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Mike Pence Author
Mike Pence

If anyone gets downvoted, I feel the need to point out Ishukone has a thing about using alternate accounts to karma troll people he disagrees with.

The last video I posted here saw a massive amount of karma trolling. The amount of upvotes I got should reflect the amount you guys should've gotten if it wasn't for someones tampering. So don't worry about it.

It's that same guy who was RedLegion for a while and kept deleting everyone's comments that dished Disney and EA's work with the franchise on his posts here. I dunno what's his problem but he's apparently incapable of engaging in debate with those he disagrees with. Harassment and trolling are his only two forms of actual discussion.

Now that that's outta the way I'd prefer the next comments just focus on the video. I only wanted to notify you guys in case you go back there and wonder WAT da hell is going on, or by some chance the same BS happens here as well..

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Venator's were obsolete compared to the ISD-I and I believe Palpatine also said

"Imperial Star Destroyers are similar to Harrowers and shall be my tools of discipline among the rebellious systems of the Rim" Ie he wanted something that resembled the old Sith Empire warships, the Venator just could not deliver in the fear factory category like Star Destroyers could. He needed something to make worlds think twice before rebelling against the Empire.

Also, they were a symbol of freedom and hope during the Clone Wars as that meant liberation from the forces of the Separatist unless you were allied with the Separatist then it meant oh **** here comes the Republic. So case and point the Empire wanted to erase the Old Republic from history, and only focus on the New Order.

I personally think that the Imperial Class line of Star Destroyers is better than the Venator all the way around. While the Venator is a good ship and it is one of my favorite Captial Ships in Star Wars it still is nothing compared to an ISD-I and it sure as hell cannot compete with an ISD-II. Now in hindsight should have the Imperial Navy kept as many Venator's in storage as possible, yes because those would have come in handy against the Rebels.

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Mike Pence Author
Mike Pence


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I don't think shelving all those main line battleships was the most prudent thing to do. Especially since Venators were one of the largest ships capable of atmospheric operations. Venators could launch a large amount of smaller craft and with the proper refits could be made to support larger fleets or turned into a disaster relief/hospital ship etc. It definitely had the capability to be used for anti piracy operations or it's characteristic twin bridges could make it adept at managing, participating in, or defending and commanding fleet logistics trains.

I also have to question the logic behind the video author's conclusion that the empire no longer needed star fighter carriers because fighter superiority wasn't the goal. Control of the battlespace is always the goal. The empire had dedicated carrier designs in their fleet such as the Tonfalk escort carrier. It may be more reasonable to assume that without any rival military power after the clone wars there was simply no need for a BATTLE CARRIER type warship in the fleet which was the primary role the venator carried out. The newly formed Empire decided to rely on fear to suppress any rising rebellions before they became capable of galactic scale organized rebellions. Without a massive amount of fighters to defend against battle carrier type ships were not needed and thus obsolete. Should they ever need a larger fighter presence they could use there efficient dedicated fighter carriers to supplement the ISD's own fighter complement.

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