Group for all of you, who love your country and countries of your slavic brothers.

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Славенске Единство - Slavjenske Jedinstvo

Славенске Единство - Slavjenske Jedinstvo


Одна Крв, Один Род, Одна Зем ! Jedna Krv, Jeden Rod, Jedna Zem !

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Mladen. - - 1,830 comments

Merry orthodox christmas, to all orthodox brothers and sisters!

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deleted10101 - - 7,265 comments


Slava Rodu good people Slavs !

I love the historical Slavs that were all the Slavic peoples common ancestor , the culture , the architecture and religion and I never had any problems with Slavs of our days until two of them hurt my feelings
I also think all Slavic countries are beautiful and worth visiting , I especially like the most how Slovenia and Croatia looks for me
I hope you will consider stopping the hate for Albanians and other Indo Europeans in general because is not cool and it hurts people
I even used to like Serbia before those former friend Slavs hurt my feelings but I always treated my Serb friends from here well
I do hope you will understand that Bosnia is not Slavic and maybe you will understand that Kosovo je Albanija ne Srbija , maybe

Much love to you from the non Slavic side of the glorious Balkans ! :)

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qqte - - 6 comments

"I do hope you will understand that Bosnia is not Slavic"
The bitch seen that hill in shape of a pyramid and now thinks that Bosnia is not slavic.
What is it then? Egyptians maybe?
If that is a pyramid then it's builded long before slavs came to balkan.
Did you know that bosnia is consists of three peoples?
Serbs, Bosnians and Croatians.
Never heard of that before?

"I hope you will consider stopping the hate for Albanians"
Actually we love them, in same way as they love churches. :)

"I never had any problems with Slavs of our days until two of them hurt my feelings"
Well i'm the third.
If you say to a slav that his country isn't slavic would mean that they don't know who they are.
No wonder why those two slavs insulted you, only heavens knows what you told them first.

As far i see you wish to spread hate here, you think that we will argue between ourselves about bosnia and if it is slavic or not?
Nice try, but it will NOT WORK.

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Synthetic_Snow - - 103 comments

Slava Rodu fellow Slavs!

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RavenTheKiller - - 959 comments

Is this group still alive?
It's been quite a long time since anyone posted anything...
I hope you all are doing well and good :)

Kind regards to all my brothers and sisters out there

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lilDug - - 11 comments

I check it every day :D

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Yurikun - - 21 comments

Hey! I'm checking in time to time, but kind of experiencing lack of ideas what to post.

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Jouhan - - 68 comments

Som tu!

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Frosty98B - - 1,339 comments

Zdravo, brothers!

I know that the situation during and after the Yugoslav wars was bad there and relations between the involved countries were really bad as well but I'm wondering, is it still that bad after so many years or are the relations better now? I ask you escpecially Croats, Serbs and Bosniaks, what do you or people from your everyday life percieve the other nation?

Thanks for the replies (if there are gonna be some).

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lilDug - - 11 comments

I'm from BiH aswell, and i can say the relations are much better from what i see, it's just those hillbilly types that still hate each other lol.

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Admer456 - - 823 comments

In my opinion, relations are better now (at least in the gaming community).

Over here in BiH, it seems that only my classmates (and other kids who go to school) hate Croats, for some reason. The elderly people don't really care about who is who, so they don't have any issues.

I, also, do not have any problems with that, nor I've ever had.
I really dislike all of this "hate" between the 3 countries, and it's just stupid for me, especially because all of that happened over 20 years ago.

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