Bine ati venit ! For romanians in Romania , for romanians everywhere in the world or for non-romanians that love or live in Romania welcome ! Bine ati venit !

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Romanian Kingdom's Flag
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I don't recognize the flag at all
it seems to be old and historical

Why you wish it were normal flag ?

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Fulger100 Author

This was the flag of when we were a kingdom

Absolutely,this represents US!
We fought even with the most powerfull nations!
Some battles were a defeat(When Vlad died)
But others very successful(battle against the byzantine empire)

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Dang that was amazing
I suppose i forgot this part in history classes at school
You love Romania a lot and i like this
This is why Romania needs to return to this former glory , just like Albania and it does not matter at all for us what Slavs think about this

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Fulger100 Author

Being patriotic is something good about me
Would be cool if king michael would return to the throne

Yeah,and even romania is 10% slavic (because the kievan rus liked to migrate like birds in more countries)

We need our old glory back!
The kingdom Of Dacia!
we need europe to be back in their feet! And not to be held by the us!(even tho i like Usa people)

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We have all been Slavic-ized indeed , even Albania a bit
I love the historical Slavs , their common ancestor , like the ones we can find in Age of Empires games and i had nothing against our days real life Slavs either until i had the conflict with these haters that shown their true face
Their countries are pretty , from Slovenia to Belarus all the way throughout the Balkans but some of them are bad people that we need stay away from or make them stay away from us , whichever works

Yup ! I am for all that

- Greater Dacia
- Yugoslavia
- Greater Albania
- Germany is already a strong country sweetie , they only need to kick those immigrants out and Mrs. Merkel too . Especially her
- Hungary alone better , i am not sure the Hungarians would like mixing with Austrians again
- Austria alone better
- Bulgaria Kingdom
- Great Bosnia & Herzegovina
- Croatia Kingdom
- Poland Kingdom

More or less this should be cool
Do not forget about the Baltic area which i like a lot thanks to my little brother from Lithuania

- Livonia Commonwealth which would include Latvia and Estonia both

Now should be list complete
We need go now to gather resources , build our bases and then recruit lots of army to make this happen hahah

....Hooray !!!...

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Fulger100 Author

Slavs did make some great things
But did a very bad thing to romania
The creation of transnistria

Germany just needs south of poland and east

AND poland kingdom,nah
I want the polish-lithuanian commonwealth back

And for austria,it's better if they unite with hungary then germany(because that would e the 3rd reich all over again)

More countries:
SQPR!(roman empire)
Napoleonic france!
United iberia!(portugal and spain combined)

For europe!

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Yes i heard about Transnistria but i got no idea where it is on the map
Is kind of what Serbs done that created Kosovo seems to me , just that Transnistria is not a country in itself , i guess kinda bad
Transnistria has to be on the REAL ROMANIA you added here to the right , will check it again sometime

So you say Germany is not full like it should be . If you can count Austria like a second Germany because is not much difference at all , they got enough territory to me but you know better it seems

The Commonwealth would be cool but only if both parts agree , Poland are Slavs too by the way , while Lithuania are Balts , Indo Europeans like us Romanians and Albanians
Hmm it might not work but the Livonia Knights Order was great too

Only if Hungary wants it

Hahah ! Dreams of a new historical era . Too cool
Unities happen when both parts find common goal like for example defending against strong enemy or if not this when deciding that together they are better than alone
Who knows what will happen anyhow

We need to put the Low Countries too : Belgium , Netherlands and Denmark , they could use a unity too maybe , to not forget about them
France would remain alone , Britain could only unite with Ireland , the SPQR is not coming back because Italy's glory is past but it says the current days Roman Empire is USA infact
About the Iberia i hope it will be a Portuguese dominant union , but here is just me because i like the Portuguese more than i could like the Spanish and there is too much Spanish dominant South America compared to Portuguese dominant
Up to them anyhow

Just that you forgot about something.... What do you want to happen with the Slavic countries ?

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Fulger100 Author

Transistria is between moldova and ukraine

If austria unites with germany,they would have suuch a powerfull army,ww3 would start
So it's better to have ww1 lands

They would love too,lithuania and poland love each other(except for when they talk about lands)
Romania and albania could unite,we are blood brothers
And we are the same,so yeah

They want too,don't worry

We need new leaders,that is what we need now,maybe make a potion that makes people alive again?

