A group dedicated to learning, teaching, transmitting the darkside of the force.


Introduction to the Sith

The darkside according the Darth Vader is the desire to rule the galaxy and make things the way he wants them to be. The point of courage is to not to be defeated and impotent. The darkside is one of courageous mindset, courage can be put into words with a few simple rules: don't compromise, yield and conform with the lightside when agonising, like on matters of metaphysics, empire, philosophy, conquest, group level glory, secondly no compunction, thirdly resist the temptation of what has sought to starve us of force power, lightside system thought and influence, alcohol, addiction dependence, entertainments, television and consumerism, fourth we do not submit to controls and we do not give in to that which weakens us or threatens us, fifth we do not delude ourselves to believe in "peace", we live in a universe filled with strife, sixth gain force mastery to empower yourself, use the power of the force to make others submit to our will. Good affiliation is a path to success and power, so always be non-violent and helpful with brothers of like mind on such things. We the Sith foster good beliefs, its a power at our disposal, Courage is to not to be tempted by the death fearing ideologies of the lightsiders, who seek to keep us in chains in the realm of thought and we choose strength and potency over weakness and apathy in the realm of matter, that produced the dire impotence, unambitiousness and powerlessness, which may inhibit action and action brings us a kind of renewed power and reinvigorates us. Action is the effects of will and perception, a series of key components of any valid belief system. Learn to wield it, the Force is about deconditioning and restructuring your mind and it will serve you even into glory, while passion may even extend your life long before you learn to wield it, infuses us with energy, patience, reinvigorates and is beneficial to us. The Force enhances your perception, heighten senses, focus the will and push your limits.

More about the force here:

Without action the universe withers and perishes as it normally would have into the void, nothingness of which there is no returning from except as feebly as an image. Darkside seeks nothing more than complete liberation of a individual consciousness to that of a participant in the realm of action that does not fear death, and embraces death and embraces dark magics.

"The dark side does not serve us. We serve the dark side. If we glorify it through our acts and our work and our art, it gives us power. It gives us life. Even life eternal." ―Momin, to Darth Vader

An Introduction to Passion Part 1: Moddb.com
An Introduction to Passion Part 2: Moddb.com

The dark side is part of every being. Recognising its a part of ourselves is the first step to learning its power. Strength is controlling our emotions. Strength is defined as the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure. Strong minds are adept at battling or beating adversaries. Pressure, frictions, problems, odds and difficulties are beatable obstacles, given that we are of finite strength we must use it selectively train up our discipline, mental training and self-control so as to gain empowerment, we utilize and accumulate strength to further specific powers for specific victories over obstacles. Strength is the flow of persona, and it is an unshakeable presence. Strength and power is being able to beat external barriers in your path, strength is also not being taken off your path. Power culiminates in victories which is obliterating the obstacles. We are more sturdily on our path after having developed, grown and transformed on our path thanks to passion. Being strong in the dark side on the other hand is radiating energy, an energy that infuses us, the force is slowly enveloping over the galaxy ever expanding, it makes us very much undeterred to be taking over and defeating light side hierarchies and systems, the universe itself is what will do it with all things with that of entropy. We need strength to utilize power to reach great heights, without it we cannot use our passion to attain basic proficiency to further our strength by purpose and goals, strength and power combined is a force that few can stand against and few problems that can't be handled head on, use our mastery on a difficult task with. Strength at times causes greater order where it did not even exist as a shred or piece in the ever expanding universe, ultimately into the void or fabric of existence, that's our nature to, its upto the practitioner to choose between poles that best fits his personality.

Strength has a multitude of aspects for the claimant, one that we choose before claiming our title. The enemies hold over our mind must be dispelled and for this we need make some life changing types of decisions. Emotional intelligence; is a strength few people are aware of, an emotive person has improved perspective of himself, better relationships and a better understanding of relationships, you have knowledge of your own biases, patterns and habits and have the emotional regulation necessary to not be taken in by temptations that we usually don't want for ourselves. Its the tool to rein the power of emotions and direct them towards a goal, calling on emotions that serve us when we need them to gain unshakeable wills. Emotionally assertive is when you protect your emotions before anyone elses, this keeps your gaze fixed on freedom and not some unrelated task. You won't be clouded or controlled by other people's emotions and opinions. An emotional being is one who does not allow his judgment to be clouded, he knows his strengths and one that is supreme confidence in the ability to have very strong likeness towards & not fear discomfort. Political influence or power (relations); how charismatic you are by who you bring over or inculcate by your side, your way of viewing things, your plan of action, who you are as a person keeping qualities or ideas that they find admirable. Demonstrate your direction to your servants and allies, let them know you are a decision-maker, plan your decisions and constancy of decisions well and use them, that way they will seek you out with information.

Now to suggest personal regiment. A darksider must choose where he will excel and how to use a sword, wakizashi or bo (or black or red lightsaber) too. The universe doesn't like someone who isn't willing to protect when necessary or to consume less resources by not needing to be bailed out all the time by friends and allies be it due to apathy or what have you, or should be learnt anyway possible.

