All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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Jun 7 2015 Anchor

here is a place for your TE 2.0 ideas i thought it was time for a new thread here finally! i will start things off by posting this, it has been developed in consultation with Oaks and will hopefully plug some possible gaps for the Forgotten lower tier vehicles:

Prelimininary revision of Mutant Marauder truck

Suggestions thread for Tiberium Essence 2.0

Forgotten Faction: Mutant units - vehicles:

Marauder: T2 medium truck

Marauder (F2)
1300 Θ 0:15
Medium vehicle Good vs structures, vehicles Abilities:
>> Garrisonable >>Shoot over walls, gates
>> Tiberium Armor (Scrap yard = Mutant radar I suppose)
>> Blue Tiberium Warheads (Vault of Knowledge = Mutant Tech center)

Notice: If Scrap yard is Mutant Radar then both Punisher and Hydra are T2. That doesnt add up.


Size: medium

Health/armor: comparable to Manta

Movement speed: normal (comparable to Manta, Scorpion, Devourer, Beam tank, Goliath APC)

chassis: heavy tired truck

Role: second type siege artillery

Weapon: Howitzer mortar (anti-vehicle, anti-structure, no blast radius, 100% precision (manual aiming as with the Pitbull's mortar) small arc shell resulting in direct damage, no AA, ineffective vs infantry)

Damage type: Blast or Cannon

Damage: comparable to Scorpion, Manta vs vehicles ; comparable to Titan vs structures (more effective vs structures than vs vehicles)

Range: comparable to Beam tank, Devourer, Tempest MLRS

Build on: Machine Shop (Mutant War factory)

Requires: Scrap Yard (Mutant Radar)

would look similar civilian truck from TS or perhaps something like this

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Jun 9 2015 Anchor

You could copy and do a better formating of my text, dude, I want a perfect precision with which I have done the revision of Integrator. xD

Jun 9 2015 Anchor

idk about vehicle, but from what i see, i think what the forgotten lacks is tier 1 and 2 infantry

and I wonder, will the Forgotten get their air unit or will they go full ground unit?

Jun 9 2015 Anchor

the rumours suggest they are having air units, i expect a TS style Chinook somewhere.

Regarding the Marauder Truck feeing redundant because of the proposed Punisher and Hydra being T2 i see the solution is simple: I'm fine with Punisher being T2 even if it seems on the Heavy end of T2, Hydra however feels like a T3 unit to me it seems almost like an armoured stealth tank without the stealth. Assuming Hydra become T3 and Punisher is T2 i propose remove garrison ability from Marauder and make it faster and cheaper-so it clearly fills a different role to the Punisher. Precision artillery are fun, and its perhaps something the other factions are lacking

I wonder what forgotten equivalent of rocket guy and disc thrower will be? i guess the old mutant rocket infantry from 1.4 might be brought back but i'm hoping for something new and exciting.

EDIT: Another thought - If the hydra really is intended to be T2 artillery then perhaps the forgotten could have the juggernaut instead of GDI as their 2nd (T3) artillery because it seems to have fallen out of use for the majority of GDI players. I know that the forgotten dont really have walkers but this could possibly be an exception as the forgotten seem to like reconditioning disused GDI tech - it could have Tiberium shells, additional armour and possibly a light machine gun turret where the "cab" is on the model. This would mean that IF the GDI sniper gets removed it might have less of an impact and could mean that a spotting ability could be given to some Forgotten infantry.

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Jun 10 2015 Anchor

Well, differences between Tempest MLRS, Stealth tank, and Hydra are indeed subtle, but those are very important details.

Carnius told me about Hind gunship helicopters being able to fly throughout yellow and red zones, and he also has few other Mutant faction air units in mind.

Majority of fans is expecting RA or TS styled Chinook transport.

Mutants doesn have lack of T1 units:

Infantry: Mutant Squad, Flak trooper

Vehicles: Cougar, Humvee, Wardozer.

T2 infantry: I expect Brutes to be equal of heavy disintegrator with anti-vehicle weapon and clear garrison ability to be also equal of Disc throwers and Black Hand.

T2 Vehicle: The proposed Marauder or Liberator or whatever name you want medium Mutant truck or Half-track.