Belgium is gonna split into wallons and flanders
But then flanders would unite with luxemburg and the netherlands
But wallonia would unite with france
Denmark would be in theunites scandinavia
It's a nordic country tho

Sqpr could be the unification of france,italy and switzerland
But i know a part of france don't want in

Brazil is portugal's "son",brazil now is pretty bad,it's about to bave a war with the other SA countries

Unite,that is what i want

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Aha okay but which Moldova ? The Republic of Moldova ( Basarabia ) or the Moldavia of Romania , you know there are two of them

Austria can always unite with Germany
Why would we have WW3 ? They would just mind their own lives not attack anyone
If unities automatically mean war then we should not wish any unities anymore

We have Serbia and Bulgaria in between , Albania cannot unite territorially with Romania but my hope is that we can stay great friends is all and Slavs to stop hating us Indo Europeans because is not fun

Poland should remain its own person , Poland is Poland , it would lose identity uniting with anyone , same like Lithuania but Poland can become strong alone , maybe even the strongest Slavic nation
Lithuania has more in common with Latvia and Estonia

Hungary can be a good ally for Romania too , Bulgaria and even Serbia but depends
Please don't forget about Bosnia , Croatia and Slovenia , i like these three countries

They would be undead , is better if we have new born people that have their same spirit like me for example that just gotten the fancy idea that i can become the next queen Teuta of Illyria hahah , but at least my secondary nicknames are more cool than before

Too bad . Belgium is small already , my ex boyfriend was Belgian , he also told me there are a third part there called Brabants and Belgium also has a tiny German part
They only have money in the Low Countries but little else , they would be better off united with Denmark and Netherlands
Or it could be your way , beats me
The true nords are Norway , Sweden and Finland , if they'd unite they wouldn't unite with Denmark or Netherlands , i think they don't even like the Low Countries too much either

I don't want any new Roman Empire sorry , i want the return of ancient Greece better and the return of the ancient Egypt , they were amazing
The genuine Italians are Etruscans not Romans by the way

Brazil is a she , are so many girls there with big butts that all boys that travel go visit them , the sights of Brasil that is hahah
Ehh what ? A war ? Lemme guess , i think they are fighting with Argentina or Chile , Chileans seem to be troublemakers from what i met so far from there but i sure hope no war will happen better

A unity from all Slavic countries from Slovenia to Belarus would put all of us in danger

Anyway , between you and me we can go on a lot but these things won't happen
There will be a more unified Balkans , there may be a Balkan unity that will become as strong with west Europe but probably not like this
Is cool to think about anyhow
All this talk makes me hungry to play historical RTS now

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Fulger100 Author

Basarabia,transnistria is a kinda of a troublemaker,but a cool country to go have a beer

Germany would think that it would have too much power and maybe start a world war by first killing the netherlands then luxemburg,then belgium then even france,kina like ww1

Yeah,you are right

Poland and lithuania are kinda friends,like hungary and slovakia
They could unite tho
Also, "strongest slavic nation"? Did you forgot about the motherland?(russia?)

Belgium could unite with luxemburg and the netherlands to make benelux :P
Denmark has strong relations with norway and sweeden,so why not?

Do you mean the byzantine empire? It was the eastern roman empire,soo yeah,why not?

Fightnin argentina,while argentina is fighting chile(i think)
A never ending war

Actually there was a secret plan to unite all the central european countries(from greece to poland and estonia)
This was made because they wouldn't want a war between germany and russia,but then hitler,hapened and destroyed the plan

Yeah,maybe it will happen
This makes me thirsty of playing hoi4 ;-;

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They were not troublemakers to me
I had friends from Moldova in high school and they were fun

I have no love for the Low Countries because people that live there upset me in my life in the recent time but i would not wish them this
I do respect and like Germany but nothing special , just like everybody thinks of Germany

Awesome then if they are friends
I used to like Slovakia before but if Slovakians are like two x friends that turned haters i rather stay away from them ; will still visit the country when i can

Russia is apart from the other Slavs , is more closer to a world power than just a Slavic nation from the Balkans but sure

Luxembourg is a small rich state that won't unite with anyone , just like Monaco , Vatican , Liechtenstein and the others

Turks won't be strong again , much less an empire but Greece might rise again instead
Turkey is a cool country already and good enough ; i liked my holiday trip at sea there few years ago

South America is a nice continent but too much Spanish influence than i can stomache
I would probably visit Brazil first , myself and see if i can compete with the big assed girls from there hahah
Cuba would be my second choice , i already visited Mexico

