Hello, my name is Luke, I am a dedicated worker when it comes to making the latest 3D models and animations, I am currently developing a animated Short film as well as making other short animation test videos.

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New Reality Studios is a small team of only 3 members, 1 is inactive, the other is working on the low poly models for players who do not have top of the range computers and there is me that manages the entire infrastructure of the company. But I never exactly gave any information about what I actually do.

Since the foundation of New Reality Studios (which replaced L-mod United Kingdom), I have made massive updates and pushed for production which during L-mod United Kingdom's time (which was found in 2010 and replaced in 2014) there was only plans. Well now those plans have become production.

Over the last 2 months, I have trained myself on basic to intermediate animations and Modelling of objects and characters, I have gained knowledge on how to create water, cloth, wind and fire and learnt how to manage animation keyframes to run at certain times of a scene.

As for Obelisk Arena. When the time is right, there will be a demo which will have 3 characters, 4 arenas and 2 gametypes, 2 arenas for each gametype. It may not seem like much but once the game is fully completed you will have at least around 60 arenas to play on and over 20 characters. The Teaser Trailer has been made and released for viewing on Mod DB and on YouTube but it is one of many and by luck with the support of the community and maybe getting new members into New Reality Studios, you may see a demo before the end of the year but I cannot confirm exact date of demo release or full game.

The Demo will support Online multiplayer.

New Reality Studios has made a deal with Induguys Co and is now the publisher of their upcoming video game called Heartbreaker: The Curse of The Fallen. This is actually an excited horror game which Lead Designer and CEO of New Reality Studios is proud to be a part of since New Reality Studios have agreed to assist in creating character animations for the video game as well.

I really hope that this game becomes a success as it will bring recognition not just to Induguys Co, but also New Reality Studios.

Blog 22/06/2014: change

5amura1 Blog

Recently L-mod United Kingdom went through a change, when it was renamed New Reality Studios, recruitment began, the Obelisk Engine was focused on more, Obelisk Arena is seeing major production, New 3D models being made with the highest detail and one animated movie being made.

Obelisk Engine: What has changed?

What has changed with the Obelisk Engine is that it is moving towards a stage where it will be completed using the most realistic graphics (only for PC, not Xbox ONE or PS4). An animated movie is being made and the engine saw a major change.

Obelisk Arena:

Obelisk Arena will be the flagship of all NRS Video games, Obelisk Arena will be made for Windows before being considered for console use, reason why it is currently not planned for console is because of the difference in terms of multiplayer gameplay, level ups, upgrades and perks are non-existent in the game, instead looking at a more retro style action.

Anyone want a modeller?

5amura1 Blog

I am wondering if anyone would like a modeller to help out with their projects, I have gotten a little better with modelling and willing to make something free of charge, it'll help me learn more too, just to clarify what I would work at:

Science Fiction Weaponry



but mainly I am working on my own models as you see in my images, so if anyone wants like a simple design of a model, I am willing to help out.

Hey guys, this is 5amura1, I'll be changing my Alias to BloodRage on my Birthday which is in 4 days, just to say that I will be going college in September to study Models and Animations and I have spent 30 minutes building a basic low poly Tank, I will continue to work on this model as I progress through college as I have been told that in order to get the course, I would have to show the lecturers what I can do, because I didn't do well in school and my grades kinda pulls me back but if I can show them my commitment and experience in modelling, they'll give me the course, regardless of my grades, so this is my very first time doing a proper modelling project, I am only a level designer, not a modeller so please tell me how my Low Poly Battle Tank looks, like I said, I will continue modelling the tank when I get better knowledge in college, here are some pics:

College work

Extra bitsExtra bits

How does it look so far?

Please know people that over the course of this year, we at L-mod United Kingdom will not be updating our projects on this site, but the projects are not over, they are still in development but we won't update till some time we are ready, so that is that from us for the time being and hopefully wish you all a good summer :)

from Luke

So much work

5amura1 Blog

since the start of Spring, things at L-mod United Kingdom have been very hard work, graphical updates, editing our websites as well as creating new logos for our company, it has been hard work but it's worth it, now our first news:

Warriors of World War III:
We are still adding weapons and vehicles as well as buildings and more, only recently started on our missions in the game as HUD is as ready as it'll ever be.

Juggernaut has been a challenging task as it is not a type of game we look at making, the idea of the story is a former soldier underwent the Juggernaut program and something went wrong but went right, they made him into a super soldier, the setting of the game is the year 2037 in a futuristic Moscow, nations have fallen to the rise of corporations like CyberCorp Corporation and soldiers are now mercenaries hired by the corporations as security

In Warriors of World War III, we written about a War between North and South Korea happening in the early months of 2013, coincidental on March 31, 2013, North Korea said it was entering a "State of war" against South Korea, we wrote the wiki months ago and it is very strange how our game coincides with the events of the world today, especially the fact that we state in the game that America and Japan supports South Korea in the war, which in real life, America have been moving its military onto the Korean Peninsula and Japan is also supporting South Korea, we may have to cancel the Korean War out of the game if this new confrontation turns into a full blown conflict.

in the Warriors of World War III universe, official start of the Second Korean is not mentioned but we confirm it was sometime in March of 2013, the United States Marines land in Korea on the 4th of April of 2013, we just hope that our Korean war in the game is not relating to the current tensions in the peninsula today, we know for a fact that we planned this part of the game last year, and it is very coincidental that North Korea technically declares war around the time our Korean war in the game happens.

TRLK News report in North Korea

Engine name confusion

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Alot of people question the name of our engines; The ShadowEdge Physics Engine, it's simple logic, light is a form of physics and shadows are a part of lighting, so the name implies that the ShadowEdge Physics Engines focus primarily on lighting physics, the engine are a Graphics and Physics engine combine, probably the first engine to ever be a graphics and physics engine as alot of games uses two engines, a graphics engine and a physics engine, ShadowEdge Physics combine both into one.


5amura1 Blog

Our websites are coming along okay, we are still working on the Warriors of World War III wiki, alot of updates made on there so should be cool to check in out.

Also our website is pretty much ready so you can check out our website here