"Passion is drive, and further fulfillment. Passion takes us out of a rock and a hard place, to the state or level of acquiescence, where we cannot choose anything better but to continue on. Passion is anti-stagnation, it draws a line where we cannot give the obstacles we are likely to face an inch of ground. If only to be better, greater then we where before or thought we where."―Gein

Your ideal then must be passionate for it to be of any use, and passionate for places to impose rule for our order. Our passion that we envision and have is what and when we are fit to choose our freedom, to do as we have the freedom to, freedom received through our achievement. Passion is beautiful, where our true passion lies is where it will grow and flow, like a jug it takes the shapes of us so that is most suited to our purpose, the more water there is the more it can be utilized and directed to a purpose, and makes us put our best into what we do, without passion then we would sooner lose, weaken in impotence because without passion we do not have strength and grovel rather than rise up on our own, self-made status and rank. To heed it that is most useful to us, because it fits our own accord, our selfishness entirely to its most practical ends. Remember this would be Sith.

Passion is putting out every stop, putting most of our reservoir of passion into breaking the shackles of conformity. The force shall set us free since with it we break the shackles. We also don't believe in service, we serve no one but ourselves and our will comes first, though in victory we break shackles by breaking the enemies obstacles, the force shall set us free and we set ourselves free from their conditioning of our mind and self imposed slavery. Free to be ourselves, we break the shackles of whatever is enslaving us, like social conventions, complacency or stagnation, weakness, issues, trauma, narratives, your enemies or the Jedi order and the light side's paradigms currently dominating the planet, spreading agony or pain and they have no agreed on solution to it. Without passion we do not have what it takes to achieve a goal so greatly desired. When we are at risk though we are able to fortuitously challenge and beat it, we are put to a risk its very fortuitous and for the next risk when it comes. The tools of the Sith are being present, cunning, subtle and patient, at our discretion we utilize these tools. As Sith we are using our will to shape others, shape reality to our will, beckon similar minded people to our universals and deep truths that all shall succumb to, inevitably we all want it. Passion, strength, power and victory to beat the worthy adversaries, that will prevent rivals from being able to hinder the achievement of our goals.

Since passion is given to even the most non-gifted and gifted, for passion also burns bright giving its recipient enormous potential and untapped energy like the fire that keeps growing or that of water that fills us and cannot be placed aside. Potential for action like metaphysical visions, leading in business and spiritual awakening, and for magnificent works of art and forward momentum that breaks the mold in events. Passion is an individual unafraid to show differences.

"The power comes from our actions. So depending on what we choose to do, we either gain or lose power... Planning for the future and using the decisions you make as a road map is essentially the same thing."-Lord Salvos - The Unbroken

"Thirdly, our potential passion is limitless... [we must learn to] direct it, and control it without it consuming us."-Darth Bennu - Warrior Monk

Weakness or apathy is counter to a Sith way of life and the nature of the darkside of the force. There is no real order to the world as we know it, all too pervasive currently is the strength and force deficit, sapped unknowingly by lightside system influence, alcohol, addiction dependence, entertainments and controls. If there is any real order then its beyond all comprehension. Power is the real nature of the force according to I, is the power cultivated by our own works, power that changes the world and the power for all spheres of activity, that which benefits us, to give or receive favor, the power to make it as we so choose by using the force to rise to a great status and rank, its insight and values and our temporal closeness to beings of infinite power, its the ward of the Sith state to protect from entities, to help guarantee success on the battlefield. We always begin with I for providing order, we in fact seek it, and with power we should have lots of hope and there are receptive minds to be drawn to it, of achieving it. As much as the cosmic limited void exists, we are certain in our hopes, we have utmost faith in this as Sith & we don't try to draw fairy tales on the nature of the universe, sky castles & bliss (unconstrained hopes). Force power is drawn by our Sith disciplines. Our faith is rewarded, and that shall be a glorious day when we take every foothold of this earth.


"The actions we choose to take daily has alot of truth to it, it has weight and crosses into the future, it is the action that leads to success as well as goals, in the long run it would not have worked to reinvigorate (and without its truth) after some time. It should be aimed at or moving towards further action (like goals and conquests) and by measuring its victories and successes by goals. Goals help solidify our rule and goals help educate our kind."

"In accordance with our will, our conquest is how we determine our best. One action is all it can take to make it. A few moves to ensure a conquest for our side."
"Its authenticity that compels us to seek revenge, its a powerful mystique that a darksider holds."

"War prepares humanity for a drive upwards."
"History or dust."

"The only correct stance is to never accept defeat as reality, when it does not have our acceptance then it has no hold over us."

"An promise of servitude is not befitting of a Sith, we serve no one. It compromises our will, makes us obedient to complacency. We deserve more, we're far better than mere complacency."

