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Launched the new website, with the beta versions of the game ready to dowload and a new trailer.

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The contest is over, and the first beta of Futuridium is now ready for prime time! It was a lot of work but we are really satisfied with how the game is turning out. In the beta you can try out some levels, compete on a global leaderboard (the final version of the game'll have a more complete leaderboard system) and enjoy NINE original music tracks!

First, the link to our new website, just launched:

Then, our new official trailer:

And finally, the links to our beta version of the game:

Futuridium is a fast paced, action packed, classic shoot'em up with a modern twist. We wanted to do a flat shaded, bright coloured 3d shoot'em up, with an heavy focus on scoring and some advanced special effects to enhance the visual impact, so we started with a couple of ideas:
- No special powers, no bonuses: only the player reflexes count. Your ship, your lasers, your ability!
- You can stop and turn your ship 180° at any time, just pressing a button
- All the levels are HUGE alien capital ships. You fly over them, under them, trying to destroy all the energy cubes (blue cubes), to reveal the main cube (golden cube) that keeps the ship flying.
- No speed control: you fly as fast as possible...One of our main inspiration is the classic shooter Uridium by Andrew Braybrook. But in full 3D.


First: you need a joypad or an analog joystick. Seriously: you can play with the keyboard but it's not the same thing. Just configure the buttons in the first option screen, any standard joystick/joypad is supported.In every level you must destroy all the blue cubes to reveal the yellow cube. Destroy the yellow cube to advance to the next level.
Remember: using the U-turn button you can turn back at any time! Use it!


1) Destroy the blue cubes to up your multiplier: it's on the right, just under your score. When you die, your multiplier resets.
2) Destroy blue cubes in fast sequences to get a chain: the longer the chain, the better your bonus score when the chain stops!
3) Mix enemies to cubes in chains for even higher score!

Aim for the top of the online leaderboard!
The Futuridium beta is completely free: just download and play the beta.

The first version of the game, Futuridium EP, will be free too and will be out soon!

Thanks and enjoy Futuridium!Hope you like the game and, please, send us feedback at:


I really like the style of this game. well done

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This is a really cool game. The graphics kind of remind me of the old SNES star fox game (but way higher quality).

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bit confused about the controls (on linux), im trying to use mouse and keyboard, but once I get in-game none of the usual suspects (wasd, arrows, mouse) do anything for me. Am I missing something?

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the game is best played with a joypad, but if you need to use the keyboard you could configure all your keybindings in the unity input panel that appears before the game is launched.

The default keys should be: arrows to move, q to fire and spacebar to turn (and z/x the select the next/previous music track).

Thank you for the download, and let us know if there are other problems on Linux, unfortunatly at the moment it's impossible for us to test that version. :)

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ah ok, one problem is that linux dosen't have the launch menu that shows up (cant change the keybindings or the graphic settings without a ingame menu). would it be possible to send a settings config file with the keybindings in it so I can mess around?

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Skyrise Author

Ah ok, didn't know that!

We'll have the keybindings in game in the next build! :)

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ok great! thanks

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by the way, you could setup a vm of ubuntu or some other distro to test with. performance won't be too great, but it should work well enough to test some stuff

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We will surely reserve a partition to a linux distro or setup a vm to test properly the game, for now, thanks again for your feedbacks. :)

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