I personally see Marauder truck as that Hydra is supposed to be T3 siege vehicle and Marauder T2 siege vehicle. Instead of Punisher who is T2 but maybe should be T3, being garrisonable, so Marauder could thnx to Flak trooper gain AA plus additional firepower.

Since Brute is a melee unit, and doesnt seem to have standard medium ranged passive clear garrison ability as Black hand/Disc thrower (except his melee active ant-vehicle EMP ability- similiar to GDI Zone Commando C4 EMP), and since Crusher is T3, I am seeking for Mutant T2 clear garrisoner vehicle- equal of Flame tank, Corruptor or equal infantry unit to serve like Disc thrower or Black hand within T2 styled APC like GDI Goliath or Nod Scarab = Mutant Marauder truck.

Mutant structures: Warcamp(Barracks), Machine Shop(Warfactory), Scrap yard (most likely Radar) - that is why I think that Hydra and Punisher are T2. Sanctuary(Armory), Vault of Knowledge (Tech center), Tiberium Purifier (T4 tech structure)

Epic Unit- Reclamator - Tiberium Purifier, unit is build on Construction site, just like Montauk

Reclamator is just like Montauk only a Supportive Epic unit.

The true Mutant (second) Epic unit- Carnius told us there will be one.


Scrap yard (Command post, Operations Center, Nerve center- radar) upgrades for T1, T2 vehicles:

Scrap armor: for Cougar; Wardozer seems to have repair tool self-upgrade ability instead. Scrap armor allows to crush light infantry.

Tiberium acid shells- Cougar minor attack damage upgrade. For the time being, the upgrade doesnt seem to affect any other unit, infantry or defensive structure. (like Mutant anti-infantry Sentry/Watch tower)

Vault of Knowledge (Tech center, Tech lab, Tech assembler):

Blue Tiberium Warheads: Major attack damage upgrade: For Humvee, Wardozer, Hydra, Punisher, Marauder, Tiberian Fiends, presumably also for Mutant anti-vehicle defense structure cannon.

Tiberium armor: were for former four-barreled Punisher. Now for two-barreled one, it seems to be not (in description).strange. I guess this upgrade should apply also on, Hydra, Crusher, Marauder

Sanctuary (Armory, Secret shrine, Stasis chamber):

Blue tiberium infusion: Brutes. I guess it should apply also on Tiberian fiends, Mutant squad, Flak trooper

PSI Focus: Seems to be for now only for Ascended

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Nov 18 2015 Anchor

Wasn’t mean to necropost this thread, but if this thread was the right place to post idea for TE 2.0, then I have some upgrade suggestion for Forgotten Tier 1 infantry.

Squad Leader: Effect for Mutant Squad and Mutant Flak Trooper Squad. Add one Squad Leader to each both of Mutant tier 1 infantry. Squad Leader use Mutant Marauder model from vanilla TW and is able to shoot aircraft. Their attack range is same as Black Hand Elite, only damage differs.

Insurgent: Effect for Mutant Squad and Mutant Flak Trooper Squad. Add three grenadier(GDI renegade style) to each both of Mutant tier 1 infantry. Grenadier is good against building and infantry but have short range and unlike disc thrower and black hand it can’t clear garrison.

Both upgrade available from sanctuary.

The idea behind this suggestion is mutant scavange many weapon leftover from war and use it for their own good. With this upgrade implemented, the mutant basic infantry mob have variant weapon within one squad unlike the GDI and NOD squad army which have standard weapon for each their troops, as the mutant is not a standarized army. Also instead of upgrading each their troop, mutant just increase the number in their squad.

Dec 8 2015 Anchor

I realized one thing when I looked properly at Forgotten Brute. Hes not in squad, which means, as hes a one unit and big and tall as shit, like some organic hulk-like walker,just like heavy infantry Cyborg reaper.. It could be Brute who is the Mutant walker vulnerable to C4, it doesnt matter that it isnt a vehicle or cyborg, as well as it doesnt matter if Brute will be produced at Forgotten's Warcamp(Mutant Barracks) or in Sanctuary (Mutant "Secret Shrine"). So Forgotten already has atleast one walker, though its not a "mech", which is nice xD Though I certainly wish for them to have two. Yet I know that Mutants are not much into walkers, even if they should have one in Tacitus Archive. Much less having some kind of "transformer" like SC2 Terran Viking or RA3 Japanese Tengu Jet.

