-----=== God Bless the Enclave ===-----

Those who love the Fallout series, and the United States, are welcome at all times.

The Enclave play the remnants of the pre-war United States government in the Fallout series. Making their first appearance in Fallout 2. Believing it was their duty to restore America to her Glory and once and for all win the war against the Communists. The Enclave set out to achieve these goals with vigor and patriotism. Being a antagonist faction, players never got the chance to work with nor join the Enclave as a member. The exceptions being at the end of Fallout 3 and with the "Remnants" in Fallout New Vegas. However, both instances only take place during 1 quest, and neither result in the player being a member. Fortunately, there are mods that fix this issue, and make a new plot around the player being a member of the Enclave or having the option to join them in game.

Throughout the Fallout series, the Enclave is best noted for it's advanced technology and lethality in combat. Other than restoring America to her former Glory and winning a war that had resulted in a Nuclear Apocalypse 200 hundred years ago. The Enclave also wishes to purge the wasteland of mutants and any humans affected by mutation. Viewing themselves as the only pure humans left other than vault dwellers, they deemed this their top priority above all else before reclamation could begin. As for less radical means of accomplishing this, it's often wondered if the Enclave could not focus on efforts for curing present humans of mutation. Considering the vast array of resources and scientists still at their disposal.

The Enclave still try to hold some semblance of the pre-war government. They still have a President of the United States as well as Congress. Including a variety of other organizations, however small, still in effect. All members of the Enclave are in fact direct descendents of the United States government including political and military. Making their roles a "family tradition" so to speak. They also have access to vehicles such as the Vertibird which is a armed military VTOL aircraft that you will often see Enclave troops deployed from in game. In the Fallout series, there are quests and mods for the game where you can have the joy of riding (or even flying) these marvelous aircraft for yourself. Sometimes even commanding them.

Unlike other Patriotic groups, bigotry against nations and peoples will not be tolerated.

Trolls will be shot, haters will be imprisoned, and commies will kindly be lead to the exit of this facility.

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A warm welcome to guests and fellow patriots alike.


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I've never seen an Enclave before, what type of clans are they?

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Mike Pence Creator
Mike Pence

An Enclave type of group, is usually the remnants of a larger group, a larger group that has in someway been fractured or nearly wiped out, a group that some would go as far as to say no longer exists.

Yet, an Enclave remains. It's a bastion, remnant that tries to hold true to the original values of the larger group it came from. A loyal remnant that tries to see through the larger groups goals to the end.

It's purpose can go as far as too see through a certain goal, or even seeing the rise of the larger groups sovereignty once more. An Enclave centers itself around loyalty, values.

My definition of it anyway.

But this IS a gaming clan, group for fans of the Enclave in fallout. As well as a place to post fallout related stuff and even share your Fallout adventures.

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Do you guys think the Enclave will have a big role in Fallout 4?

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Mike Pence Creator
Mike Pence

That, I do not know.

However, if Bethesda found a way to integrate them in the story. This time in a way you could actually work with and influence them, than that would redeem their past sins of making them a faction the player could not work with.

So far, only the Remnants in New Vegas is the player able to have any influence on. But they aren't the faction itself, they are deserters.

I'd like if you could find a loyal remnant of the faction in Fallout 4 that still consider themselves a part of the "Enclave. Then help them carve out their own piece of territory to begin their work again. While their methods may have changed since Fallout 2 and 3. Their ultimate goal should still be the Restoration of the United States.

Allowing the player to help them get that done, and even HOW they get that done, would be the jackpot for me.

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hi am boyzkid its nice to meet you

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That would be cool to see that in Fallout 4 and maybe they will introduce faction relationships like in New Vegas and Fallout 2, so the Brotherhood would hate you if you work with the Enclave.

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