You mean the plan survived ? Interesting . We will live and see but West Europe with East Europe will never be united . We hate each other more than we hate each other in the Balkans and that's that

You have too many unities and unity in your head , mass political propaganda much ?
Unities are not so good like you think if you study closer

What means hoi4 ? Stop sticking tongue out like a little boy . You are funny when you do that hahah
Alintat mult

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Fulger100 Author

Not moldova,but transnistria

Many people think as germany now as weak,because they think that germany in the future would speak arabic(because of the imingrats)

Slovakians can be sometimes too emotional,so yeah

When you compare russia and america,you would like compare intelligence vs money

Luxemburg? They want to unite into benelux!

Yeah,the only thing that will happen in turkey is war
Kurds and isis are fighting with turkey
Also i will visit it next year i think

Also their dance is...strange :P
Cuba? The US actually owns a place there lol

Not the west and the east!just all east countries will unite
From bulgaria till estonia
Google intermarium,imagine it how would've been today being that big of a country in europe

Old empire hope,that is why :P

Hoi4 is a game where you select a country and fight with it,trying to take ovee the world,you can even play as switzerland :P
Nah,nu sunt :P

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I'm sorry I think i'll never make a difference between Moldova and Transnistria , I suppose only full Romanians would get this one

Nah , that is what muslims of that sort dream about . Germany is never going to become any Arab speaking country , neither France that's more tolerant than Germany . Is going to be a temporary situation them

I remain sorry I hurt their feelings but they sure are rude , very judgemental and control freaks in the process
It did not help them with their arguments with me it seems

100 % well said , the comparison . It is like that

If you say so . I care little for these rich states that are off limits to most of us . Screw them hahah

I see . I already visited Turkey for a summer holiday in Antalya and I liked it . I had a long trip to another place called Pamukale and I seen a lot too . If I go back there I would want to visit Istanbul and Ankara , I heard they are two big kickass cities . They did not bother me with anything and were really nice and polite , I think Turks are one of the coolest muslim nations . Sure there has to be bad Turks too

You have to mean those dances called merengue and the Brasilian dance where girls show as much possible naked butt and shake it hard and fast hahah . Non latin blood girls need dancing lessons to be able to dance like that I think , maybe I will learn it if I go Brazil

Cuba is an independent nation . Maybe USA has businesses opened there

This is just your wish but other people say that EU will actually dissolve and nobody will unite with anyone but return to nationalistic independence again which wasn't bad at all

The Old is the new New afterall :D

Wow nice ! Yup I seen it being played by another friend . Is a new game in the series , Hearts Of Iron IV
I cannot play because those oversized troops on miniatural map is not realistic

Eu cred ca da . Iar ai scos limba hahah

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Fulger100 Author

nope,Slavic countries would also get this one

i hope so,Germany was one of the first allies of Romania,so yeah

well,they had had a rough history
being attacked by the Nazis then being taken to the allies and sold to the soviets? that is rough(cough Czech republic forced them to unite cough)

screw Liechtenstein? how dare you! :P

turkey is nice,hope the food doesn't cost so much,nor i would want to see some hotels that are so expensive

yeah,and they smash the guys face to her butt,lol

they have a GIANT concentration camp/very guarded prison from the cold war era(or the from the spanish-american war)

EU has done good things,such as made our nations not poor anymore,but i know,the eu will dissolve now that UK left :(

yeah,you are right :D

the oversized tropps are actually for you to see how the troops look
And how do you think a map where you need a year to take out a city? :P

E cald,n-am ce sa fac :P

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I'm not Slavic this means i don't get it but i do get things that Slavs do not

Too bad Romania did not become so strong like Germany , is like the story of two good friends that once fought together but one of them became rich and well and the other entered a life of struggles
This is life

I know almost nothing about historical Czechia except that they were the Great Moravia once and it was a cool nation

Screw all small rich states ! Yes i dare . Only rich monger people that exploit the poor live there , along with old thieves and money launders , is how these countries became rich in the first place including Switzerland and the Netherlands . Why do you think Europe has very poor countries in the same place with very rich countries hmm ?
Excuse me , i will rephrase : **** them !! I hate thieves and unrightful resource and land grabbers

Their food is amazing in Turkey but only if you like oriental foods and i do a lot
I ate only Turkish when i was there and sometimes i went to Arab diner and ate original Kebab
It was that satiating that i left half meals on the table and i usually eat all from my plate like a good girl , like the saying goes

Wow that is even more cool hahah . Don't go Brazil if you don't want face stuffed in a butt
I have to learn this dance to do it to my next boyfriend for sure
Arabic dances are also cool and hot and the man stands on his knees and claps hands while she dances and shakes it

I suppose that big concentration camp is kept in waiting for bad Americans that would lose the war and end up there . Yipes !!