Perhaps Tiberian Fiends as heavy infantry could be counted as "organic walkers" as well.

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Feb 2 2016 Anchor

If I say I've made some years a go the whole Forgotten faction with units, structures, abilities and upgrades (and I've some concept pictures) in a word doc, what do you say? :P


Brotherhood, Unity, Peace.

Feb 3 2016 Anchor

I would probably say that I am very interested, if only I would have a Word program xD

Problem with few years old things is..that they are too old for people to pay any attention and the whole image of Forgotten Carnius changed already too much beyond any comparison. It is sad but extreme bunch of old things ends up as..past long forgotten since then. The old Mutant hovel with only old Marauders to Mutant garage with Mastodon, Humvees, Looted pitbulls etc., over to Mutants faction and hovel ending up as mercenary units unfit to be anywhere else.

Everything changes and adapts. Maybe such is the fate, that even M0nkfish's wonderfull Mutant Sidecar replacing old weird Looted Pitbull will stay lost ghost of the past. Who knows?

The future belongs to Reclaimer, Hydra MLRS, Ascended, Mutant Commando freezer gun and to organic Floater "Kirov" airship with Mutant Hind gunship using tiberium rounds and tiberium warheads. Any old idea would simply see its role to be already filled by Cougar and Wardozer or by any other newest existing Forgotten unit or structure or support power or upgrade + the ones that shall come to us in hopefully near future. xD

We still dont even know, Carnius himself still also maybe dont, what exactly will have this and that role and what will be T1 and T2, etc. Though,of course, slowly step by step, we have some general idea. So, I have no idea if your big and great elaborate project ,with all due to respect, can be projected on, appliable and adapted to a newest situation and progress around Forgotten.

At the meantime, I am most interested in Mutants full Tech tree, especially T2, designed vehicle clear garrisoner(though, theres T3 Crusher) and in developing and building on what Carnius predefined.

Jul 30 2016 Anchor

Hi everybody, i suggest some graphics improvement with minimal system reduction.
I played an another mod "heroic". It's incomplete and abadoned unbalanced with many bugs but something better then any mods.
Explosion effects! I don't know where come from is but is very fascinating.

Aug 8 2016 Anchor

The main problem is TE is AI for now. There are so many holes in it as of now :)

While the explosion effects look great they really shouldn't be the main priority in my opinion

AI needs to:

- Manage their economy, (You can just defend your own base till they run out of Tiberium or not be able to collect enough to make a meaningful attack and they you can just roll them over easily)

- All AI units are "disposable". They have no sense of retreating or managing anything. AI will keep sending all its units to a place even though they do not stand a chance. That's why you cannot have any AI unit promoted even to veteran. This means that just by holding an and promoting your own units you are gonna have natural advantage over them (Example: AI wil lkeep sending a single commando to a well-fortified area over and over again.

- They do not reach properly, you might have a single air unit attacking an unprotected part of their base and even if they have resources they will not properly send a counter-unit to finish it off.

These are the main problems with AI but these on their own directly cause tens of others. Which make the game against AI so predictable that it is impossible to enjoy it

Aug 10 2016 Anchor

I play against human players i don't know ai problems, but the explosion effect is in the main game, just like any other effects :) There is in campaign mission. Maybe it's not too hard inject it.

Aug 22 2016 Anchor

The problem is that human players are hard to find, which makes AI a good option.

I think AI has so many problems that within 5 seconds you can tell you are not playing against a reasonable human player.

The only solution in my opinion is fixing them through trial and error

Apr 19 2017 Anchor

some ideas!
make for all factions some Subfactions(can be selected ingame):
for NOD: BLACK HAND,LEGION(to not make the cabal faction,make it a nod subfaction)
For scrin: traveler 59(Have a lot of aircraft) and reaper 17(uses much tiberium and alien plasma/lasers)
For forgotten TBG(Tiberium Beast group,aka uses tiberium weapons) and GLA(uses old weaponry from older games such as: ra2,ra1,TD)
Make stolen tech units(can be accessed if you capture the faction's lab) :D