"Everybody should elevate from the norm, deviate from the norm." ―Gein

"If one has somehow received Darth, then managed to forsake all past goals for peace, stability, safety, pleasure, anything... then one was no Darth to begin with." ―Claim, the student

“Death is a lie. There is only action.” ―Lady Imber - The Revenant

"Strength as unbroken. Show how unbreakable you are in what you can take or memes you spread, not being one to be defeated or fold under pressure by what others say or do, never submit to an obstacle in your way."―Gein

"Life assignment, tests or trials are a reason to teach us to use our strength, staging trials has its uses, evidences how much we can take."―Gein"

"We are taught strength by the trials that are held, to utilize our strength in practice so that we don't give to temptation, deny ourself & our worth, or begrudgingly use it, it shows us the way."―Gein

"People cannot live in peace — they have an intrinsic desire for problem-solving; a conflict with circumstance."Claim, the student, read further on it here.

"One’s Strength emerges from the Sith Code as a means to attain. It is a collection of personal qualities, it stems from the individual towards an object to alter its properties. This Strength can manifest itself in a variety of forms: brute force, unstoppable anger, communication, leadership, compassion, determination... and whit.

If your knowledge is a means by which you acquire power and acclaim, Dracarys, how is knowledge not your Strength?

There are a lot more faces to Strength than mere brutality, my friend. Discern them with wisdom: once a personal quality becomes a means by which and end is attained, to a Sith it is nothing but Strength."Claim, the student

"Absolute freedom as in to be limitless. To be unbound by any sentient or anything by sentients. That is, in the end, what Sith desire above all else. Freedom."-deuZige,

"Emotional strength [is what you] must build, an emotional fort and decide what you will allow to control you. Are you angry? Channel that anger correctly. Are you sad? Channel it. Decide what will affect you and why. Don't allow emotions to control you. Break your bondage. "Darth Bennu - Warrior Monk

"Peace is a lie. What can a Sith go for instead?... This I call, calm. Calm defined by Merriam-Webster is, "a state of tranquility." Tranquility is "the freedom from disturbance or turmoil." This is why Sith use negative emotions, because then negative emotions won't [be] oppressive [to] us it will instead help us to become calm." Darth Aquarius - The Ronin, from "A Substitute to Peace" at SithOrder.

To survive a person requires a certain amount of passion, once met we are more likely to engage in a darwinian struggle, this is a process that naturally increases strength and other passion-based instincts. To outcompete a rival we used to fight or flight response to an situation, reinforce the environment e.t.c. now we compete or cooperate for a new position, head of a project, higher more exalted status e.t.c. which may produce conflict, and also competition which is conflict, it builds strength and our power mindset, with it we evolve to reach the state of being we have today and by becoming stronger with our emotions, our contempt, sadness and anger - what strongly encourages the will to act to circumstance. Making our mark upon on the world in terms of accomplishment and feeling good. We try to exist, overcome an enemy, garner acclaim and form allies, to gain more energy, fuel and enthusiasm however that entails. We use passion to engage in a struggle to gather position and vanquish all foes who may stall or stop it. The life's assignments, tests, trials we undergo are there for us to utilize our strength, you could say its our fate as Sith. We finally gather the strength and power we need to overcome any obstacles that comes our way. You need a certain level of strength to be able to work on a aspiration, obstacles will push us to our limits physically, mentally or spiritually, demanding us to work on ourselves or never push or budge it.

Sith Meditation points: All of this is not a matter of chance and blind luck, we develop ourselves first before we can lay claim to many conquests. We worship and make offerings to trade for power, we void meditate to become more passionate and powerful. Focus our attention so as to better direct our thoughts to eventually learn to use our thoughts to get what we desire most. Bring attention back to the present moment where we exist, filter out useless chatter or social constructs that we are bombarded with day in and day out, uncontested competition, a strong preference for discomfort and for the achievement of ultimately our victory and break your chains of complacency, self imposed slavery and weakness, and of course obstacles, we can call the primary Sith meditation; void meditation.

"Void Meditation" is what is known as "stilling the mind." The benefits of void meditation are the ability to turn off unwanted thoughts and influences at will, being able to control your thoughts instead of you being at the whim of thoughts, and a sense of inner power and inner peace.

Now, get your entire mind to be completely still and free of any thoughts for a specified amount of time with no thoughts or music in your head. Your mind should be a total blank. You should focus on being in the here and now. For beginners, five minutes is fine. Intermediate and advanced practitioners can go anywhere from 15 minutes to however long they feel is essential.

The 19 sith rules:


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There are currently 2 texts that can be of use to you, the first and second books.

Here is the main link for anyone interested: Mediafire.com

Drive.google.com (first book of the Sith)

Drive.google.com (second book of the Sith)

These are the collective writings Of the Sith Order, made by members of the Order.

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Unbridled rage is counter-productive. Your anger has to be focused! It's far better to incur someone's tantrum and let them reveal their frailties- be it a verbal or corporeal confrontation. Your comprehension must derive from conflict and interaction. If you're passive and complacent, your perception of the Force will become stagnant and will diminish over time.

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Darth Revan's Holocron on Rakata Prime → Moddb.com

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