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Operation: Checkmate started with some secret Bothan Agents intercepting a Silentium Transmission. After decrypting and translating the message, each major goverment knew what was going to happen: Invaison.

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Uniting the Galaxy:

The Meeting
Lord Kairn, former Dark Lord of the Sith and at the time of Operation: Checkmate, hiding in the Byss System on his Space Fortress, the Citadel, contacted many of the Leaders from all over the Galaxy. From the NSO, Lord Praxis, to the GAR, Master Saber, including the NGR, and their Supreme Chancellor Jolee Bindo and Admiral Jester, and Mandalorians, Adenn'Verda and Wout. He contacted them because he knew that, if they stood divided, they would fall. He called upon them, discussed the matter with them. Finnaly, Kairn managed to convince all major factions in the Galaxy to rise up agaisnt the Silentium Armada alongside each other. It was time to get to work...

Wallpaper of Glory Returns
Brave Mandalorian Warriors as they fight for
Honor and Glory in defending their Homeworld

The Strategem:
With the help of all of these experianced tacticiens, The Alliance managed to form a strategy to hold their ground until an intercepted Transmission could be replicated and used agaisnt the Silentium, luring them into a trap. In the Northern Sector, the planets Dantooine and Mandalore would be held onto and defended by NGR, Mandalorian and GAR forces. In the Southern Sector, NSO and GAR would try to fend for themselves, as they were cut of from the rest of the Galaxy. Although not a brilliant strategy, it was a simple and effective one. Hold the line. And hold the line the Alliance did.

The Plan:
The Alliance did have a plan. Recently, they had aqquired a Silentium piece of technology. A WMD, an advanced EMP device, capable of covering an entire System. Putting two and two toghether, the Alliance sought to use the Repilicated Transmission to lure the Silentium into a trap and detonate the WMD. Lord Kairn offered to use the Citadel as the site to lure the Silentium into. After agreeing with Kairn, one of the Alliance Leaders Jolee Bindo gave Kairn the WMD, who then sent it to the Citadel. Time was running out, however, and the Silentium Armada was nearing...

The Silentium Attack:
Battle of Dantooine:

inexpugnable class battleship
Two large Silentium fleets jump into the Dantooine System, moving at high speeds towards the New Galactic Republics Capital World. Admiral Jester is waiting though, and as soon as he see's the Silentium Fleets he sends a distress signal, hoping someone will come. He orders his pilots to get in their Fighters and Bombers and to launch. Jester was sweating, his hands shaking. He looked towards the enermous Silentium Fleets. But he wasn't shaking out of fear for himself, but fear of every single innocent soul on the planet below. His Noble and Couragous Soul could not let those lives be taken away by those machines. He stopped shaking. His eyes glinted with determination. The Silentium Fleets move silently towards the planet, and wait just outside fireing range. Jester pauses for a moment, wondering what was going on. The Silentium then launched thousands of drones, all gliding through space at frightning speeds towards Jesters fleet. Jester orders the planetery weapons to open fire on the advancing drones, taking out large amounts of them. Satisfied with this minor victory, Jester then orders the planetery shield be raised. No need to take any risks...

But even with the planetery defenses shooting away at the swarm of Drones, there were just too many. Silentium Ships moved into range and start opening fire on Jesters fleet. Drones are swarming all around, drawing fire away from the larger ships. Jester orders the planetery weapons to concentrate fire on the center of the Silentium Fleet, and then proceeds to order his own fleet to do just the same. His corvettes and fighters engage the enemy Drones, and soon the center of the Silentium Fleet goes into dissaray. Jester see's victory coming closer and closer, but then looks on in anger as the Silentium Fleet simpley splits into two, flanking his Forces. He looks around in desperation, his fleet was about to get flanked and he couldn't perform any evaisive actions quick enough. He was about to order his ships to ram the Silentium, preffering to die then to let the innocents of the planet suffer, but before he could the Silentium Fleet jumped out of the system. Cries of cheer from the civilians and soldiers of the entire System could be heard over the comms array. The only person who was not cheering was Jester. He knew where the Silentium had gone. He knew what was going to happen, and he prayed that it would all end well...
Battle of Bestine:
Mandalore's Defence Fleet
The Battle of Bestine was an intense and quick battle, with the Silentium not even waiting to give the Mandalorians a chance to defend themselves. They jumped directly into the Mandalorian Defense Network and started to launch drones and fire on the Defenses. The Defenses power up and begin to destroy many Silentium ships, dealing massive damage to the Silentium Fleet. Suddenly, though, many of the Silentium Ships still jumping into the System self destruct, causing debris to be chucked onto the defenses, causing heavy damage and destroying most of them in the initial few salvos. The small Mandalorian Defense Force was quickly in orbit was quickly wiped out, and the planet was seized by the Silentium. The first Silentium Victory of the Invaison. They then jump into Hyperspace...