Juggernaut should have a mini bunker,to put an infantry inside,like the Behemoth from kane's wrath
The old GDI Commando should be added as a Tacitus archive hero(would represent havoc)
GDI ZOCOOM Commando should have a mini upgrade for having a Railgunish-minigun,and can be upgraded with some of the armory upgrades(you choose)
GDI Should have a new unit:the mirage tank(Advantages: Stealthed while not shooting,shoots with a laser,his laser is very powerfull
Disadvantages: cost 2000,slow(but has an acceleration button but it damages him while activated),and he needs to lock on to the target to shoot)
GDI should get the hammerhead

FIST OF NOD should be back
Cyborg commando should have a blue tiberium upgrade for weapon
An upgrade for blue flames should be made,it would affect the: Avatar flame hand,devil tongue
For Tacitus archive hero,a confessor with an electrical weapon(it represents mendoza from renegade)
Instead of the emp weapon for the buggy,make a iron curtain effect(make it for the bike too)

Add new aircraft for scrin(that can land like the stormrider on the Gravity Stabilizer
A new SCRIN vehicle-the RAPMER-shoots with super electric bolts against land units,and with red tiberium electric bolts against aircraft(best AA FOR SCRIN)
SCRIN TACITUS ARCHIVE HERO: PLESTROROID-Looks like a human-alien combination-mutates infantry into alien brutes

Tacitus archive hero: Tratos(can mind control multiple foes,has ability to summon an asteroid)
Put the Advanced Guard Tower from Tib Dawn as the T3 defense
Put the flak cannon from ra2 as forgotten AA

That is all

Apr 19 2017 Anchor

Oak's response to Fulger100:

You said by yourself that there already is Montauk and Mammoth walker with marv and redeemer voices.
Most of KW is practically a heresy and its doctrines does not belong here.
Carnius talked long ago about that he does not like Scrin mechapede,etc.
No subfactions, no more things from KW or CNC4.

Tratos is already present in editor as "Mutant Farseer",
how many times I am supposed to repeat myself?!

Zone Commando, you heard of it?
Carnius wanted to know an opinion if Sniper should be removed, aka no stealth for GDI. Oh, and Carnius said that the inspiration for Forgotten Vindicator was RA2 tesla tank and mirage tank. A tank destroyer with electro-something cannon XD
No Hammerhead, when you have Jetpack trooper,Orca minigun and infantry which can shoot out from Carryalls.

Fist of Nod is in editor, currently cannot change back to Montauk and it is a reason why Montauk cannot and would lose its rank-it is considered as structure made in Con.yard.
Each unit can have only two upgrades max and command card has only 4 slots. I dont want to have another upgrades in T4 tech structures, this is not Krossfire or KWR or whatever mod.
Otherwise there are only 3 tech structures, with the said 4 command card slots. So thats 12 possible upgrades at max. And each unit can have two upgrades and/or abilites only, anyway.

Electric is only for Ascended and Scrin Manta + ion storms. and vindicator and some of forgotten support powers xD

My idea for Raider Buggy is to give its EMP coil to stealth tank or harvester or maybe to beam cannon and increase its radius- can EMP mammoth walker from beind while stealthed as a last emergency measure.
Instead, the Tiberium Power Pack upgrade would apply as well to Raider Buggy + Attack Bike and it would increase all influenced units by increased armor by 5% for example, as well(together with increased movement and attack speed)

Razorback and Seeker with Stormrider Airburst plasma upgrade is more than enough for Scrin supremacy in AA capabilities.
Scrin are not a zerg infestation or John Carpenters the Thing movie

Forgotten AA defense: Flak cannon with blue tiberium warheads upgrade.Approved.
I would like to have it optional individual upgrade of anti-air fragmentation grenades with area of effect blast radius damage (aka like static Forgotten Bombard rotary mortar but againts air units)

Forgotten T3 defense: the advanced rocket tower is basically the same as already present neutral capturable defense tower.
I am for Particle cannon from tiberium alliances also with AA, just like Storm column.(plasma weaponry charged with blue tiberium)

Edited by: Oaks

Apr 20 2017 Anchor

Fulger100's response to Oak

well i wanted subfactions because maybe carnius doesn't want to make the cabal faction,so...

welp,my worldbuilder can't see tiberium essence stuff

yes,but i want the old commando to be beack(if no,atleast the voices)

Sniper reminds me of Deadeye from renegade,lel

I forgot about the carryalls xD

For the stealth tank it WOULD BE TOO OP,EMP + tiberium missiles = bye bye balance

Cool,but i still want some sort of iron curtain xD

Flak canoon or A single missile shot to the sky,what would YOU want?

