become the best CNC Generals Zero Hour mod to date!


Red Alert 3 Paradox

Mod review - 21 agree - 4 disagree

One of the best mods for RA3. No joke! With so many factions to come, and the new things like the "Take and Hold Objectives", this will easily rise above all others to become the single best mod for Red Alert 3. Extraordinary work by Infinity Realms!


Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare

Mod review - 6 agree - 3 disagree

This mod could easily be a game released by LucasArts. They done great mapping and modeling work, plus they bring Star Wars weapons into the "tactical age". This mod is the successor to Battlefront 2 and all Star Wars fps'!(even though that probably wasn't the intention :D)


C&C: ShockWave

Mod review - 15 agree - 5 disagree

This mod has been dominating for a while. And with recent releases (upcoming ones too) this mod has definitely earned its place at the top! If you have ever played Zero Hour and wanted more, this is the mod that will satisfy that need! Great Job Shockwave team!

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