Battle of Onderon:
A Silentium Fleet jumps into the Onderon System, some way away from the planet, and advances slowly towards it, taking it's time and observing the defenses located there. Once in range, the Silentium Ships open fire on the Defense Grid placed to protect the planet and speeds up in the process, also launching it's Drones, which are mostly taken out by the Mandalorian Corvettes. The Mandalorian Fleet fires broadsides into the main bulk of the Silentium fleet, but the giant Sphere Ships absorb most of the damage and other smaller Silentium Ships target the Corvettes, destroying many of them. The Mandalorians concentrate all fire on the Silentium Support Vessels, and try to use their fighters and bombers to flank the Silentium Fleet. GAR help arrives, in the form of Felsems Fleet, but arrives moments too late. The Silentium Fleet had already hyperspaced away, for reasons only known by a select few in the Galaxy...

Battle of Mustafar:
We are back...
A large Silentium Fleet emerges from Hyperspace and deploys in the Mustafar System, slowly advancing towards the Sith Forces stationned there. The 1st Sith Defense Fleet jumps out of Hyperspace and tries to enter Formation, but the Silentium rush it quickly with their faster moving ships, but the Sith counter that by using their corvettes and fighters to destroy most of them. The Sith Commander, Darth Trepid, orders the Planetery Shield to be activated and positions his Battleships to broadside the enemy for maximum effect. The Silentium then qucikly change formation, using a tactic known as "The Ackbar Slash", positioning their ships between two enemy ships to discourage them from opening fire. The Silentium Forces then concentrate all fire on the Sith Frontline Ships, and the 1st Defense Fleet is in dissaray. Luckily, reinforcements arrive.

Lord Praxis, current Dark Lord of the Sith, appeared with a large Sith Force lead by his feared Flagship, the Ragnarok. Using Anti-Orbial Neutron Cannons, he severly damaged the Silentium Sphere Ships. The Silentium, however, were not defeated. They managed to break through the defense and self destruct some of their ships, taking more NSO ships with them. The 1st Sith Defense Force retreated back to the Orbital Defenses, attacking and destroying any Silentium ship that might get through. Praxis uses his Guardian ships to protect his fleet from the Silentium by using their powerful shields to block out the Silentium Attacks. The Ragnarok unleashes a volley of missles at the Silentium Fleet, whilst Bombera and Kamikaze Fighters are sent out to deal damage to the Silentium, escorted by Fighters.

But the Silentium showed no mercy for either their own kind or their enemy, and kept on charging and fighting, taking heavy losses but dealing the same back to the Sith. The Silentium then split up into small battlegroups which proceed to advance into the Sith ranks, and fireing their weapons at nearby Sith ships. The Sith begin to envelop the Silentium Forces in a cercle, trapping them in a cross fire and destroying many of their ships. The Sith fire their Neutron Cannons again, dealing heavy damage to yet another Sphere Ship. The Entire Silentium Fleet is in complete disarray, and were easy pickings for the Sith ships. Some tried to ram Mustafar itself, but were shot down. Any remaining ships Hyperspaced away. Most of the Sith thought they Hyperspaced away because they were retreating. Only one Sith knew better. Praxis stared out into the black oblivion as the last of the Silentium Ships escape. He turned away, planning to organise a large Sith Liberation to liberate the Core Worlds from the Silentium...
Battle of Rishi:
Galactic War
A Silentium Fleet jumped out of hyperspace over the planet of Rishi. Awaiting them was Kairn and a fleet of NSO reserves. The GAR Security Fleet had also mixed with his own as they awaited the large fleet of machines to close in and engage in combat. Soon after the Silentium exited Hyperspace, Master Saber joined in with his own fleet, providing much needed reinforcements to the planets defenders. As soon as they are in range, the Silentium open fire on the defense forces. Kairn orders the ships under his command to strengten the forward deflector shields, absorbing most of the damage dealt by the Silentium Fleet. Kairn then ordered his ships to fire at will once the Silentium Ships were in range, and warned his fighters to prepare for a Drone attack. To support the fighters the enemy did swarm them with Drones, Kairn ordered his Tueur Corvettes to advance slightly, allowing them to cover the larger ships.

