Bine ati venit ! For romanians in Romania , for romanians everywhere in the world or for non-romanians that love or live in Romania welcome ! Bine ati venit !

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A normal Lunch in Romania :P
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The smiley faced little flags make this meal all the more enjoying

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Fulger100 Author

they are called countryballs
I read their comics everyday ^^
they even have plushies,this is my favorite from all of them:

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Ohoo i never knew about this
I am just living in Romania but i am indifferent to everything that happens in it including news it seems

Oh yes ! I like plushies
I even made a little poem in the past with them that goes kind of like this

Everybody needs a plushie
Everybody's sweet like plushies
Even you , you need a plushie


Everybody's sweet like plushies
Everybody needs a plushieeee hahaha

It's supposed to be like a Barbie bimbo song or a creepy lullaby sung by an undead little girl in a crypt , smth

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Fulger100 Author

Well,the countryball community(or polandball) it's everywhere(you can also create your own comics,many did,i did,you can do too)(the most popular things in the polandball community are:
Can polen into space?(can poland get to space?)
Can yuo gypsie get out of ma country?(can gypsies get out oh my country? -romania)

I still have one plushie from my childhood lol
Now,do you know what what country represents the plushie? :P

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I got no friggin idea what you are talking about :/ ??
No i don't know what countryball is , sounds like a sport to me or a game between friends
Need to read some about it

I think plushies were made first in USA

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Fulger100 Author

They are comics,but also get used in the mapping community

The plushie was made in usa,but what country represents the plushie?
Because of his flag,what country you think this plushie represents?(germany? A historical russia? Guess)

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How come you are back so soon from the sea ?
You went there only for 2 or 3 days i bet , like weekend trip
When i will travel at seaside i wanan stay close to a month , or 2 weeks at one resort and 2 in another because i miss the sea bad

The plushie represents Britain i think

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Fulger100 Author

I am not back,lol
I am still near the sea :P
I like staying one weak

Nope,try again :P

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Why sign in MOD DB if you are at sea
Why lying hahah
Please swim and have fun there no internet spending unless evening in the hotel room , otherwise no point for the holiday

The plushie represents Germany

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Fulger100 Author

Because well,i don't have any friends at the sea,so i am staying on moddb :P
Not really lying :P
The fact that i forgot how to swim backwards kills me!

Yeah,an older version of germany,what germany do you think it is? :P (sorry if this is annoying,but i thought to make a game of guessing )

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Why you not gone clubs at evening to meet girls and hustle
You stick tongue too often means lying hahah

Is more dangerous to swim backwards because you cannot see anything ahead but is fun
I am only afraid of high jumps in the sea , I cannot cut the water in impact well enough and I hurt my ...between my legs bad last time I tried , too good it was many years ago
But I like swimming a lot and playing volleyball

I think it was the Nazi Germany that made the plushie because Herr Adolph was in truth a softie at heart and he loved plushies . Or he made them for his daughters
Am I good this time ?

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Fulger100 Author

not really my style,pretty shy in real life
Many do,it's to hot,need to stick my tongue out :P

swimming is very cool now that is don't have my ear problems anymore
Ouch...,hope that never happens to both of us again

It isn't Nazi germany,but you are very close
Il give you a clue
"Seems like France has some tough defenses,let me attack through Belgium"

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Boys at 20 years old should not be shy in real life at all
Is how you get laid and meet girls by the way

I get it but is childish , don't stick tongue out in real life please hahah

Ouchies ! That fall almost given me a second pair or labias
I wonder how hard that had been if i had balls like you
No way ! I don't wanna think about it pheww
My jump was from about ten metres high , it was some kind of cliff

The plushie is from Poland

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Fulger100 Author

I am not like any boy,i am shy,don't start conversations with anyone
I got to be alone(no friends) for like 2 years lol
That is why i am that shy

haha,not doing again then ( >:P )

The most powerfull death/almost to death experience i have ever had is on a park
i felt almost to my death from a cliff,i was so lucky to no break anything from my body nor falling in the water and drowing
that place still gives memories from 9 years ago and i am still afraid to go there

nope!are you gonna give up?
Here is another hint: Ma best friend is Austro-Hungary and the ottomans :D

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I was alone more time in my life but it did not turn me shy , it turned me very angry and mean instead
And inside me i am a very angry , mean with people and cruel person
and very lonely too
I hate the world and i hate you too
Just letting you know about it Fulger haha . Yup !
Is because things were not my way in my real life...and i'll leave it at this better

Can you do more with that tongue than sticking it out ? hahahah
Let me know if you do :P

Omg that was nasty but what cliffs are there to find in parks ?
I don't remember parks with cliffs
It says to defeat fears we need to confront them up front
I think you need to get back there , jump the cliff again , not getting hurt this time and so you will defeat this fear

The Plushie is from Bulgaria :D

Vad ca nu ai dat reply si nu l-am vazut aproape

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Fulger100 Author

Everyone hates us and we hate everyone,yup,our world in one sentence
Haha,thanks for letting me know,now i have a reason to be even more lonely :D (jk)

I can do more things,but sticking it out seems that it's the best option :P

I ALMOST HITTED 40 METERS PER minute WHEN I HAVE FALLEN OUT OF THE BIKE(with the bike i hitted like 80 meters per second)

Nope,here is another hint
It's a country that existed only in ww1
And it's not the country the plushie wws created
Is witch country represents the plushie

Also,here is something for you:

Our big family :)

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Romanian mititei and beer... What could else would you want for lunch? :P

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