I was talking about the renegade version of the AGT:


Apr 20 2017 Anchor

-Ah, its Oaks. not Oak. uncountable after-plural. xD

-there will be no subfactions, why would Carnius even do that? Why should there be Nod faction with no lasers, air units and/or stealth, etc.? No purifying blue tib flamers for black and flame tanks. Blue tib is only for mutants. Everything we needed and were inspired with and redone in image and doctrines of true tiberian sun successor, the tiberium essence; is what we already have from KW. No mechapedes, no hexapod insect, no stupid combat engineers, idiotic garrisonable harvesters, juggernauts, rockets harvesters, no mantis or specter and no redemption SP or quad turret upgrade and no to all other bullshit. And most importanly absolutely no doing the same shit as KWR,TWA,Krossfire and other mods. Maybe let him do the mutant faction first?

-Astors manual - does not work? Cannot install worldbuilder because of pirated cnc3 or something? or simly having trouble rewriting the CNC3_wb_1.0.cfg file?

-Hmm, but stealth tank and basilisk beam cannon needs some buff and emp coil on raider buggy is unnecessary. and raider buggy with attack bike needs some buff too. Look at the GDI impossibro EMP capabilites on rpg turret, falcon, goliath apc emp mines, orca bomber and firehawk emp pounder bombs. Imagine if there would even be the idiotic KW EMP grenadiers!! Iron curtain is too radical- bye bye balance, furthermore when Scrin already has the Stasis shield and Phase field SP and GDI has firestorm generator and montauk has increased armor aura, so thats why Nod what? they have stealth. Sudden EMP out of nowhere from stealthed unit behind you is probably the most Nod thing to do xD

- Powerfull mutant AA defense with imposing upgrade, that is what I want. Blasting entire swarms of enemy air units with one "boom" anti-air fragmentation grenade, yeeah :D

- I hope that advanced guard tower has some prism,plasma weaponry, with giant blue tiberium crystal in it, like the Vindicator and being charged by three Ascended squads, because thats what I would like for awsome mutant T3 defense.

If this watch/sentry/guard tower with damn antenae is not enough

Then this

is gonna kick ass. I am in favor of something which does not look like a crumpled cardboard box with a stick.



Apr 22 2017 Anchor

AH sorry xD

And what do you think about stolen tech?

Ok,Forgotten first then cabal next

Nope,i have the ultimate collection version,witch means that Tib essence is the only mod that works on ultimate edition

Maybe yes,gdi is with the EMP stuff and nod with Hot stoff(flames aaaaaand infantry)And that troll reminds me when i destroyed my friends in tib sun using stealth tanks xD

How would you like to look,like the ra2 version or like this?

Particle cannon is more like a GDI-Nod alliance thing

Forgotten is with this old things

And friendly question: what is your favorite unit from this mod?(can be from 2.0 too)

Apr 22 2017 Anchor

as of stolen tech, thats good but in the form of new unit, i think it's quite redundant as there are already lots unit and adding new unit might make the existing unit obsolete due to the same purposes.

perhaps stolen tech can be in the form of special tech upgrade, for example stealing gdi war factory would grants your vehicle 10% HP, stealing nod factory grants vehicle more attack speed, stealing scrin one would grant faster speed, and stealing forgoten factory would make all vehicle self repair to 50%.

but still i dont think that stealing tech with the same way as it was in RA2 is viable, though there is still a way to implement it.

as for forgotten tier3 turret, well I think that the forgotten in some way able to grow their own small vein hole monster, they put this veinhole on top of the bunker and the vein hole itself shot spore which deal area damage to enemy ground unit, when the building destroyed it released tiberium gas which kill nod and gdi infantry but heal forgotten and scrin infantry. the bunker part of the structure can be garrisoned by infantry to give them a viable anti air

thats just some of my other stupid suggestion though, who knows what carnius will bring

Apr 22 2017 Anchor

To Fulger100:

Stolen tech one-by one as is the spy or agent from RA1, RA2 is redundant when you just take over almost any enemy structure by your engineer/Mastermind and over almost any enemy unit by hijacker/cyborg hijacker/pacifier

Nod uses all of its MoK things - there are no subfactions, tacitus archive have rest. What units should CABAL have, so they will be different and original from the already present ones? You gonna just take all cyborgs,hijacker, reapers,decimators, tarantula mine, avatar, venom MKII, toxin trooper(is a cyborg in KW and replaces black hand as chemical trooper - tiberian dawn/tiberium trooper right?)? Man, thats like half of Nod army.