As Kairn did this, the Silentium had already begun rushing in their Drones. The Sith fleet managed to eliminate many of them before finnaly some got through their defenses. As this happenend, Kairn ordered his Forces to move slowly towards the enemy, keeping his stronger ships in the center and weaker (but faster) ones on the flanks. Kairn then ordered some of his fighters to enage the enemy strike craft, whilst ordering the rest to form up witht the fleet. The Silentium tried to break the ships formation with wave after wave of Silentium Forces, though the Formation didn't break. The Sith's flanks envelopped the Silentium Forces charging into battle, brining them into a cross fire. Master Saber also lended his forces to help, massing them on one of the flanks.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, another Silentium Fleet appears. It encercles both Kairns and Sabers fleets and they are forced to change formation. Kairn orders his ships to make a cercle formation, placing the strongest ships at the center of the cercle and the rest around them, allowing a 360 degrees fireing radius. After a long time of fighting like this, Kairn orders his men to retreat. Soon afterwards, the Silentium Forces also retreat...
The Galaxy Owes the following Commanders there lives:
Admiral Jester of the New Galactic Republic for his Defense of Dantooine.
The Mandalorian Commander Adenn'Verda for coordinating the Defense of Bestine and Onderon.
The Sith Commander Trepid for his Defense of Mustafar.
The Dark Lord of the Sith Praxis for his Defense of Mustafar.
Jedi Master Saber for his Defense of Rishi.
Former Dark Lord of the Sith Kairn for his Defense of Rishi.

The Silentium were held back. The Trap had been Set, the Galaxy was alive once again.

And the Pieces were set for the few, final and vital moves that would end this game once and for all.

(Note that the following isn't an account of the battles like before. This is more of a RP view on things, because I find it makes it much better in itself.)
The Silentium: Checkmated
The Silentium Arrive:
*Lord Kairn jumps into the system on board the Beskar Marev. Following him is his fleet, men that had served with him at the Defense of Rishi just a few hours ago. Already, Kairn could see Silentium Forces exiting Hyperspace. They didn't have much time. He quickly ran over to the nearest computer terminal and contacted Ark on the Citadel.*

"Ark? Is that all the Silentium Forces here? Are there more on their way?"

"Well, My Lord, we ain't seen any more Sillies, apart from those ones. Had to encourage them to stay away from the Citadel, My Lord. We wi-"

*Ark stopped speaking. Kairn was confused for a moment, then saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked up, seeing millions of Silentium Ships exiting Hyperspace. They must of made some sort of grouped jumped. There were so many... Drones were launching from them, entire swarms of them. So many, in fact, you could barely see the thousands of large Silentium Spheres slowly grinding their way over to the Citadel. Over to the replicated signal.*

"Is the WMD ready yet? It needs to be ready." Asked Kairn, turning away from the Silentium Armada. After a brief pause, Ark replied.

"Erm... No, My Lord. Beta is looking at it now."

"Tell him to hurry up. We don't have time for looking. I want that thing to blow those damned Silentium to hell and back."

"Wouldn't that blow us to hell and back, My Lord?"

*Kairn paused for a moment. Ark was correct. It would. Not that Kairn planned to by anywhere near the Citadel when the entire system went up in flames for the second time. He chuckled. How ironic.*

"That would indeed, Commander. Do not worry, though, it will be a quick and honorable death."

"There's that at least then, My Lord. Good Luck."

"Indeed." Replied Kairn, not bothering to point out that "Luck" did not exsist. Before Ark went away, however, Kairn asked another question.

"Did the Admiral find her, Commander?"

"The Admiral, My Lord? I do not know. He hasn't contacted us since you sent him away."

"Very well. You may go."

*Kairn sighed, annoyed that the Admiral was late. He looked up towards the Silentium Forces. He could of sworn they had at least doubled in number since he last looked. He looked back at his crew. Alpha, Tri and Null were standing in a corner, speaking of recent events. Talia was on a computer terminal, concentrating on whatever was on it. He turned around, and ordered the fleet to advance towards the Citadel.*

*Meanwhile, the Silentium Forces had begun to move. The Signal in their head told them to move towards the large structure that could be seen in the distance. The Signal had orders to destroy everything remotely living. They moved as one, commencing their slow march towards the Citadel.*

*Kairn watched with curiosity as the Silentium advanced towards his position. He felt a tiny nudge of fear. He knew these enemies would not listen to his manipulations, would not hesitate to simply blow him up. But he was confident he would win this battle. But if he didn't...*

*He turned around and asked Null to come over. He handed Null two objects. One seemed to be some sort of Holographic Datachip. The second was something much more Dark and Obscure. Kairn whispered a few words to Null, who nodded as he received them. He then told him to return to what he was doing. Null bowed his head, and glided over to the over side of the bridge. Kairn looked out at the Silentium yet again, wondering if now was the time to strike. The Silentium were closing in fast. He nodded. Now was the time.*

"Captain, broadcast Code 25/02:12/10 to the Citadel. On the emergency channels."

