Hello, my name is Luke, I am a dedicated worker when it comes to making the latest 3D models and animations, I am currently developing a animated Short film as well as making other short animation test videos.

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New Reality Studios is a small team of only 3 members, 1 is inactive, the other is working on the low poly models for players who do not have top of the range computers and there is me that manages the entire infrastructure of the company. But I never exactly gave any information about what I actually do.

Since the foundation of New Reality Studios (which replaced L-mod United Kingdom), I have made massive updates and pushed for production which during L-mod United Kingdom's time (which was found in 2010 and replaced in 2014) there was only plans. Well now those plans have become production.

Over the last 2 months, I have trained myself on basic to intermediate animations and Modelling of objects and characters, I have gained knowledge on how to create water, cloth, wind and fire and learnt how to manage animation keyframes to run at certain times of a scene.

As for Obelisk Arena. When the time is right, there will be a demo which will have 3 characters, 4 arenas and 2 gametypes, 2 arenas for each gametype. It may not seem like much but once the game is fully completed you will have at least around 60 arenas to play on and over 20 characters. The Teaser Trailer has been made and released for viewing on Mod DB and on YouTube but it is one of many and by luck with the support of the community and maybe getting new members into New Reality Studios, you may see a demo before the end of the year but I cannot confirm exact date of demo release or full game.

The Demo will support Online multiplayer.

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