Cannot help you with ORIGIN ultimate edition, seek help elsewhere. if you can mod cnc3 with it, then you should be able to mod even worldbuilder.

Or I wanted the old overcharge ability for basilisk beam cannon which shall EMP single unit from afar - via EMP coil upgrade, so attack bikes, raider buggies, stealth tanks can have their tiberium power pack to improve them.

Heheh, I just realized that mutant Defender looks exactly like RA2 soviet flak trak(truck,half-track) with bombard howitzer weapon xD Yap, just like the 88mm Flugzeugabwehrkanone. Flak from RA2. The othera anti-air artillery emplacement on image is not exactly what I would like.

- not bad

- not good, basically just static juggernaut with AA. nope.

How would you describe Forgotten - exactly as something as alliance between Nod and GDI. Nod uses particle beams charged with green tiberium, and forgotten uses plasma, charged with blue tiberium. Vindicator is basically a prism turret on mirage tank charged with giant blue tiberium crystal.

I simply love the Bombard, Crusher, Hind, Mammoth walker, Quadpod, Montauk, Titan, Stealth tank, Planetary Carrier, Leviathan, Reclaimer. aah, I love just looking at them all xD Most favorite and used is probably mammoth tank of course :D

to Aisharp:

KKND krossfire 2 the Evolved faction uses literally "a worm" as their T2 anti-vehicle defense, which just sticks from the ground, just like shai-hulud and spits acid spores in blast radius. I like that, and the baby whelpling of veinhole monstro-babies sounds interesting xD

Bu yeah, I guess the towers seen on mutant defenses images are probably garrisonable with flak troopers, anyway.

Apr 22 2017 Anchor

To aisharp

stolen tech will be more like capturing the most buildings like:

Who gives What does it do:

Conyard Can build the specific faction's MCV

Power Plant Power shut down for 00:45

Refinery: Steal 2000$

barracks Train veteran infantry

war factory: build veteran vehicles

radar building shuts down the radar for 00:45(and the eva,it will not say if you lost units)

air tower: build veteran aircraft

infantry upgrade building: get a stolen infantry(faction's specific)

tech labs: get a stolen vehicle(faction specific)

BUILDINGS THAT CREATE THE SUPER VEHICLES(EX : tiberium chemical plant): new support power,new upgrade,stolen aircraft,and a a super vehicle

crane: get a new building that does something for the faction

superweapon: resets it

To Oaks

Well we need the cabal core defender somewhere,it is a unit that doesn't need to get forgotten!

well,i will see

And that is why the basilisk weapon is the most unused weapon in the nod weaponry(2nd are the shadows)

the basilisk is soooooo weak,it needs a buff

DId you know the howitzer was an unused things in ra2?it was an american exclusive unit

For first image: make the turret bigger and I AM IN!

FOr the 2nd image: that looks like an artillery defense,we should make them foe every faction

,some ideas

GDI Soldiers should be normal when they don't got the composite armor upgrade:

More good nod bike:


And for forgotten 2nd epic unit:
2 ideas:
A MUTANT T-rex that has a rider
T-rex can bite amd swing it's tail to destroy things
AND the rider would have a gattling cannon

THE KAMMOS SCAVANGER TANK: if it destroys something,it would take his weapon and use it against their enemies(his normal weapons are: a toxic weapon and gattling cannons )
it can also get more things for this specific vehicles
GDI: JUGGERNAUT-gets a 3 mini artillery turrets on his back(the same height like the bitbull cannon)
TITAN- gets mechanical armor
Predator MK 2-get's a machine gun next to his turret

SCORPION TANK: can stay still even if a giant enemy comes to destroy him such as a mammoth

BASILISK BEAM CANNON: Can cross water and can have more range

Devil tongue: can destroy mines and crush medium vehicles,and can get to locations like the devil tongue,but limited range

razorback- gets a super AA effective flak cannon
Reaver-can acquire lock on-hsi weapon will do more damage per every 5 seconds

Just one vehicle:
THE MRLS: can acquire super missiles that can be artillery and AA


Edited by: Fulger100

Sep 13 2017 Anchor


Get rid of The Tacitus Archive because there isn’t much of this structure on the map with it and give the units to their own factions and Ai doesn’t capture it (Sometimes). Then force the player to build structures such Nod weapon research Lab, GDI's A-SAT defense, Forgotten fortress and Scrin relay node to get the unit.


