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AirborneSn1p3r 7 Gen / Master Yoda
Jun 12 2010 Anchor

Just post what games moddb sites you want us to work on.

i only really have two (also please dont post a billion games each):

Starwars Rogue Squadron 3d (i work on this any way some times so its not to bad)

Metal Gear Solid (its site has nothing... well it has stuff but not much)

Jun 12 2010 Anchor

I'd have to look around. I WAS going to say MGS 1, but it's already there.

Jun 12 2010 Anchor

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is indeed a masterpiece but it being from 2006 would not really be deemed 'classic' since its only 4 years old (for me all games from 2003/2004 are old lol) and the PlanetElderscrolls website is a very active website with tons of mods ;)

Jun 12 2010 Anchor

elder scrolls IV...

Jun 12 2010 Anchor

i would be pretty much looking for games that had a good hit but never came to be...mainly due to the lack of time or something...

...games... i have none... i'll look about for a few...

Jun 13 2010 This post has been deleted.
Jun 14 2010 Anchor

Moddb.com carmageddon all 3 of them. and we need a burnout game site. this game is the best ever made (atleast for me)

ratchet and clank and timesplitters

and flame of rebellion

Topzombie Forum Leader
Jun 14 2010 Anchor

Yea Timesplitters are one of the best game series

Jun 15 2010 Anchor

i remember playing timesplitters at one of my friends houses :D it's an old Xbox game as far as i can remember :)

Jun 17 2010 Anchor

Freedom Fighters.

The Medal of Honors ( Non PC)

Sep 22 2010 Anchor

Hello if you are searching for a game to build join us at Moddb.com

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