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I have been wanting to make a sort of side project that doesn't take much effort but will make playing normal mods a different experience. Currently I am planning to add some old weapons as well as code that can randomly replace some monsters with others (e.g. some human grunts may randomly be replaced with heavy assault guys) and if you check out my youtube channel above, in either the ground zero or the insurrection videos, you can see this coding in action. The heavies tend to show up in groups near the later parts for some reason, which is great for difficulty ramp up, though it's acutally completely random.

About my current mod: I have lots of new weapons in the mod, some familiar, some VERY new. However the development is still having the same problem. I know how to map and have certainly made maps before, but it just takes me too long. Actually the only real problem I have is that I take too long to make the architecture. I'm kinda better when it comes to scripting and stuff like that. I would really appreciate if anyone would donate maps to the cause, of course you will be credited. In fact feel free to donate maps even with no enemies or items in them; I can handle scripting, monsters, weapons etc. myself. However, if you do want to make a map using the mod's new stuff, you will need the FGD. And I have the FGD. And I can give it out like candy if you want to map for the mod.

If you skipped to the bottom and expected some sort of summary, then here it is:
- Coding something that can change gameplay of normal half life mods
- DO WANT maps for my mod, FGD can be provided

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