In 1984, Ray Quick (Sylvester Stallone) and Ned Trent (James Woods), CIA explosives experts, "the rigger and the trigger," are on a mission to blow up a car transporting a South American drug dealer. But when the dealer's car appears, a little girl is inside.
Ray insists they abort the mission because there wasn't supposed to
be a child present, but Ned intends to see it through and allows the
explosion to happen, killing not only the drug dealer and his driver,
but also the little girl. Angered by the girl's wrongful death, Ray
battle Ned and thier partnership ends.
Years later, in Miami, Ray is now available for hire as a freelance
hit man. Desperate people contact him via the Internet and he only takes
the cases that interest him.
Ray's work is distinguished by its precision; he specializes in
"shaping" his explosions, building and planting bombs that blow up only
the intended target, leaving innocent bystanders unharmed.
He answered ads placed by May Munro (Sharon Stone) and speaks to her
often to decide if he should take the job or not. During the talks he
becomes intrigued by her story coupled with the fact that he sees how
attractive she is while following her. She is the only child of parents
who were killed by Tomas Leon (Eric Roberts) and his men after her
father walked by something he shouldn't have seen. May watched the scene
while hidden in the closet and set her sights on Tomas. Now as an
attractive woman, she is able to exact her revenge since he fancies
himself a ladies' man. Against his better judgment and pushed by her
insistence that she will infiltrate the gang with or without him, Ray is
persuaded to do the job for her. Even though he has agreed, May
ingratiates herself into Tomas' world as Adrienne Hastings.
Ned now works for Joe Leon (Rod Steiger), Tomas' father and head of
their crime organization. Once the hits on their lower level guys begin,
they contact the chief of the police department
to place Ned in with their bomb squad. Tomas doesn't like him and the
feeling is mutual, but his father insists that he plays along until the
person who is performing the hits is caught.
May tolerates Tomas and plays along as his girlfriend so she can
watch the hits one by one although being romantically involved with the
man who killed her parents sickens her. Ray repeatedly asks her to leave
Tomas alone since he is on the job, but she refuses since her desire is
to watch Tomas die close up and personal.
It is revealed after the second target is killed that May has
actually been forced into a partnership with Ned, whose goal was to coax
Ray out of hiding. After the job in South America went wrong, Ned lost
his job with the CIA. All May could see at the time was revenge and
didn't count on becoming attracted to Ray although they have never met.
When the trap for Tomas is set, May is in the room. When Tomas is
killed, it appears that May was killed as well. When Ned goes to pay his
respects, he is left alive only to find Ray and bring him to Joe before
Tomas is buried. Both Ray and Ned believe that May is dead, yet Ray
still responds to the bulletin board messages. Once he responds to one,
he finds is the one set up by Ned and the bomb squad. When Ray realizes
it, he taunts Ned. Ned becomes unglued in front of the squad and warns
everyone to stay quiet. However, they don't keep Ray on the line long
enough to find him.
When he goes to the funeral of Adrienne Hastings, Ray finds that May
is alive. She went to the funeral to see if Ray would attend. They leave
the church together and go to the Fontainebleau Hotel
where they make love. In the shower, he asks her why she did what she
did and she reveals that she wanted to look at Tomas' face while he
died. Meanwhile, Ned has gone to the church himself by disrupting the
procession out of the church to find that the person in the casket is
not May. May leaves a note stating that she is a woman who can't be
trusted. She runs into Ned in the lobby and makes an excuse as to why
she didn't tell him that she as alive. A henchman is ordered to take her
to the car and on the way she asks to use the restroom. Once there, she
takes a cell phone from the woman using it and calls Ray to warn him.
Ray immediately rigs the hotel room to explode by leaving the phone off
the hook. When they enter the room and place the phone back on the
hook,it detonates, breaking the entire room off into the ocean.
In a final showdown, Ray and May are cornered in his own
booby-trapped warehouse with May carrying an explosive in her pocket.
Ned pursues them, but is done in by his own hubris when he steps on a
bomb. After the entire warehouse goes up due to the chain of bombs
exploding, it appears that all inside have been killed.
The next day Joe is reading about the incident at the warehouse and
thanks God that vengeance was done for his son's death. He then opens
the mail brought to him and finds a necklace in one of the envelopes.
When in curiosity he opens it, he finds it contains pictures of May's
parents. In the last moment of his life he curses God before being blown
up as he being the head of the crime family (over Tomas) was the last
on May's list.
After hearing the blast and knowing all responsible for her parents'
death are dead, Ray asks how she feels. To which she responds, "Better".
They then drive away.

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[Status Update] Not Dead! Just put on hold

[Status Update] Not Dead! Just put on hold


Hello, if you're a follower you may have noticed I put dead. Over thinking about it I've decided that this is just put on hold...

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