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May 30 2010 Anchor

after one of my daily walk trough the vgar i noticed that most or almost all games here are about shooting/killing/or war. well i like these games as most of the games i play are about such stuff (i m somehow still a very nice and friendly person in real life). well i know a few games not being violent at all but there arent many. and i cant add leisure suit larry so if you know a not war/shooting related game add it as they are definetly overlooked. other story: when i buyed the xbox 360 elite i asked the seller if he knows any games were you dont shoot or fight. he ended up saying "äh, umm, i think...well...hmm...how about burnout?"

Jun 10 2010 Anchor

LoL. Burnout Paradise is epic. Too popular for here though.

Jun 10 2010 Anchor

...and nfs not. i have paradise but i must say that when you play revenge... this game becomes uninteresting in no time. still a great racing game though if not one of the best.

Topzombie Forum Leader
Jun 11 2010 Anchor

I like Clonk

You CAN kill the other Clonks, Animals etc... but you DONT NEED to kill them.
Its a funny sandbox game and the classic versions (Clonk Endeavour too) are free
and they are moddable (Clonk 4, Planet, Endeavour, Rage (Clonk Rage is commercial))

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