  1. Can we have the Photon Cannon back? since lightning spike is kind of weak without any upgrades and we already have the Storm Column that produce ion storm which also produce lightning. So it is ether give an upgrade or go back to the Photon Cannon with a more alien design.
  2. allow Scrin infantry units’ to garrison buildings and are allowed to call for transport.
  3. Scrin needs newer alien strain maybe

Swarmers: A flying bug infantry of four or five that shoots spikes or tiberium shards.

Busters: Like Baneling from Starcraft they come in a group of 6 and blow up and they can become land mines when they burrow underground

Bring back the Defiler and scale it down making them small siege infantry.


  1. I like the Reaper from 1.4 because it shoots shells rather than missiles if possible bring them back as AT units calling it the Preacher or Assentation.
  2. Durable material upgrade gives cyborg units 10% life and allows all cyborg units to be legless. (It’s just not the same without legless cyborgs)
  3. Allow all units the call for transport ability except for the shadow team. (If the Mammoth tank and juggernaut can be airlifted why not the avatar)
  4. SAM turrets, Sting turret and Shredder turrets can deploy three turrets again. Mainly because the SAM turrets cost 900 per SAM and the energy cost is way off the roof when fighting against the Scrin.
  5. Please allow Toxin, Black Hand, Rifle and Rocket Militia squads to have an automatic or manual button to throw Hallucinogenic Grenades. (I know of the collateral damage but I seriously keep forgetting to throw the Damn thing, I bet that half of the people that plays Tiberium Essences forgot that they have to manually throw the Grenades)
  6. We need more fire power for the Basilisk Beam Cannon either give them the overcharge option or give them the ability to combine their lasers to cook their targets.
  7. Tunnel network needs more spacing for units and it should have Defensive options against Aircraft, Tanks and Infantry or make it stealth once deployed.


  1. Give them the Mobile EMP from Firestorm Crisis if Carnius intend to have the mutant hijackers to be trainable in numbers, then you could imagine the amount of things you can Hijack.
  2. Fist of Forgotten the Mobile Barracks able to train all infantry units except for the commando.
  3. Underground a support ability to call 2 tier 1 vehicles, 3 Mutant Flak Trooper Squad and 3 Mutant Marauders (like the sneak attack from CNC Generals GLA but the tunnel will go back down to the ground)
  4. Demolition trucks not nukes or Liquid-T just Tiberium demolition trucks that leaves a small patch of Tiberium like Nod Seed Tiberium support.
  5. Tiberium chemical trooper abilities kill infantry instantly slowdown tanks but damage tanks over time depending on the unit and can take down structure
  6. The battle bus is like a reckoner unit but it has the ability to redeploy at other area and able to shoot out side while moving. In other words a mobile bunker.

No Ideas for GDI Yet

Sep 13 2017 Anchor

To TheBlackMarkofNod

Wow, now thats quite a some time I have seen anyone post on TEF thread. Though, you re necroposting the old unused one at that.


There are plenty of maps with Tacitus archive, you can add them to maps by yourself using the known tools and methods. But in itself, it does not has to be so much bad idea. Any ideas for Mutant "tacitus archive/tiberium alliances tacitus enclosure special structure units? Those structures could technically be the second T4 tech structures, serving roughly as those KW epic units factories. Relay Node is little bit too giant structure. Signal transmitter and to build Talos from factory, Scourge bomber from Gravity Stabilizer and Eradicators from Portal will do.


1.)Yes, we need redone, remodeled Photon cannon with Tiberium Enhancement upgrade, or Devourer-like Proton beamcannon with it and the Particle Accelerator increasing proton beams range(devourer,quadpods, disintegrators) and/or with passive version of conversion beam, increasing its damage by 50%, instead of 12% health and 20% damage. Or it could be Talos-like turret. The old hand-like protoss-like Photon cannon with plasma discs would need to have AA, which is by now unacceptable even for Scrin AA defense, the Plasma Missile Battery. Simply said, something more powerful than Tiberium Enhancement upgrade, and equal to KW green/blue Shard launchers upgrade.