*The Captain nodded, and transmitted the Code. Soon afterwords, explosions and laserfire could be seen near the Silentium Forces. Kairn smiled. He had fitted the asteroids with every type of explosive ever made, and any of the other asteroids had been fitted with turbo/ion batteries or hangers. Chaos struck as the entire Silentium Force was ambushed from what seemed to be all sides. Kairn nodded to himself and chuckled slightly. He raised his hand and waved it forward, the sign to advance. The entire fleet advanced with the Beskar Marev. Fighters swarmed from the Citadels main Hangers, joining up with Kairns fleet.*

*The Silentium Armada had stopped for the moment, repositioning to deal with the ambush they had walked into. Kairn, seeing this as the perfect moment to attack, ordered full speed into the Lions Den. Any asteroids crashing into the ships bounced off, whether they were mines or not. They were only set to detonate if the ships signature was hostile. Kairn nodded at the Captain, who opened fire. One, single shot rang out. The Beskar Marev's signature Super Heavy Octo Turbo Laser Cannon fired it's massive volley, hitting a Sphere ship head on and dealing a good deal of damage. That shot was the start of the battle. That shot was followed by millions of others. Total Chaos had errupted now, the Silentium were slightly disorientated by the ambush that had previously attacked them, and Kairn took full advantage of this. He ordered his ships to attack the large Sphere Ships. Taking them down would surely weaken the Silentium Armada.*

"Sir, I'm getting a signal, Sir. Incoming Ship, right alongside the Citadel."

*A large ship jumped out of hyperspace, seemingly slicing the Dark Oblivion that was Space into two. It Dark Side Presence was felt by Kairn immediatly and without even having to look he knew what it was. It's large pair of Ion Cannons opened fire on one of the Sphere Ships, taking down it's shields whilst it's superlaser finished it off. It's turbo lasers and Ion cannon batteries tore away at some of the smaller Silentium Ships. It's large hangers opened up, spawning swarms of additional Droid Fighters into the Battle.*

*Alpha, Tri and Null walked up to the bridge, staring at the gigantic ship before them. Anything that can destroy a Sphere Ship in a matter of seconds must be powerful. Alpha asked Kairn what it was, to which Kairn replied.*

"It is the Vernictung and it had finnaly found it's way home..."

*Kairn chuckled as he ordered his men to push forward. But the side of the battle was turning as the inevitable happened. The Silentium reformed and pushed on, anilhating anything in their way. Even the combined might of the Vernictung and the Beskar Marev could not stop an entire Armada. Kairn gave orders to the Captain, and walked out of the bridge. He called to Talia and the Cyborgs to follow him to the hanger.*

*Kairn hopped into his own, personalised Firespray Patrol Craft. Eqquiped with enough weapons to make a Mandalorian cry and enough speed to outrun even the fastest of fighters, it was the perfect Fighter for Kairn. He looked to his left, as Alpha and Tri climbed into their own Firesprays. Null climbed into a Sith Infiltrator and Talia got into her Tie Defender. They took off and went out to deal some pain.*

*As Kairn took off, he got an incoming mission from Beta.*

"My... Lord, we seem... To have a... Slight... Problem... The... The bomb will... Take time to... To get working... 30 minutes is my... My estimate, My Lord."

"Thirty bloody minutes!?!?" Shouted Kairn, almost in disgust, "We barely have 5 minutes!"

"I... I am sorry... My Lord..."

