We are the inheritors of the galaxy and loyal servants to the Emperor. Born from chaos and war, the Empire is the beacon of light in the dark and shelters all. We are order through law, we are security through courage, we are justice through honor and we will reign a thousand years. We are the sons of the Galactic Empire.

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Stormtrooper Corps
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OOC: This is in response to the discussion going on in the "New Rules" Article. I always thought the Clones were the elite part of the Empire, and that we had a militia made of recruits from the Empire itself. If we don't, then we do now. If we did, then I'm just confirming it. How else are we to have the largest military in the Galaxy if we rely soley on Clones that take years to develop? >.<.

*Imperial Recruiting Agencies all over the Empire are opened. Recruits come storming in, most of them are the poor people of the Galaxy desperate for food, water and shelter. Some are old War veterans, with no job nor future. And some are simply people who want to serve the Empire.*

*The Clone Legions of the Empire are being reorganised into the elite Shocktroopers. They shall be used for most offensive operations, whilst the newly formed Stormtrooper Coprs made up of recruits will be used to garrison our planets. Important planets, such as Coruscant or Kuat, will still have Clone Troopers defending important areas, like the Imperial Palace or Imperial HQs.*

*The recruits themselves are given enough training to put toghether a respectable defense, though they are not trained or as good as Mandalorian Warriors or the Clone Troopers, though their eqquipment and training would put them above most Pirate and GAR forces.*

*Some planets, such as Coruscant, are made up of special Stormtrooper Garrisons, Coruscant in particular is protected by the Stormtroopers known as the Red Guard. Drawn from former GA, NGR and NSO Soldiers and Officers, they could be considered to be equals to Clone Troopers, and are decorated with red lines along their armor.*

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