We are still poor , economically but we are still rich in natural and national resources
Albania , Moldova and Romania do not need this Freemason crap called EU . Greece doesn't need it either , the Balkans don't need it
Is only cool because : travel in Europe with just ID card at borders and shopping from another country but more than this is not . It created a lot of crime , it attracted lots of bad foreigners too
EU needs to be just a military union that in the eventuality that Europe is attacked all nations to do the duty to rise up but in the rest each nation should be its own
Britain may leave but Turkey wants to join it instead
Is not going to dissolve easy , it may turn into something else , something that Zie Amerikans won't like , more likely , to put with a Nazi accent lol

Ehh what ? An year to take a city ? Only in real life maybe , even that is crazy , too long
I think i have to try the game for myself to understand
Until then you can make whole world fly Romania flag (:

Ca un catel care scoate limba la cald hahah
Tare !

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Fulger100 Author

"The origin of the Albanians has been for some time a matter of dispute among historians. Contemporary historians conclude that the Albanians are not descendants of a single ancient population and apart from a possible connection with prehistoric Balkan populations, such as the Illyrians, Dacians or Thracians, there is an additional admixture of Slavic, Greek, Vlach, Roman, Celtic and Germanic element.[1] Little is known about the ancient Balkan people, and they blended into one another in Thraco-Illyrian and Daco-Thracian contact zones even in antiquity." -Wikipedia

Also France is Romania's bigger sister,she helped Romania to become a kingdom,but now calls them poor
Even the UK is related to some Romanians
King Michael and Queen Elizabeth are cousins
And Prince Charles IS related to Vlad the Impaler
We are Mostly Related to everyone,Like one giant family

Wow,just wow,never seen you so angry at something/someone
I get it that many countries are Thieves,but hey,is their government,not their people

If The leaders of the EU(France,Germany and Belgium) Regain Their power back,the EU will not be THIS BAD
France could become the Napoleonic France
Belgium could Regain some African land
And Germany Could become the HRE or The German Empire
"Cough" 4th Reich "Cough"

You can actually,but you need to know strategy and know how to defeat the countries differently (turn the Historical AI off so you see some crazy things)

Pai da ce? am fost toti animale pe lumea cealalta(sau ceva de genu)

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We are not any effin mixture , we are only related to Thracians
Arrgghh !!! :Z
Wikipedia is as good to find some things out like using Google translate to type in some another language
Let's leave this topic better

Yea i know
Some folks think Romanians are related to the French and are francophone but who knows for sure
In the past Romania was a respected and even rich nation but this was happening during communist times and before that in the former regime

Their people treat everyone like crap if they aren't from similar rich countries
You never were treated bad by a : Swiss , Spanish or a Belgian i am guessing like i have
You would understand how they are then , now you do not because everybody treats you good

I could not care less about what West Europe does except to get those immigrants out , i don't wanna get raped or feel like crap being a woman because of this
I care most for the Balkans and the Mediterranean , for Romania and for Albania

Cool . I really have to play the game sometime

Nu , nu am fost . Evolutia este o porcarie . Am fost Adam si Eva dar tu ai dreptul sa urmezi ce vrei

Iar nu ai dat reply si aproape ca nu l-am vazut

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Fulger100 Author

Ok then,il leave the topic

Romania was respected when they were a kingdom and then before that when they were legionaries

The only peoples where i eas treated like crap and they were not hungarians
Were mostly american,polish or german(german 10 year olds)

Power to the Balkans!
But first,we need to remove this hate from the balkans
Aka: this serbian-albanian-kosovo war
And the bulgarian-FYROM-greece war
And Romania is just sitting here eating MCDonalds :P

The bad part about this game is that it costs 40$
BUT for me,i enjoy hoi4 more then Eu4
(Eu4 seems a bit more complicated)

Deci,suntem *** ar fi frati? :P

Sorry :P

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A beatifull flag,i wished this was the normal romanian flag

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