2.) Stalwarts were supposed to be basic infantry by Westood concept anyway. Make them two member squad with AA and its done. Garrisonable two-member squad Shock Troopers requiring only Stasis Chamber would be acceptable either. Disintgerators or not having infantry as Contaminators is pretty bad, for Scrin, Buzzers are one big bug, Mastermind, Pacifiers are largerly useless, unfortunately along with Buzzers the only ones which can garrison but for nothing. Garrisonable Contaminators with clear garrison or Disintegrators would be far better equal to Disc Throwers/Grenadiers and Black Hand (along with Mutant Umagon sniper/Hunter)

Call for Transport via Ravager gunship( technically, we could use garrisonable KW Ravager infantry), and Shock troopers, along with Stalwarts, Eradicators to be able to shoot from Ravager gunship + making Manta or Reaver or Corruptor a real APC. Remove Buzzers and their stupid bugged attach/detach + Razorback turret AP defense instead of Buzzer Hive, Tiberium Hive upgrade and wrong price used for Swarm Support power.

3:) KW Ravager infantry already basically is an old Gun Walker/Shard Walker/Razorback infantry. Decrease the size of old Gun walker/Corrupter, make them as infantry in squad of 4 and its easily done.

Suicide infantry for Scrin or Mutants, when Nod already had/has Fanatics/Tarantula mine,drone... I dont know.. Maybe.. Any additional basic or advanced infantry for Scrin is welcome. Flying infantry for Scrin no, thats too similiar to KWR. (Just as making Shock Troopers T3, in squad of 4 shooting proton beams)

I wanted mobile Buzzer hive infantry, or something similiar to zerg swarm host, technically a land PAC T2 infantry on ground.

We still have Stalwarts/Eradicator duo combo..


1.) They have missiles because they are already both AT and AA.

2.) Durable Materials increases health by 20%, not by 10%, and health, not armor(as wrongly written in TE Wikia) it should do so also for Cyborg Hijacker, Nod should be able to have multiple T3, not T4, Cyborg Hijackers, just like Mutants their Mutant Hijackers. Legless version of cyborgs, including cyborg commando causes game crash bug when garrisoning them inside structure.

3.) That would be little bit problem if stealthed Nightwind would be carrying Avatars around just for the fee of 200 credits. We can do the compromise of old non-stealthed Call for Transport via old Nod carryall, why they would keep the stealthed controllable Nightwind.

4.), No, buff the the Nod turrets instead. Health, damage, laser capacitator upgrade. SAM site/turret to be stealthed by default, better damage, shot speed and attack rate. Cost of 900 credits and 7 energy is the same as Scrin Plasma Missile Battery + Nod Tiberium Missiles upgrade is superior to Scrin Tiberium Enhancement upgrade.

5) They use it both passively(automatic), but slowly, like every 10-30 seconds and they can use it manually as well.

6.) Yes, buff for Basilisk Beam cannon, giving them buffed damage (more than current +25%) of Laser Capacitator upgrade along with Tiberium Power Pack (also + 5% armor for this upgrade), and it having increased range, damage by default. Overcharge ability dealing long ranged EMP.

7.) Interestingly, epic units can enter both neutral and Nod tunnel network XD Scrin Wormhole while temporal is connected to all tunnels.


8.) Decimator Cyborg is a heavy infantry which can suppoosedly crush heavy its cyborg reaper and shock trooper colleagues.

Nope, that should not be happening. I also cannot imagine that one Decimator should crush the other Decimator...

Just a little bug I wanted to remember to write to Carnius later.



1.) Yes.

2.) Not possible

3.) Ok, standard reinforcement support power for 2 veteran squads of both types of basic infantry - Forgotten Sanctuary.

reinforcement support power for 2 veteran War Dozers and Humvees/Cougars - Forgotten Helipad.

4.) Why not. Ok. Demo truck with blue tib bomb upgrade is always useful :D

5.) They have Ghost Stalker Commando with freezer weaponry, Ascended squad, Brutes and Tiberian Fiends instead, along with Hunter/Umagon sniper(s).

6.) No to Battle bus, Mastodon or Defender or Bombard as APC, along with Humvee , and to change into 3 slot bunker like Reckoner; are better.

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