*Kairn planned to use the fighter to escape once Beta activated the bomb. But now he couldn't even do that. He sighed, and shot down one of the Silentium Drones flying around. He turned the ship around and was about to open fire on a larger Silentium Ship when he saw the Vernictung getting pounded by around twenty different Silentium Sphere Ships. A few seconds after that, he got a transmission. It was the Admiral.*

"I am sorry, My Lord. I have failed you. The Vernictung is lost, it is lost under my command. Divet all power to en-"

*The transmission was cut off, but Kairn knew what Haast was doing. He was going to ram a Sphere. He looked, almost dreamily as the Vernictung, the pride of his fleet, hit one of the Sphere Ships. This created a huge exploision which shook every nearby ship, and sent at least another 3 Sphere Ships down, with another 2 severly damaged. Kairn was knocked off course, and as he retook control, he heard Talia screaming for help.*

"His on my tail! I can't shake him off! The damn exploison knock- DAMNIT! HIS GOT M- AHHH-"

*Kairn saw a Tie Defender explode in front of his eyes. Talia. She was dead. Talia was dead. Haast was dead. The Vernictung was down. He was momentarily confused, then he realised what had to be done. He smiled when he did. He had lost everything. He was losing everything. And he was at his most dangerous when he had nothing to lose. He grinned, and called Null. He ordered him to escape the System. He then ordered both Alpha and Tri to escort himself to the Citadel. The WMD was in the Labotorary, he himself had ordered the WMD be put there. He diverted all power to engines and waited as the inevitable was about to happen.*

*Kairn thought back to his past. To the slaughter of Coruscant, the burning of Kashyyyk. He thought back to all of his manipulations, to all of his schemes. He thought back to all those he had killed. Why did he kill them, he started to wonder. He immediatly dismissed that though. He began to think back to the words of Mandalore the Regeant. He spoke of Honor. Of Glory. But most importantly, an Honorable and Glorius Death. Kairn chuckled to himself. At least he will make the Mandalorians happy. He was speeding up, on course for the Citadel Labs.*

"My Lord, you are heading straight for us. May I ask you to slow down? You will crash into the Citadel and kill yourself at that speed." Said Ark, slightly confused.

"Oh, I know. That is what I intend to do."

*Kairn chuckled. What poetic irony, he thought to himself. He would be the one to save the Galaxy from the Silentium. He chuckled to himself silently. He readjusted the course a bit, then hacked into the Comms Arrays of everything in the System, and ushered but one word. His final word. A word that no one would hear him say, no one would even know he said. it. But he still said it, because he loved to win and he loved to beat and outsmart and to conquer. And so he uttered that last, symbolic word that meant so much to him at that moment.*


*And Kairn slammed into the Citadel Labs, chuckling at how ironic it all was. He chuckled as he tore through the walls, he chuckled as his ship blew up, pouring flames onto him. He chuckled as his ship hit the WMD device. And he chuckled for a last time as he saw the device blow everything up.*

*An eerie silence overtook the system of Byss. Millions of hulks, once proud and gleaming ships, now nothing more then scrap metal, floated around. The light continued to glow after a few seconds after detonation. But then the void took over. Oblivion took over, complete Oblivion. And then, Darkness fell.*


(Pictures will be added in at some point. As you can see, it is a slightly extended version (xD) of the original version. Your welcome in advance Lol. Plus if I made any coding mistakes or whatever, then you can fix them if you want xD. Can't be bothered myself >.<. Damn text don't want to be orange >.<

Ten10dix Author

Ugh... The white text doesn't want to be organge... >.<

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Tover87 Creator

Amazing article Ten! Great Job!

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Yeah great article except... I'm a commander xD.... also dude I feel so sad now....

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nice but no one is gonna take the "owe there lives" part seriously lol :P
I think hh should have made where we have to survive for 1 day not 1 hour. Seriously I didn't even get to do a major battle.

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nice article, but the battle at bestine is a bit inaccurate, i moved everything that i could away to another planet. so there were less defences and even less mandos and bestine citisens there, i basicly evacuated and the sillies didn't do much except for the debris part.

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Ten10dix Author

Meh, more fun the way I wrote it >.<. A bunch of debris crashing into the defenses is boring xD.

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Headhunter128 Creator

You have too much time on your hands, but nicely done! :P

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Ten10dix Author

Tell me about it ugh xD.

Then again, I love writing kinda. So it equals it out :P

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Oh , dang! I wish that I could have taken part in it!

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AK151 Creator

Pretty good, Ten.

P.S. "Invasion".


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Ten10dix Author

J'aimerais bien te voir parler Francais a ma place, hein? Ca serait beaucoup plus difficile pour vour, les Americains. La moitie des Americains ne savent meme pas le parler et savent encore moins l'ecrire...


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AK151 Creator

Lol, it is, unfortunately, true. Many Americans are so illiterate (at least over the internet xD). And I probably couldn't speak French very well in your country, considering I only know like two words...


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Ten10dix Author

Exactly. You and your silly "Invaison" xD.

Btw, I made a typo: It's "vous" not "vour" :P

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