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I have been wanting to make a sort of side project that doesn't take much effort but will make playing normal mods a different experience. Currently I am planning to add some old weapons as well as code that can randomly replace some monsters with others (e.g. some human grunts may randomly be replaced with heavy assault guys) and if you check out my youtube channel above, in either the ground zero or the insurrection videos, you can see this coding in action. The heavies tend to show up in groups near the later parts for some reason, which is great for difficulty ramp up, though it's acutally completely random.

About my current mod: I have lots of new weapons in the mod, some familiar, some VERY new. However the development is still having the same problem. I know how to map and have certainly made maps before, but it just takes me too long. Actually the only real problem I have is that I take too long to make the architecture. I'm kinda better when it comes to scripting and stuff like that. I would really appreciate if anyone would donate maps to the cause, of course you will be credited. In fact feel free to donate maps even with no enemies or items in them; I can handle scripting, monsters, weapons etc. myself. However, if you do want to make a map using the mod's new stuff, you will need the FGD. And I have the FGD. And I can give it out like candy if you want to map for the mod.

If you skipped to the bottom and expected some sort of summary, then here it is:
- Coding something that can change gameplay of normal half life mods
- DO WANT maps for my mod, FGD can be provided


2muchvideogames Blog 1 comment

I have just finished adding the chumtoad into the mod. However, I'd like some discussion about it. Currently, the chumtoad is a snark clone similar to Azure sheep, with the same stats (2x HP and 1.6x damage compared to snark). The chumtoad appears in a variety of HL mods as you all know, and they are used quite differently in each mod. So vote for you favorite on how the chumtoad should be in the mod now!

  • SNARK-LIKE (current, based on Azure Sheep/Point of View)
  • CLAYMORE-LIKE (e.g. Poke646)
  • HEADCRAB-LIKE (e.g. Todesangst 2)
  • PET (follows you around and being cute, does not attack enemies)
  • SOMETHING ELSE (explain in your comment)

Check out me playing with my chumtoads!


2muchvideogames Blog

After binge-coding for 8 hours, I finally did enough pointless work to realize the pointlessness of coding something with no understanding of it. So I went around and found the stuff I needed to make a new weapon in Half-Life: a knife that can backstab monsters in one hit! Just like in team fortress. Is it fun to use? You bet. And it's all mine! Ha ha ha. You don't get to backstab HECU soldiers with a knife, but I do! Trollolol! Next up I'm thinking of doing an M4 with 3 firing modes. Hot dam coding weapons in goldsource is soooooo fun!

Team Fortress 2

2muchvideogames Blog

I think this is a very nice game, carefully balanced and extremely wacky. The hats certainly add some customization to the game; I heard portal 2 is like that also. But seriously though, some of the weapons Definitely give a bit of advantage to the people who have them, and I think that these items should have more thought and care placed into them for the sake of fair play. But overall TF2 is more balanced than some other games. I tried out Dino D-day yesterday and you wouldn't believe how happy the Nazi's over there are. They win every game; so much for team balancing. Also the maps are laggy as crap because they are so expansive. I hate having to decrease resolution, mostly because you can't go lower than 640x480

100 days of Half Life

2muchvideogames Blog 1 comment

So, if you go over to planetphillip they are starting a binge mod-playing event. Phillip plans to post 1 mod every day starting tomorrow to september. Of course I plan to play every mod every day but I am getting so busy it's not even funny. Especially this summer. But you know that I have time for 2muchvideogames.

So, I was doing some coding.

2muchvideogames Blog

Hello, people. So I was not playing as many mods as I could but instead spent too much time messing around with Half life SDK coding and all. You know. Right now I have here this stuff that includes a bunch of weapons and monsters that I added into and was playing around with. However I am not really a quality coder and can only do simple stuff like make a second glock or something. Well anyway so that was what I was doing. Messing around with the code.

Playing a mod

2muchvideogames Blog

I just played a strange mod of half-life. Well, actually 2 strange mods. The first one is just a code change where all the barneys conspire to join up with soldiers and barney shoots your ass down as soon as you step out of sector C tram, so that was no fun.

The second one was more interesting; it was called Lv426. Available from filefront. In this mod you are part of the US Colonial Marines, sent to investigate a remote science station because the personnel there failed to respond for 24 hours. The story sounds cliche because I just made it up on the fly. There is no readme in the mod so I just made up the back story.

Anyway you and your idiot fellow marines venture foolishly into the installation. All of you are armed with m41a's, which I'm sure you've seen in plenty of other mods (azure sheep being the best example). Unfortunately your fellow soldiers have their m41a's on single shot mode, while you were smart enough to set yours on fully auto. And your fellow soldiers drop a sig handgun when they die, and their m41a's disappear for no explicit reason. (Read: no code changes in this mod.)

This is you and your marine squad regrouping in an ominous and dark space installation.

User Posted Image

Moments later.

User Posted Image

The entrance to the facility is now locked, and you are stuck in it with a bunch of Aliens. Watch out, because upon seeing you they will run up to you like a player model and attempt to sock you in the face. Keep running, but you will soon lose your way in this poorly lit facility. The aliens usually appear out of nowhere (monstermakers in front of you), in all directions and try to punch your lights out.

So what do you do? Well I really don't know. Scattered throughout the facility are buttons with unknown functions. Really. You have to wander all over this dim place pressing random buttons that you have no idea does what, and every once in a while aliens will ambush you a la monstermaker. It is kinda creepy at first though, but once you get bored and hopelessly lost, the novelty factor will drop dead quick. And when you run out of ammo, you too will drop dead quick.

This mod features two other maps that I didn't get to. One is tunnel, where you start out with ONLY EXPLOSIVES and traverse a dungeon filled with Aliens. You have ONLY EXPLOSIVES. So I ran around to avoid then and WOW at the end of the corridor there is an RPG. So I ran towards it and suddenly the floor collapsed and I got a face full of black abyss.

The other, names stadium2, should immediately ring bells for you. Take a look below.

User Posted Image

I'm not even kidding, this map is called "stadium2". Can anyone guess where you've seen this before? Here's a hint, there's a map called "stadium3" in sven coop. So what shady past connections exist between this mod (Lv426) and the popular Sven Coop? More on this after the commercial.

*If you actually want to read through more accounts of my playing of mods, go to here, and it will probably take you couple of minutes to read them all.

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